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And now, LORD, what is my hope?
Truly my hope is even in Thee;
in Thee, O LORD, have I trusted,
let me never be confounded.

(4.) Intercession.

Let us pray God,
for the whole creation;
for the supply of seasons,
healthy, fruitful, peaceful;

for the whole race of mankind;

for those who are not Christians;

for the conversion of Atheists, the ungodly;

Gentiles, Turks, and Jews;

for all Christians;

for restoration of all

who languish in faults and sins;

for confirmation of all

who have been granted truth and grace;
for succour and comfort of all

who are dispirited, infirm, distressed, unsettled,
men and women;

for thankfulness and sobriety in all who are hearty, healthy, prosperous, quiet, men and women;

For the Catholic Church,

its establishment and increase;

for the Eastern,

its deliverance and union;

for the Western,

its adjustment and peace;

for the British,

the supply of what is wanting in it,
the strengthening of what remains in it';

for the episcopate, presbytery, christian people;

1 An allusion apparently to the Church in Sardis.—Rev. iii. 2.

for the states of the inhabited world;

for christian states,

far off, near at hand;

for our own;

for all in rule;

for our divinely-guarded king,

the queen and the prince;

for those who have place in the court;
for parliament and judicature,
army and police,

commons and their leaders,
farmers, graziers, fishers, merchants,
traders, and mechanics,
down to mean workmen, and the poor;
for the rising generation;

for the good nurture of all the royal family,

of the young ones of the nobility;
for all in universities, in law colleges,

in schools in town or country,
in apprenticeships;

for those who have a claim on me from relationship,

for brothers and sisters,

that God's blessing may be on them,

and on their children;

or from benefits conferred,

that Thy recompence may be on all
who have benefitted me,

who have ministered to me in carnal things;

or from trust placed in me,
for all whom I have educated,
all whom I have ordained:
for my college, my parish,
Southwell, St. Paul's, Westminster,

Dioceses of Chichester, Ely, and my present,

clergy, people, helps, governments,
the deanery in the chapel royal,

the almonry,

the colleges committed to me1;
or from natural kindness,
for all who love me,
though I know them not;

or from Christian love;
for those who hate me without cause,

some too, even on account of truth and righteousness;

or from neighbourhood,

for all who dwell near me

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or from stress of engagements,

for all who on sufficient reasons fail to call upon Thee;

for all who have no intercessor

in their own behalf;

for all who at present are in agony

of extreme necessity or deep affliction ;
for all who are attempting any good work
which will bring glory to the Name of GOD
or some great good to the Church;
for all who act nobly

either towards things sacred or towards the poor;

for all who have ever been offended by me
either in word or in deed.

GOD have mercy on me and bless me ;

GOD show the light of His countenance upon me

and pity me.

God bless me, even our God,

GOD bless me and receive my prayer ;

1 As Visitor.

O direct my life towards Thy commandments,
hallow my soul,
purify my body,

correct my thoughts,

cleanse my desires.

soul and body, mind and spirit,
heart and reins.

Renew me thoroughly, O God,
for, if Thou wilt, Thou canst.

(5) Praise.

merciful and pitiful,

long-suffering and full of pity, and true,
keeping pity for thousands,

taking away iniquities and unrighteousnesses and sins;
not clearing the guilty one,
bringing sins of fathers upon children.

I will bless the LORD at all times,
His praise shall ever be in my mouth.
Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace,

goodwill towards men.

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O God, Thou art my God,
early will I seek Thee.
Blessed art Thou, O LORD,

who gatheredst the water into the sea,

and broughtest to sight the earth,

and madest to sprout

herb and fruit tree.

There are the depths and the sea as on an heap,

lakes, rivers, springs;
earth, continent, and isles,
mountains, hills, and valleys;
glebe, meadows, glades,
green pasture, corn, and hay;
herbs and flowers
for food, enjoyment, medicine;
fruit trees bearing
wine, oil and spices,
and trees for wood;

and things beneath the earth, stones, metals, minerals, coal, blood and fire, and vapour of smoke.

(1) Confession. Who can understand his errors? Cleanse Thou me from secret faults.

Keep back Thy servant also from presumptuous sins,

lest they have the dominion over me.

For Thy Name's sake,

be merciful unto my sin,

for it is great.

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