A new general biographical dictionary, projected and partly arranged by H.J. Rose, Volume 2

1857 - 1857 pagina's
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Pagina 464 - Lord on the other side had a settled opinion, that the Queen could be brought to nothing but by a kind of necessity and authority; and I well remember, when by violent courses at any time he had got his will, he would ask me: Now Sir, whose principles be true?
Pagina 258 - Then they did put me on the rack, because I confessed no ladies or gentlewomen to be of my opinion, and thereon they kept me a long time ; and because I lay still, and did not cry, my lord Chancellor and Master Rich took pains to rack me with their own hands, till I was nigh dead.
Pagina 375 - That young lady had a talent for describing the involvements and feelings and characters of ordinary life, which is to me the most wonderful I ever met with. The Big Bow-wow strain I can do myself like any now going ; but the exquisite touch, which renders ordinary commonplace things and characters interesting, from the truth of the description and the sentiment, is denied to me.
Pagina 168 - That God, from all eternity, determined to bestow salvation on those whom he foresaw would persevere unto the end in their faith in Christ Jesus; and to inflict everlasting punishments on those who should continue in their unbelief, and resist, unto the end, his divine succours.
Pagina 462 - My Lord, I see I must be your homager, and hold land of your gift ; but do you know the manner of doing homage in law ? always it is with a saving of his faith to the King and his other Lords ; and therefore, my Lord (said I), I can be no more yours than I was, and it must be with the ancient savings : and if I grow to be a rich man, you will give me leave to give it back to some of your unrewarded followers.
Pagina 14 - At the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth centuries...
Pagina 472 - I am, there are more doubts that rise upon our statutes, which are a text law, than upon the common law, which is no text law. But, howsoever that question be determined, I dare not advise to cast the law into a new mould. The work, which I propound, tendeth to pruning and grafting the law, and not to ploughing up and planting it again ; for such a remove I should hold indeed for a perilous innovation.
Pagina 83 - Arbuthnot was a man of great comprehension, skilful in his profession, versed in the sciences, acquainted with ancient literature, and able to animate his mass of knowledge by a bright and active imagination; a scholar with great brilliance of wit, a wit who, in the crowd of life, retained and discovered a noble ardour of religious zeal.
Pagina 240 - Dec.l , 1 750, and Doctor of Medicine, July 3, 1754. He commenced practice at Birmingham, and was appointed physician to the General Hospital of that populous town, obtained great reputation, and had a very extensive practice. After many years of professional toil, he removed to London. He had been admitted a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and a fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. He made a tour in...
Pagina 38 - It : and at that moment a horse, passing by, neighed at the horse which was represented in the piece, supposing it to be alive ; upon which the painter said, " One would imagine that the horse is a better judge of painting than your Majesty.

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