Bull-baiting, Misson's account of, as |Byfield church, co. Northampton,

practised temp. Will. II, ii, 401. curfew bell at, ii, 223.
Bumping persons, custom of, to Byson, holy, explanation of the term,
make them remember parish boun-

i, 487.
daries, i, 206.
Bun, Good-Friday, i, 154.

Caermarthen, custom of bidding at,
Bundling, custom of, in Wales, ii, 98. ii, 147.
Buns, old belief on the custom of eat- Caerwis, in Wales, custom at on the
ing, on Good Friday, i, 157.

eve of Thursday after Trinity Sun.
Buonaparte, superstition of, respect- day, i, 293.

ing the breaking of a looking-glass, “Cagg, to cagg," a military term,
iii, 170.

explained, iii, 263.
Burcester, co. Oxford, christening Xaipɛ, the parting exclamation of the
custom at, ii, 81.

Greeks, ii, 272.
Burford, custom at, on Whit Sunday, Caistor church, singular custom at,
i, 284.

on Palm Sunday, i, 130-1.
of carrying a dragon about Cake at Twelfth-tide, i, 22-8.

on Midsummer Eve, baked in honour of the Virgin's
i, 320.

lying-in, i, 25.
Burgarde, St., i, 366.

groaning, ii, 70.
Burghley, William, Lord, advice of, or bannock, St. Michael's,
concerning unlucky days, ii, 48.

i, 372.
Burgundy, St. Andrew and St. Mary, night, the eve of All Saints,
the patron saints of, i, 364.

so called at Ripon, in York.
Burial, places of, supposed to be

shire, i, 392.
haunted by spectres and ap- Calamint, used as a charm, iii, 314.
paritions, ii, 290.

Caldelia, sea monster so called,
anciently without the walls of üi, 222..

cities and towns, ii, 291. Calf, superstition in the co. of Stir-
Burial feasts, ii, 237.

ling, of forcing cow-dung into its
Burials, offerings at, ü, 240, 248. mouth as soon as calved, iii, 257.
Burn or scald, charm for a, iii, 272,311. Callander, co. Perth, Baltein custom
Burning the dead, pagan custom of, retained at, i, 225.
abolished, ii, 252.

Callot, etchings of gipsies by, iii, 98.
Burns's poem · Halloween,'i, 380. Calypso, iii, 5.
Burre, or Brugh, about the moon, Cambridge, May-day custom at, i, 221.
iii, 145.

Lord of Misrule at, i, 497,504.
Bush, the badge of a country ale- custom of blowing horns in,
house, ii, 351-2.

on the 1st of May, ii, 22.
Butchers, ancient regulation concern-

harvest-home customs at, ü, 22.
ing, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, i, 63. riding the Stang at, ii, 188-9.
Butler's box at Christmas, i, 496.

cucking-stool in use at, iii, 104.
Butter, charm used in churning of, Cambuca, the Latin name of golf,
iii, 312-3.

ii, 418.
Buxton well-dressing, 1846, account CAMELEON, THE, iii, 368.
of, ii, 373.

CAMP, game of, ii, 404.
Buzza, to BUZZA ONE, ü, 343. Campana, etymology of, ii, 213.
Buzzards, or kites, superstition con- Campsie, co. Stirling, Lyke-wakes at,
cerning, iii, 213, 214.

ii, 229.

Candle, holy, used at childbirths, Carnival, Roman, vestiges of the, in
ii, 68.

Shrovetide, i, 64.
CANDLE OMENS, iii, 180-1.

account of the, from Joannes
CANDLEMAS DAY, i, 43, 51.

Boemus Aubanus, i, 64.
traditions relating to the wea- how celebrated at Minorca,
ther on, i, 50.

i, 69.
account of, from Naogeorgus, custom of interring, at Mar-.
i, 46.

seilles, on Ash Wednesday,
proverbs relating to, i, 50.

i, 100.
weather omens on, i, 51. Carol, Christmas, i, 480.
Candlemas Eve, ceremonies for, from “Gloria in excelsis," the earli-
Herrick's · Hesperides,' i,

est, i, 480.

Anglo-Norman, of the 13th
Candles, hallowing of, on Candlemas

century, with a translation,
Day, i, 45.

i, 481.
wax, lighted at wheat seeding for a wassail bowl, i, 5.

by the monks of St. Ed- on serving up the boar's head,
mundsbury, i, 392.

i, 484.
burning of, over a corpse,

ancient Scottish, i, 487.
ii, 234.

later carols, i, 488-9-90.
dead men's, iii, 237, 238.

in praise of the holly, i, 522.
Canisbay, co. Caithness, superstition Carp eaten for supper at Hamburgh
of the Sinclairs in, ii, 50.

on Christmas Eve, i, 473.
Canker, charm for a, ii, 271.

Carr Fryetag, i, 113.
Canopy, velvet, used at marriages by Carrier, the witches, iii, 7.
the Jews, ii, 142.

Canterbury, the celebration of Christ-

RALS, ii, 249.
mas first put down at, i, 518. CARTER'S INTERJECTIONS, ii, 15.
Canute, St., i, 365.

