for ever and ever.


Salvation to our GOD, which sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb.

Amen: the blessing and the glory and the wisdom, and the thanksgiving and the honour, and the power and the strength,

be unto our GOD,

for ever and ever,




O LORD, be gracious unto us,
we have waited for Thee;
be Thou our arm every morning,

our salvation also in the time of trouble.

Blessed art Thou, O LORD,

who restedst on the seventh day
from all Thy works,

and blessedst and sanctifiedst it:

[concerning the Sabbath,

concerning the Christian rest instead of it,
concerning the funeral rites of CHRIST,
and the resting from sin,

concerning those who are already gone to rest.}

(1) Confession. I am ashamed, and blush, O my GOD,
to lift up my face to Thee,

for mine iniquities are increased
over my head,

and my trespass is grown up unto the heavens;
since the days of youth

have I been in a great trespass

unto this day;

I cannot stand before Thee because of this.

My sins are more in number than the sand of the sea,

my iniquities are multiplied,
and I not worthy to look up

and see the height of heaven,

from the number of my unrighteousnesses;

and I have no relief,

because I have provoked Thine anger,

and done evil in Thy sight;
not doing Thy will,

not keeping Thy commandments.
And now my heart kneels to Thee,
beseeching Thy goodness.

I have sinned, O LORD, I have sinned,
and I know mine iniquities;

and I ask and beseech,

remit to me, O LORD, remit to me, and destroy me not in mine iniquities; nor be Thou angry for ever,

nor reserve evil for me;

nor condemn me

in the lowest parts of the earth.

Because Thou art GOD, the GOD of penitents,

and Thou shalt show in me all Thy loving-kindness;

for Thou shalt save me unworthy,

according to Thy much pity,

and I will praise Thee alway.

LORD, if Thou wilt, Thou canst cleanse me;

LORD, only say the word, and I shall be healed.

LORD, save me;

Carest Thou not that we perish?

Say to me, Be of good cheer, thy sins are remitted to thee.

JESU, Master, have mercy on me ;

Thou Son of David, JESU, have mercy on me;
JESU, Son of David, Son of David.
LORD, say to me, Ephphatha.

LORD, I have no man1;

LORD, say to me, be loosed from thine infirmity.
Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.
Say unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee.
LORD, how long wilt Thou be angry?
shall Thy jealousy burn like fire for ever?

1 John v. 7.

(2) Prayer for grace.

O, remember not our old sins;
but have mercy on us and that soon,
for we are come to great misery;
Help us, O GOD of our salvation;

for the glory of Thy Name.
O deliver us and be merciful unto our sins,
for Thy Name's sake.

[O LORD, remit]

all my failings, shortcomings, falls,
offences, trespasses, scandals,
transgressions, debts, sins,
faults, ignorances, iniquities,
impieties, unrighteousnesses, pollutions.

The guilt of them,


take off,


[blocks in formation]

to faith,

to virtue,

to knowledge,

to continence,


charge not, remember not.




that they be not found, that they exist not.


to patience,

to godliness,

to brotherly love,

pass over;

overlook ;
wash away;

The hurt,


away with ;

disperse, annihilate ;

virtue ;


continence ;



brotherly love;


That I forget not my cleansing from my former sins, but give diligence to make my calling and election sure through good works.

I believe in Thee the FATHER;

Behold then, if Thou a Father and we sons,
as a father pitieth sons,

be Thou of tender mercy towards us. O LORD.
I believe in Thee, the LORD;

behold Then, if Thou art LORD and we servants,
our eyes are upon Thee our LORD,
until Thou have mercy upon us.

(3) Profession.

I believe, that though we be neither sons nor servants,

but dogs only,

yet we have leave to eat of the crumbs

that fall from Thy Table.

I believe that CHRIST is the Lamb of GOD;

O Lamb of GOD that takest away the sins of the world,

take Thou away mine.

I believe that JESUS CHRIST came into the world
to save sinners;

Thou who camest to save sinners

save Thou me, of sinners

chief and greatest.

I believe that CHRIST came to save what was lost;
Thou who camest to save the lost,

never suffer, O LORD, that to be lost which Thou hast saved. I believe that the SPIRIT is the Lord and Giver of life; Thou who gavest me a living soul,

give me that I receive not my soul in vain.

I believe that the SPIRIT gives grace
in His sacred things;

give me that I receive not His grace in vain,
nor hope of His sacred things.
I believe that the SPIRIT intercedes for us
with plaints unutterable;
grant me of His intercession and those plaints
to partake, O Lord.

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