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Verses, for rhyme the rudder is, | Voice of nature cries from the

the tomb, 197.
Vestal's lot, happy is the, 166.

in my dreaming ear melted,
Veteran, superfluous lags the, 250.

Voices, earth with her thousand,
Vice, when, prevails, 150.

is a monster, 156.

Void, have left an aching, 214.
Vices, small, 71.

Volume, within that awful, 255.
-, our pleasant, 71.

Vote that shakes the turrets of the
Vienna, looker-on here in, 31. land, 289.
Victims, the little, play, 194. Voyage of their life, 68.
Victories, peace hath her, 126. Vulture, rage of the, 264.
Victorious o'er all the ills of life,

Wager, opinions backed by a, 266.
View, when will the landscape Wagers, for arguments use, 133.
tire the, 186.

Waist, hands round the slight, 269.
Villain, smile and be a, 79. Wait, they also serve who stand

-, one murder makes a, 208. and, 126.
Violet, nodding grows, 34. Walk while ye have the light, 19.

throw a perfume on the, 53. , common, of virtuous life,176.

by a mossy stone, 229. Walks, echoing, between, 119.
Violets, breathes upon a bank of, Wall, weakest goes to the, 71.

Want, lonely, retired to die, 189.
plucked ne'er grow again, Wanting, art found, 11.

War, blast of, 59.
Virgins soft as the roses, 265.

grim visaged, 61.
Virtue of necessity, 27.

let slip the dogs of, 66.
-, assume a, 85.

circumstance of glorious, 90.
could do what virtue is toil and trouble, 137.
would, 121.

then was the tug of, 145.
is her own reward, 148.

my voice is still for, 149.
alone is happiness, 158. -, rumor of, 211.
makes the bliss, 199.

is a game,were subjects wise,
homage that vice pays to,

etc., 212.

to the knife, 302.
linked with one, 266.

first in, 306.
Virtues we write in water, 64.

Warble his native wood-notes, 113.
be to her, very kind, 147. Warrior famoused for fight, 71.
Virtuous, dost think because Warriors feel, stern joy which, 524.
thou art, 29.

Watch and


Visage, on his bold, 254.

an idler is a, 210.
Visible, darkness, 103.

Watches, our judgments as our,
Vision, write the, and make it 161.
plain, 12.

Watcher of the skies, 272.
baseless fabric of a, 26. Water, unstable as, 2.
young men's, 139.

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leadeth me beside the
and faculty divine, 239.

still, 5.
Visions of glory, 195.

drink no longer, 24.
Visits, like angel's, 249.

smooth runs the, 60.
like those of angels, 148.

the conscious, saw its
Vital spark, 167.

God, 106.
Vocation, 't is my, 54.

everywhere, 242.
Voice, a still, small, 3.

imperceptible, 275.
I hear a, you cannot, 169. Waters, cast thy bread upon the, 9.



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flint, 69.

Waters, the hell of, 262.

Whirlwind, rides in the, 150.
she walks the, 266. Whisper circling round, 203.
Wave o' the sea, 43.

Whispering lovers made, 202.
Waves, here shall thy proud, be

I will ne'er consent,
stayed, 4.

Way of life, fallen into the sear Whispers of fancy, 189.
and yellow leaf, 51.

Whistle, ciear as a, 172.
noiseless tenor of their, 196.

his friends back, 205.
a dim and perilous, 239. Whistling of a name, 157.
Ways, amend your, 11.

Whistled as he went, 137.
of God, justify the, 120. Whither thou goest I will go, 2.

vindicate the, 154. Who builds a church to God, 138.
untrodden, 229.

runs may read, 178.
We watched her breathing, 273. Why should every creature drink
Weakest goes to the wall, 72. but I, 107.
Wealth of Ormus, 112.

man of morals, why, 107.
Weariness can snore upon the Wicked cease from troubling, 3.

flee when no man pursu-
Wearisome condition of human- eth, 8.
ity, 93.