Carthage, Juno presides over, i, 365.
“Canum Ululatus,” iii, 184. Carting, ancient method of, in Lon-
Capon bell, ü, 210.

don, i, 89.
Capons, a usual present from tenants Carvers invoking cuckolds' names

to their landlords on New Year's to hit joints, ii, 199, 200.
Day, i, 11.

Casting off the bride's left hose,
Cappy-hole, ii, 407.

ü, 170.
ING, ii, 449.

Castle Rushen, home of the spell.
Care, Carr, or Karr, meaning of, i, bounds giants in, iii, 89.

Castor and Pollux, meteor so called,
Care or Carle Sunday, customs on, iii, 401.
i, 113-16.

Cat, the familiar of witches, iii, 7.
account of, from the transla- said to have nine lives, iii,
tion of Naogeorgus, i, 117.

38, 41.
CARE CLOTH, ii, 141.

barbarous sport with a, at
Caring Fair, observed at Newark,

Kelso, iii, 38-9.
i, 113.

game of, ii, 407.
Carling groat, i, 114.

CAT AND Dog, ii, 406.
Carlings, i, 113-15.

Cat in barrel, sport of, üi, 38.
Carniscapium, i, 65.

Cat and bottle, iii, 43.

CAT I'THE HOLE, ii, 408.

“ Chandelles de rois," i, 48.
Cat in pan, turning the, iii, 388. Chandlers send candles to their cus-
CATHARINE'S DAY, St., i, 410-14. tomers at Christmas, i, 468.

Camden's account of the cele- CHANGE SEATS, the King's COME,

bration of, in Ireland, i, 410. ii, 408.
Catharine, St., charms of, i, 411. Changelings, ii, 73-4.
“ Cathedra Stercoris” of Domesday,


iii, 103.

ii, 485.
Catherning, i, 411-12.

Chapeau, ou chapel de roses, ii, 125.
Catoptromancy, iii, 170.

Chapel Royal, St. James's, ceremony
Cats, their playfulness at sea portends at, on Twelfth Day, i, 33.
a storm, iii, 188.

Chapelet, donner le, ii, 124.
locked up in Orkney, when a Characts, iii, 319-24.
corpse is laid out, ii, 232.

anciently bound to the thigh
their leaping over a corpse of a lying-in woman, ii, 67.

portends misfortune, ii, 233. Charles I encourages the recreations
reverenced by the Egyptians, of the people, i, 238.
iii, 38.

tries the Sortes Virgilianæ,
Cats, Rats, and Mice, superstitions

iii, 336.
relating to, iii, 187.

Charles II, restoration of, i, 273-5.
“Cattaring a," custom of, in Worces- custom of making garlands on
tershire, i, 412.

the day of his proclamation,
Cattle, evil-eye against, iii, 46.

i, 274.
Caldron of the witches, as described Charles V, anecdote of, i, 167.
by Olaus Magnus, iii, 9.

Charlton, co. Kent, Horn Fair held at,
CAUL, Child's, iii, 114-19.

ü, 194.
Cawood, ancient gold ring found at, Charm, derivation of the word, ii,
i, 330.

Cecilia, St., i, 364.

CHARMS, upon St. Blaze's Day, i, 52.
Cecrops, said to have introduced fu- against St. Vitus's dance,
neral entertainments, ii, 237.

i, 298.
Celtic mythology, presiding spirits of and spells in Scotland on All-
the waters in, ii, 376.

hallow Even, i, 380-4.
Cent, or Mount Sant, ii, 451.

bound to the thigh of a lying.
CENT-FOOT, ii, 408.

in woman, ii, 67.
Cerealia, i, 338.

against barrenness, ü, 69.
Ceres, i, 345.

relating to children, ü, 77, 81.
figure of, dressed up during rags used as charms at wells,
harvest the county of

ii, 380-1.
Durham, ii, 22.

for diseases, iii, 49, 269.
Chace, pleasures of the, checked by notice of, from the translation
the superstitions concerning witch-

of Naogeorgus, iii, 255.
craft, iii, 14.

from Bale's Interlude concern.
Chacke-blyndeman, ii, 397.

ing Nature, Moses, and
Chadwell, a corruption of St. Chad's

Christ, ii, 256, 297, 310.
Well, ii, 366.

in odd numbers, iü, 263-9.
Chains kissed on the day of St. Peter physical, iii, 269, 306.
ad Vincula, i, 347.

for diseases noticed in the
Chair, groaning, ii, 72.

classics, iii, 300.

