In and around Stamboul, Volume 1


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Pagina 26 - The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece ! Where burning Sappho loved and sung, Where grew the arts of war and peace, Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung ! Eternal summer gilds them yet, But all, except their sun, is set.
Pagina 284 - d race ; For, taking root, it there remains In solitary grace : It cannot quit its place of birth, It will not live in other earth. But we must wander witheringly, In other lands to die; And where our fathers...
Pagina iii - The European with the Asian shore Sprinkled with palaces ; the ocean stream Here and there studded with a seventy-four ; Sophia's cupola with golden gleam • The cypress groves ; Olympus high and hoar ; The twelve isles, and the more than I could dream, Far less describe, present the very view Which charm'd the charming Mary Montagu. IV. I have a passion for the name of
Pagina 182 - COLONEL LEFROY 297 great fatigue. She has a very prominent nose, slightly Roman ; and small dark eyes, kind, yet penetrating ; but her face does not give you at all the idea of great talent. She looks a quiet, persevering, orderly, lady-like woman. . . . She was still very weak, and could not join in the games, but she sat on a sofa, and looked on, laughing until the tears came into her eyes.1 It was during this latter portion of Miss Nightingale's sojourn at Scutari that she made a new friendship,...
Pagina 249 - Lancers, every other man carrying a torch. Lord Stratford and his Staff, of course, met him at the carriage-door, and as he alighted, a communication by means of galvanic wires was made to the fleet, who saluted him with prolonged salvos of cannon.
Pagina 179 - Miss Nightingale. Yes, it was Florence Nightingale, greatest of all now in name and honour among women. I assure you that I was glad not to be obliged to speak just then, for I felt quite dumb as I looked at her wasted figure and the short brown hair combed over her forehead like a child's, cut so when her life was despaired of from a fever but a short time ago. Her dress, as I have said, was black, made high to the throat, its only ornament being a large enamelled brooch, which looked to me like...
Pagina 263 - Sad to say, his troubles and distractions are making him drink champagne and brandy too freely, even for a Frank. He was much amused at the novel scene presented to him, and looked on with interest while a quadrille was formed before him. Edmund and I were close to his chair of state, and saw him plainly. But I must not anticipate my promised long letter. I was, if you care to know, a a Spanish lady in a black mantilla fastened with beautiful damask roses.
Pagina 301 - ... slaves had now disappeared, as silently and swiftly as so many mice, behind one of the hangings, and only the old and plain ones remained. Two huge black men entered, and stood, like sentinels, mute and upright, by a little white fountain in the recess. " What dangerous person is coming ?" said we : " with no cashmeres to protect us, how are we to stand such a blaze of manly beauty?
Pagina 179 - ... a fine old Armenian house just above our kiosk, — a kind of good fairy, of whom the Greeks of the village still speak with reverence, she being of their own Church, and very charitable. But by-and-by the drawing-room doors are thrown open, and the ambassadress enters, smiling a kind and gracious welcome. Behind her are her daughters; by her side, a tall, fashionable, haughty beauty. I could not help thinking how beautiful she looked ; but the next instant my eyes wandered from her cold unamiable...
Pagina 260 - Vassili arrived the next morning with the white horses and teleki to take us back to Orta-kioy. She herself was highly delighted. The sight of the Sultan and the English officers seemed to have warmed and fed her even on VOL. I. N a cold stone staircase ; and she will no doubt talk of the " Sultan's first ball

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