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Reasons are as two grains of Right, his can't be wrong whose
wheat, 36.

life is in the, 156.
's whole pleasure, 156.

divine of kings, 167.
Reckoning, so coines a, 170. Righteous forsaken, 5.
Red spirits and gray, 49.

overmuch, 9.
Rede, may you better reck the, Righteousness and peace, 5.

exalteth a nation, 7.
Redeemer liveth, my, 4.

Ringing grooves of change, 279.
Keed, bruised, shall be not break, Ripe and ripe, 40.

River of his thoughts, 267.
Regions change their site, 133. Road, a rough, a weary, 223.
Religion, humanities of, 246. Roam, where'er I, 200.
Relic of departed worth, 260. Robbed, he that is, 89.
Remedy, things without, 48. Robbing Peter he paid Paul, 294.
Remember such things were, 50. Robes and furred gowns hide all,
Remorse, farewell, 115.

Remote from men, 169.

loosely flowing, 98.
unfriended, 200,

Rock shall #y from its firm base,
Repentance rears her snaky crest, 254.

Rocket, rose like a, 301.
Reputation, seeking the bubble, Rocks, caves, lakes, 113.

Rod, and thy staff, 5.
dies at every word, of iron, 25.

-, a chief 's a, 157.
Resignation gently slopes the way, of empire, 196.

; spare the, 133.
Resolution, native hue of, 82. Roderick, art thou a friend to, 254.
Retirement urges sweet return, Rogue, every inch not fool is, 240.

Roman, than such a, 68.
Retreat, loopholes of, 212.

holiday, butchered to
Reveals while she hides, 192. make a, 262.
Revelry, there was a sound of, 260.

senate long debate, 149.
Revels now are ended, 26. Romans, countrymen, and lovers,
Rewards of veterans, 159.

Rhetoric, dazzling fence of, 122. Rome, palmy state of, 75.
ope his mouth for, 130.

more than the Pope of, 132.
Rhine, wash the river, 245.

'falls, falls the world, 262.
Rhyme nor reason, 96.

Romeo, wherefore art thou, 72.
and build the lofty, 123. Ronne, to waite, to ride, to, 96.
the rudder is, 131.

Room, who sweeps a, 102.
ole for sense and one for, -, ample, and verge enough,

dock the tail of, 290. Root of the matter, 4.
Rialto, in the, 37.

the axe is laid to the, 18.
Ribbon, give me what this, bound, Rose, happy is the, distilled, 34.

by any other name, 72.
Rich man and the camel, 16.

in aromatic pain, 154.
not gaudy, 77.

fairest when budding, 254.
with forty pounds a year, Rosebuds, gather ye, 104.

Roses, the scent of the, 256.
Richard is himself again, 148.

in December, 268.
Riches make themselves wings, 7. Ross, the man of, 160.
Ridiculous, and the sublime, 302. Rot and rot, 40.
Right, whatever is, is, 155. Rough-hew'them how we will, 86.

of, 90.


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Round about this great, 215. Scars, he jests at, 72.
Rout upon rout, 114.

Sceptre, a barren, in my gripe, 47.
Rowland for an Oliver, 307. Schemes, best laid, 222.
Rub, ay, there's the, 81.

Scholar, gentleman and a, 223.
Rubies, wisdom priced above, 4. Science frowned not, 197.

where grew the, 103. Science, O star-eyed, 249.
Ruin, majestic though in, 113. Scoff, came to, 203.
upon ruin, 114

Scorn, he will laugh thee to, 12.
or to rule the State, 139.

what a deal of, looks beau-
beauteous, lovely in death, tiful, 29.

fixed figure, for the time
fiercely drives her plough-
share, 178.

laughed his word to, 213.
Rule thee with a rod of iron, 25. Scraps of learning dote, on, 178.

eve sublime declared abso- Screw your courage, 46.
lute, 115.

Scripture, the Devil can cite, 36.
the good old, 230.

Scylla, your father, 37.
Ruling passion strong in death, Sea, sunk in the flat, 122.

light that never was on, 238.
Run, that he may, that readeth, 12. , mysterious union with the,
Runs, who, may read, 178.

Rural quiet, 183.

first that burst into that, 241.
Rustic moralist, 196.

alone, alone, on a wide, 242.

like ships that have gone
Sacrifice, turn delight into a,

102. down at, 255.
Sadder and a wiser man, 242,

glad waters of the dark blue,
Safety, pluck this flower, 55. 265.
Sage, he thought as a, 208.

the open, 278.
Sail, set every threadbare, 289. Seals of love, 31.
Saint, 't would provoke a, 158. Season, to every thing there is a, 8.
St. John mingles with my bowl, Seasons return with the year, 114.