Wife, you are my true and hon-
Weary be at rest, 3.

orable, 66.
Web, what a tangled, we weave, and children impediments to

great enterprises, 296.
Weep no more, lady, 207. Wilderness of sweets, 117.

smile while all around thee, Wiles, simple, 231.

Will, puzzles the, 81.
Well, not so deep as a, 74.

he that complies against his,
not wisely, but too, 91. 136.
of English undefyled, 95.

turn the current of a wo-
Wells, dropping buckets into man's, 182.
empty, 212.

Will, if she will, 182.
Westward, the course of empire, Willingly let it die, 127.

Willows, hanged our harps on the,
Whale, very like a, 84.

and bobbed for, 309. Win, they laugh that, 90.
What is done is done, 48. Wind, did fly on the wings of the,

care I how fair she be, 100. 4.
he knew what's, 130.

they have sown the, 12,
Whatever is, is right, 155.

bloweth as it listeth, 19.
Wheat, two grains of, 36.

sits the, in that corner, 32.
Wheel broken at the cistern, 9.

as large a charter as the,
in the midst of a, 11.

who breaks a butterfly blow thou winter, 41.

blow, come wrack, 52.
When shall we three meet again, and his nobility, 55.

idle, as the, 68.
Whereabout, prate of my, 46.

blow, and crack

Wherefore, fir every why he had cheeks, 70.

ill, turns none to good, 92.
Whining schoolboy, 41.

let her down the, 89.
Whip, in every honest hand a, shrink from sorrow's keen-

Whirlwind, they shall reap the, hope constancy in, 268.

God tempers the, 300.

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upon a, 165.

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a, 130.

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est, 235.

to, 266.

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Winds of heaven, 76.

Wits, keen encounter of our, 61.
Windows richly dight, 124.

to madness near allied, 139.
Wine, look not upon the, 7. Woe, trappings and the suits of,

for the stomach's sake, 24. 76.

good, needs no bush, 42. -, gave signs of, 119.
of life, 47.

, mockery of, 263.
O thou invisible spirit of,88. teach me to feel another's
Wing, dropped from an angel's, 163.

is life protracted, 187.
Wings like a dove, 5.

a man of, 251.
riches make themselves, 7. the tears of, 256.
arise with healing in his, 12. truth denies all eloquence

flies with swallow's, 62.
Winter, my age is as a lusty, 40. heritage of, 269.

of our discontent, 60. Woes, the starry Galileo with his,
comes to rule the year, 184. 262.

lingering chills the lap of Wolf dwell with the lamb, 10.
May, 201.

Woman, take an elder, 29.
Wisdom priced above rubies, 4.

O, I could play the, 51.
vain, and false philos-

she is a, 56.
ophy, 113.

in this humor wooed, 61.
with mirth, 204.

an excellent thing in, 71.
finds a way, 221.

frailty, thy name is, 76.
married to immortal

lovely, 144.
verse, 240.

nature made thee to tem-
Wise in your own conceit, 21.

per man, 144.
saws and modern instances,

that deliberates is lost,

be not worldly, 101.

scorned, no fury like a,
folly to be, 194.

Wisely, loved not, 91.

is at heart a rake, 159.
Wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, 's at best a contradiction,
best, 118.

brightest, meanest of

will or won't, 182.
mankind, 157.

-'s will, to turn the current
Wish was father to that thought, of a, 182.

stem the torrent
Wishes like shadows, 177.

of a, 182.
Wishing of all employments is the stoops to folly, 206.

, nobly planned, 231.
Wit, skirmish of, 32.

how divine, may be
brevity is the soul of, 79. made, 234.
his whole, in a jest, 100.

in our hours of ease, 253.
-, shy in using it, 130.

light of a dark eye in,
true, is nature to advantage 261.
dressed, 161.

or an epitaph, false, 268.
Wit, that can creep, 165.

Womanhood and childhood fleet,
a man in, 166.

, accept a miracle instead of, Womankind, faith in, 281.

