Red Fox: The Catlike Canine

Smithsonian Institution, 9 avr. 2013 - 174 pages
In this engaging introduction to the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), J. David Henry recounts his years of field research on this flame-colored predator. With its catlike whiskers, teeth, and paws, as well as vertical-slit pupils, the North American red fox not only resembles but often behaves like a feline, especially when hunting. Probing the reasons for these similarities, Henry reveals the behavior and ecology of a species that thrives from the edge of suburbia to the cold northern tundra.

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New Preface with Updated Information on Fox Research
Foreword by Donald R Griffin
In theCountry of the
Fox Hunting
Evolving a Better Mousetrap
Cutting Your Losses
Keeping Things Straight
8New Foxes New

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J. DAVID HENRY is a biologist who spent six years studying red foxes in Canada.

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