Second childishness, 41.
Saints in crape and lawn, 158. Sect, slave to no, 158.
his soul is with the, 244.

See oursel's as others see us, 222.
Salt of the earth, 14.

Seek and ye shall find, 15.
Sampson, the Philistines be upon Seems, madman, I know not, 75.
thee, 2.

Seigniors, most potent, grave, and
Sans teeth, sans eyes, 41.

reverend, 86.
Sapphire blaze, 195.

Self-slaughter, canon 'gainst, 76.
Sang, it may turn out a, 223. Sempronius, we'll do more, 149.
Satan, get thee bebind me, 16. Senators of mighty woods, 27.

-, so call hiin now, 117. Sensations sweet, 233.

tinds some mischief, 180. Sense, one for, 133.
Satire's my weapon, 165.

want of decency is want
in disguise, 305.

of, 136.
Saul and Jonathan, undivided in Senses, steep in forgetfulness, 57.
death, 2.

Sentence, he mouths a, 209.
Savage, wild in woods, the noble, Sentiment, pluck the eye of, 290.

Sepulchres, whited, 17.
Saviour's, the birth is celebrated, Sermon, who tlees al, 102.

perhaps turn out a, 223.
Saw the air, 82.

Sermons in stones, 39.
Scandal about Queen Elizabeth, Serpent sting thee twice, 37.

trail of the, 309.

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some, 91.

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a, 188.

we are,

Serpents, be ye wise as, 15. Ships dim discovered, 184.
Servants can make drudgery di- that have gone down at sea,
vine, 102.

Service, I have done the state that sailed for sunny isles,

Servitude, base laws of, 141. Shocks, that flesh is heir to, 81.
Set terms, 40.

Shoe has power to wound, 192.
Sex to the last, 138.

Shoot, to teach the young idea
Shade, sitting in a pleasant, 94. how to, 183.

a more welcome, 169. Shore, rapture on the lonely,
softening into shade, 185.

ah, pleasing, 194.

dull, tame, 278.
boundless contiguity of, Shot heard round the world, 285.

Should auld acquaintance, 223.
of that which once was Shout that tore hell's concave,
great, 230.

Shadow, life is but a walking, 52. Show, that within which passeth,

float double, swan and, 76.

a driveller and
Shadows, come like, 50.

this world is all a fleeting,
coming events cast

their, before, 250.

Shreds and patches, E4.

Shrewsbury clock, fought a long
Shadwell never deviates into hour by, 56.
sense, 142.

Shrine of the mighty, 263.
Shaft that made him die, 109. Shrines to no code, 26.

at random sent, 254. Shut, shut the door, 164.
Shakespeare, sweetest, Fancy's Sigh, passing tribute of a, 196.
child, 126.

no more, ladies, 207.
-'s magic, 141.

yet feel no pain, 256.
Shall I, wasting in despair, 100. Sighed and looked again, 138.
Shame, an erriug sister's, 264.

blush of maiden, 24. things, 184.
Shape, take any, but that, 48. Sign, dies and makes no, 60.

thou com’st in such a Sight, out of, out of mind, 93.
questionable, 78.

loved not at first, 13.
execrable, 114.

of vernal bloom, 114.
if shape it might be called, a goodly, to see, 259, 260.

Silence is the perfectest herald of
Shapes and beckoning shadows, joy, 32.

in love bewrays more woe,
She walks in beauty, 269.

Shears, Fury with the abhorred, the wings of, 121.

, ye wolves, 167.
Shell, convolutions of a, 240.

come then, expressive,
music slumbers in the, 185.

Siloa's brook, 110.
Shepherd, hast any philosophy in Siloam's shady rill, 257.
thee, 41.

Simplicity a child, 166.
tells his tale, 125. Sin, fools make a mock at, 6.
Sheridan, broke the die in mould- of the orld, 19.
ing, 268.

, wages of, is death, 20.
Shew, under saintly, 115.

--, no, for a man to labor in his
Ship, idle as a painted, 242. vocation, 54.

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Sin could blight or sorrow fade, | Sleep, tired nature's sweet re-

storer, balmy, 174.
Sinews, stiffen the, 59.

undisturbed, 189.
Single blessedness, 34.

blessings on him who in-
Sinned against, more,


vented, 295.
Sinning, more sinned against the mantle that covers all
than, 70.

human thoughts, 295.
Sins, charity shall cover the mul- Sleeps, till tired he, 156.
titude of, 25.

Sleeve, wear my heart upon my,
compound for, 131.

Sion hill delight thee more, 110. Slept, thought her dying when
Sires, few sons attain the praise

she, 273.
of their, 168.

Sloth finds the down pillow hard,
green graves of your, 286. 69.
Sirups, drowsy, of the world, 89. Slough of despond, 143.
lucent, 271.