Woman's reason, none but a,

-, too proud for a, 205. Women, passing the love of, 3.
Withers are unwrung, 83.

's weapons, water-drops
Witty, only in myself, 57.

Wits’ end, at their, 6.

hear these telltale, 61.

Worst, 176.

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Women wish to be who love their | World, start of the majestic, 65.
lords, 200.

uses of this, 76.
Won, showed how fields were, thus runs the, 83.

lash the rascal naked
Wonder, without our special, 49. through the, 90.

how the devil they got give the, the lie, 94.
there, 164.

was all before them, 119.
grew, that one small head, look round the habitable,

of an hour, 259.

forgetting, by the world
Wood, the deep and gloomy, 233. forgot, 166.
one impulse from a ver-

so stands the statue that
nal, 236.

enchants the, 184.
notes, native, 126.

with its motley rout, 215.
Woodcocks, springes to catch, 77. unintelligible, 233.
Woods and pastures new, 124,

fever of the, 233.
-, pleasure in the pathless, too much with



was sad, 249.
senators of mighty, 271.

-, peace to be found in the,
Wooed, that would be, 118.

Wool, all cry and no, 132.

is all a fleeting show, 256.
Word, for teaching me that, 38. , I have not loved the, 261.
to throw at a dog, 39.

falls, when Rome falls, 262.
of promise, 52.

knows nothing of its great-
of Cæsar against the world, est men, 282.

's wide enough for thee and
suit the action to the, 82.

me, 299.
whose, no man relies on,143. World's dread laugh, 84, 233.
at random spoken, 254. Worlds, mine arm should conquer
that fatal, 266.

twenty, 100.
Words, give sorrow, 50.

wreck of matter and the
familiar as household, 59. crush of, 150.
, immodest, admit of no de-

exhausted, and imagined
fence, 136.

are men's daughters, 189.

allured to brighter, 203.
that burn, 195.

Worm dieth not, 18.
of learned length, 204.

in the bud, 29.
-, no, can paint, 217.

who needlessly sets foot
are wise men's counters,

upon a, 213.

Worms have eaten them, 42.
Works, these are thy glorious, Worse, greater feeling to the, 54.

appear the better reason,
World, light of the, 14.

children of the, 18.

for wear, 214.
sin of the, 19.

Worship God, he says, 224.
I hold the world but as Worth, conscience of her, 118.
the, 36.

what is, in

any thing, 133.
a good deed in a naughty, by poverty depressed, 188.

makes the man, 157.
full of briers is this work-

sad relic of departed, 260.
ing-day, 39.

Would I were dead now,

how wags the, 40. Wound, he jests at scars that
is given to lying, 56. never feit a, 72.
of happy days, 61. Wrack, blow wind, come, 52.

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Wrath, soft answer turneth away, \ Years, dim with the mist of, 259.

live in deeds, not, 282.
let not the sun go down Yesterdays have lighted fools, 52.
upon your, 23.

cheerful, 240.
nursing her, to keep it Yoke, part of Flanders hath re-
warm, 221.



Wreck of matter, 150.

Yorick! alas poor, 85.
Wretches, poor naked, 70. York, this sun of, 60.

feel what, feel, 70. Young, and now am old, 5.
- hang that jurymen may

when my bosom was, 250.
dine, 164.

and both were, 267.
Writ, and what is, is writ, 263. Yours, as if her merit lessened,
Write, to, and read comes by na- 192.
ture, 33.

Youth, remember thy Creator, 9.
well hereafter, 127.

in the morn and liquid
Writer, pen of a ready, 5.

dew, 77.
Writing, true ease in, 162.

at the prow, 195.
Wrong, always in the, 122.

gives to her mind what he
Wrongs unredressed, 239.

steals from her, 192.
Wroth with one we love, 242.

to fame unknown, 197.

of labor, with an age of
Year, starry girdle of the, 249.
-- saddest day of thé, 285.

friends in, 242.
Years, we spend our, 6.

love of life increased with, Zealots, graceless, 156.

ease, 202.

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