Collected Works, Volume 11

Chapman and Hall, 1869

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Pagina 333 - While earnest thou gazest, Comes boding of terror, Comes phantasm and error; Perplexes the bravest With doubt and misgiving. But heard are the Voices, Heard are the Sages, The Worlds and the Ages: " Choose well ; your choice is Brief, and yet endless. " Here eyes do regard you, In Eternity's stillness ; Here is all fulness, Ye brave, to reward you ; Work, and despair not.
Pagina 121 - And when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel, who delivered them, even Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother.
Pagina 176 - The West Indies, it appears, are short of labour ; as indeed is very conceivable in those circumstances. Where a Black man, by working about half-an-hour a-day (such is the calculation), can supply himself, by aid of sun and soil, with as much pumpkin as will suffice, he is likely to be a little stiff to raise into hard work ! Supply and demand, which, science says, should be brought to bear on him, have an uphill task of it with such a man. Strong sun supplies itself gratis, rich soil in those unpeopled...
Pagina 315 - I conceive that books are like men's souls ; divided into sheep and goats. Some few are going up, and carrying us up, heavenward ; calculated, I mean, to be of priceless advantage in teaching, — in forwarding the teaching of all generations. Others, a frightful multitude, are going down, down ; doing ever the more and the wider and the wilder mischief.
Pagina 306 - I believe you will find in all histories that that has been at the head and foundation of them all, and that no nation that did not contemplate this wonderful universe with an awe-stricken and reverential feeling that there was a great unknown, omnipotent, and all-wise, and all-virtuous Being, superintending all men in it, and all interests in it — no nation ever came to very much, nor did any man either, who forgot that.
Pagina 44 - Our captains were mostly barons, or gentlemen of good note ; our lieutenants, almost all, sojours who had served over sea in good charges. Every company had flying, at the captain's tent-door, a brave new Color, with the Scottish Arms, and this ditton, For Christ's Crown and Covenant, in golden letters...
Pagina 202 - Indies, not indolent two-legged cattle, however " happy" over their abundant pumpkins ! Both these things, we may be assured, the immortal gods have decided upon, passed their eternal Act of Parliament for: and both of them, though all terrestrial Parliaments and entities oppose it to the death, shall be done. Quashee, if he will not help in...
Pagina 298 - ... find it grows more and more uncertain and abstruse to me whether there is much real duty that I can do at all. I live four hundred miles away from you, in an entirely different...
Pagina 356 - ViceKing ; on rational conditions, and ad vitam aut culpam it shall be yours (and perhaps your posterity's if worthy) : go you and buckle with it, in the name of Heaven ; and let us see what you will build it to...
Pagina 323 - ... [Loud cheers.] Of such speech I hear all manner of people say, " How excellent! " Well, really it is not the speech, but the thing spoken, that I am anxious about! I really care very little how the man said it, provided I understand him, and it be true. Excellent speaker? But what if he is telling me things that are contrary to the fact; what if he has formed a wrong judgment about the fact, — if he has in his mind (like Phocion's friend, Cleon the Tanner) no power to form a right judgment...

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