Charms, poetical, iii, 256-7-8, 271, Children, thought unlucky in the

North of England to go
rural, iii, 309-19.

over their graves, ii, 73.
Chart, dumb borsholder of, i, 220.

watched in Scotland till the
Chaucer, description of Valentine's

christening is over, ii, 73.
Day from, i, 53.

superstition at their not crying
Chequers, why a common sign of a

when baptized, ii, 78.
public-house, ii, 353.

in Northumberland, when first
CHEEK, Nose, and Mouth OMENS,

sent abroad with the nurse,
iii, 174-6.

presented with an egg, salt,
Cheese, aversion of some persons to,

and fine bread, ii, 81.
ii, 37.

earth and whiskey the first
groaning, ii, 70.

food of, in the Highlands,
pieces of, tossed in the mid-

ii, 80.
wife's smock, ii, 71.

superstitions relating to, in
Cheesecakes, a principal dainty at

Ireland, ii, 78.
the feast of sheep-shearing, ii, 37. superstition relating to bread
Chelsea royal bun-houses, i, 156.

and butter of, ii, 81.
Cherry fairs, ii, 457.

names of different warriors
CHERRY-Pit, ii, 409.

used to terrify perverse, ii,
Cheshire, ceremony of lifting retained

in, i, 182.

custom of lustrating by spittle,
country wakes in, ii, 11.

iii, 259.
custom of perambulation in, Child's Caul, iii, 114-19.
in Rogation week,

advertisements in news-
i, 206.

papers for, ii, 116-17.
riding full speed at wed. Chilham, co. Kent, May custom at,

dings in, ii, 153. i, 220.
Chester, Shrove-Tuesday customs at, Chimney-sweepers, May-day custom
i, 92.

of the, in London, i, 231.
rood eye at, i, 93,

China, famous for its bells, ii, 214.
Midsummer plays at, i, 329. Chincough, how cured, iii, 272.
Chevalet, un, the French name for the Chinese, ploughings of the, i, 510.
hobby-horse, i, 270.

CHIROMANCY, iii, 348-50.
Chichely, Sir Robert, extract from “ Chorea gladiatoria, de, vel armifera

the will of, relating to his month's saltatione,” i, 511.
mind, ü, 314.

“ Chorus armatus,” i, 514.
Chicory, juice of, iii, 298.

Chrisome, meaning of, ii, 83.

pie, ii, 83.
CHRISTENING Customs, ii, 66,86. “ Christ, ane song on the birth of,”
Childbirth, French customs at, ii, 68. i, 487.
CHILDERMAS, or Holy INNOCENTS Christchurch, co. Hants, extract
Day, i, 535-7.

from the register of, ii,
Child-Bishop's sermon on,

at St. Paul's, i, 431.

curious recipes in the parish
unlucky to marry on, ii, 167.

register of, iii, 306.
Children dying unbaptized in Scot. Christ College, Cambridge, singularity
Christening entertainments, ii, 80. Christmas Carol, custom of singing,
shirts, ii, 85.

land, supposed to wander in in the foundation of, iii, 264.
woods and solitudes ii, 73. CHRISTENING Customs, ii, 77,

on Christmas Day, in the
Christenings, presents at, ii, 78, 86.

Scilly Islands, i, 490.
sermons formerly preached at, Day, early MS. poem illustra-
ii, 85.

ting the popular belief
Christian IV. of Denmark practises

regarding, i, 478.
riding at the ring, ii, 437.

account of, from Barnabe
Christians, early, custom of, upon the

Googe's translation of
Circumcision, i, 15.

Naogeorgus, i, 518.
of Mesopotamia, customs of,

the observation of, forbidden
on Easter Day, i, 171.

in the time of the Com.
ancient, divination among the,

monwealth, i, 518.
by opening the Old and New

custom of hunting owls and
Testament, iii, 337.

squirrels on, in Suffolk,
CHRISTMAS, Customs a little before,

i, 489.
at, or about, i, 454.

the word YULE, formerly used

to signify, i, 474.

i, 519.
continuance of the days of, EVE, i, 467-74.
i, 21.

wassailing custom on, in
brand, i, 50.

Nottinghamshire, i, 31.
marked by a wheel in the

Yule clog on, i, 467.
Runic Fasti, i, 298.

superstition on, in Devon.
block, i, 467.

shire, relating to theoxen,
candles, i, 467.

i, 473.
kariles, i, 469.

carp eaten for supper on,
called the Feast of Lights in

at Hamburgh, i, 473.
the Western or Latin church,

ceremonies on, noticed by
i, 471.

John Herolt, a Domini.
named by Gregory Nazianzen

can friar, i, 473.
and St. Basil the Theophany,

women strike a swinish
i, 473.

hour on, i, 532.
box, i, 493-7.

gambols, enumeration of, i, PIES, i, 526-32.

coffin of the, in imitation
ivy, i, 520.

of the cratch or manger
CAROL, i, 480-91.

in which our Saviour was
an Anglo-Norman, i, 481.

laid, i, 178.
of the time of Henry VI,

Misson's account of the,
i, 483.

i, 528.
ancient, sung in bringing verses on, from Herrick,
up the boar's head, i, 484.

i, 529.
ancient Scottish, i, 487.

prince,orLordof Misrule, 1,498.
from Withers's Juvenilia,

at St. John's College, Ox-
i, 488.

ford, i, 498.
sung to the king at White Christopher, St., i, 359, 364-5.
hall, i, 489.

in Touraine, a cock offered to,
from Poor Robin's Alma-

to cure the white flawe in
nack, i, 490.

men's fingers, i, 356.

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