Sluggard, 't is the voice of the,
Sits the wind in that corner, 32.

Six hundred pounds a year, 152. Slumber, a little, 8.
Sixpence, I give thee, 226. Small Latin and less Greek, 99.
Skies, looks commercing with things compared with great,
the, 124.

raised a mortal to the, 138. Smell, ancient and fish-like, 26.
Skill, is but a barbarous, 106. Smels, throwe her swete, al
Skin of my teeth, 4.

around, 95.
and bone, 172.

Smile and be a villain, 79.
Sky, forehead of the morning, 124. that glowed celestial, 118.

the storm that howls along to share the good man's,
the, 206.

souls are ripened in our from beauty won, 249.
northern, 217.

Smiles, seldom he, 65.
star shining in the, 229.

kisses, tears, and, 231.
witchery of the soft blue, Smoke and stir, above the, 121.

that so gracefully curled,
canopied by the blue, 267. 256.
Slain, thrice he slew the, 137. Snails, her pretty feet like, 104.
Slaughter, lamb to the, 10. Snake, we have scotched the, 48.
forbade to wade

like a wounded, 161.
through, 196.

Sneer, without sneering, 165.
Slave, base is the, that pays, 58.

laughing devil in his, 266.
Slavery or death, which to choose, Snow, whiter than the driven,

a bitter draught, 300. Snug as a bug, 298.
Slaves, what can ennoble, 157. Soap, invisible, 275.

Britons never will be, 185. Society where none intrudes, 263,
Sleep, he giveth his beloved, 6. Soil, to paint the laughing, 258.

of a laboring man, 8. Soldier, full of strange oaths, 41.
folding the hands to, 8. Solid men of Boston, 218.

our life is rounded with a, Solitude is sometimes best society,

knits up the ravelled sleave

how passing sweet is,

, gentle sleep, 57.

where are thy charms,
some must watch, while 214.
some must, 83.

inward eye of, 232.

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peace, 265.

a, 86.

Solitude, makes a, and calls it Sound and fury, 52.

the clarion, 55.
Something too much of this, 83. -, persuasive, 152.
Son, two-legged thing a, 139.

an echo to the sense, 162.
of his own works, 294.

sweet is every, 280.
Song of Percy and Douglass, 295. Sounds, melodious, on every side,
Sophonisba, 0, 186.

Sorrow, pluck from the memory Sounding brass, 22.
a rooted, 51.

Source of sympathetic tears, 194.
wear a golden, 62. South, o'er my ear like the sweet,
parting is such sweet, 73. 28.

than in anger, more in, Sow, wrong by the ear, 134.

Soweth, shall reap, as he, 23.
to pine with feare and, 96. Space and time annihilate, 167.
her rent is, 101.

Spare the rod, 133.
some natural, 230. Spark of heavenly flame, 167.

returned with the morn, vocal, 230.

Sparkled, was exhaled, 177.
Sorrow's keenest wind, 235. Sparks fly upward, 4.
Sorrows come not single, 85. Sparrow, caters for the, 39.
transient, 231.

providence in the fall of
Soul, the iron entered into his, 13.
lose his own, 16.

fall, or hero perish, 154.
thou hast much goods, 18. Speak by the card, 85.
harrow up thy, 78.

of me as I am, 91.
lay not that flattering unc- Spears into pruning-hooks, 12.
tion to your, 85.

Speculation in those eyes, 48.
to fiet thy, with crosses, 96. Speech, thought deeper than, 291.
is form, 96.

Speed the going guest, 165.
of the


the parting guest, 168.
like seasoned timber, 102. Spenser renowned, 109.
, a happy, 106.

a little nearer, 109.
of Orpheus, 124.

Spiders crawling on my startled
take the prisoned, 121. hopes, 148.
under the ribs of death, 122. -'s touch, 155.
, pride and haughtiness of,149. Spin, nor toil not, 14.

smiles at the drawn dagger, Spirit wounded, 7.

haughty, 7.
merit wins the, 164.

return unto God, 9.
the flow of, 165.

indeed is willing, 17.
palace of the, 259.

> present in, 21.
the whiteness of his, 261.

ill, have so fair a house, 26.
is wanting there, 263.

stirring drum, 90.
that eve was in itself a. 265. that fell from heaven, 112.
is dead that slumbers, 287.

of my dream, 267.
Soul's dark cottage, 108.

or more welcome shade,
calm sunshine, 157.

Souls, immediate jewel of their, ditties of no tone, 271.

-, the accusing, 299.
sympathize with sounds, Spires pointing to heaven, 240.

Spirits are not finely touched, 30.
whose sudden visitations,

from the vasty deep, 56.

twain, 291.
corporations have no, 307. Spite, in learned doctors, 287.


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