to come. Indeed an earlier attempt, would produce serious consequences, which Beta and Clericus would regret to witness, and certainly could not easily remove. P. V. W.


We have heretofore recommended the "Protestant" to the pa tronage of all who are interested for Protestantism, as it is exclusively devoted to the exposure of Popish errors, and display of Protestant truths. That its Editor, is not merely seeking his own, but, the promotion of the Truth, at personal inconvenience and hazard, will appear from the following extract from the Protestant of July 10th. From what cause, this paragraph has not been no. ticed by many Editors, we cannot say, but it is our duty, to give our readers information of what is doing. We believe the challenge has been offered. in vain, as we anticipated, for the weapons selected by the Editor of the Protestant, cannot be handled with any advantage, by his opponents. Luther with these weapons, met hundreds at Worms, and, either took them prisoners or put them to flight.-Editor.

As we have, says the Editor of the Protestant, a decided objection to Maryland Roman priests having all the talk about the contents of the Protestant-we hereby offer to meet, the Frederick Jesuit; and any other of his craft, whom the Most Arch and the Grand Inquisitor may appoint, in Frederick Maryland,, on the morning of Monday, August 16th, to hold a public debate at any convenient place, upon any part of the contents of the Protestant, which the Pope's Legate may select which shall be continued for four or. five days, at their option; upon those conditions and under those regulations which may be agreed upon between the Editor of the Intelligencer for the Protestant and the Frederick Jesuit and . his coadjutors. Provided only that the priest shall designate the subjects of debate, prior to the first day of August. We dare the Frederick Jesuit or any of his fraudful order thus to meet us, with no other weapons than fact, literature, reason, and the Bible.

BACK AGAIN.-Dr. Shubert one of the courtiers of the Duke of Anhalt Coethen, who three years ago, joined the Romish church, no doubt with a view to obtain particular favours from the apostate Duke, found so many doctrines of human inventions, and re pugnant to the Bible, in his new church, that he became most miserable. All efforts to sear his conscience were fruitless. On

the 4th of November 1829 having resolved to go "back again" he publickly renounced Popery at Berlin, and because of his convictions and repentance, was re-admitted into the true church, which is known by different appellations viz. Protestant, Evangelical.

PROTESTANT CAUSE.-Whatever cause of alarm we have in the United States, in consequence of Jesuitical operations, and the readiness of unconverted Protestants to swallow any poison of the soul and to cast away the Bible-in Europe, the Protestant cause is flourishing. We have barely time to inform the pious reader, that according to an ordinance of the King of France, issued on the 2d of September 1829, twenty new particular charges for Protestant ministers were formed, and a number of houses of prayer, for those who worship God through but one Mediator, Jesus Christ, have been erected at St. Elienne, Clermont Ferrard, Digon and St. Die.

TRACTS CIRCULATED.-The Protestant Tract society in Paris, distributed during the year 1828, 300,000 tracts. What a formidable engine, against infidels and errorists.

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ADMIRAL VERTHUELL.-This brave and noble officer in the service of the King of France, is a devoted disciple of Christ, and President of the Protestant Missionary Society of Paris,

CROPS OF GRAIN.-The crops of grain in Frederick county, Md. have been most abundant this year, and far exceed those of any other former year. Health has generally prevailed, and all fruits are abundant. What cause of gratitude have we, for the goodness of God? All denominations are well supplied with the preached Gospel, and although there is an improvement in the church of Christ in this county, yet no operations, more than ordinary, have been noticed in any donomination.

The Treasurer of the Evangelical Lutheran Missionary and Education Society of Maryland, acknowledges the receipt of $10 to constitute the Rev. J. N. Hoffman of Taney Town a life member of the Missionary and Education Society, by the Ladies of his Congregation.



At a recent meeting of the London Medical Society, Dr. Blake stated that the extraction or excision of teeth was unnecessary. He was enabled, he said, to cure the most desperate cases of toothache (unless the decease was connected with rheumatism,) by the application of the following remedy to the diseased tooth: "Alum reduced to an impalpable powder two drachms; nitrous spirit of aether, seven drachms; mix, and apply them to the tooth."


Receipt for curing the dysentery or summer complaint, in its mildest Or worst stages. Take two glasses of sweet oil-two glasses W. India Molasses-two glasses W. I. rum-simmer them well together over a fire till it becomes the thickness of honey, so that the oil may not separate from the rest. While on the fire keep it well stirred, and when it is off repeat the same till it is cold. Then the patient if a grown person, should take a spoonful once an hour, till he finds the disease abating, then once in two hours or as the judgment may suggest, until cured. Children to take it in the like manner in proportion to their ages. The person who hands this for publication, is moved by none other than a humane motive. He has experienced cures in his own family, and knows many other of the same kind.


The Nashville (Tenn.) papers mention that an explosion took place in the bed of a Creek about 12 miles from that place on the 20th ult. The noise resembled that of blowing rocks and on examination it was found that the rocky bed of the Creek was cracked and shivered to a great extent. Pieces weighing 2 or 300 pounds were broken off, and the earth and rock together were parted in a fissure extending near 40 yards. A spring now issues from the edge of the Creek-the water, in taste and smell resembles that which rums through a bed of stone coal.


We learn from the Fayetteville, N. C. Observer, that James Smith, Esq. of Bladen county, will have at least one hundred pounds of sewing silk, besides a quantity of floss, worth about $700, the product of 200,000 worms, this season, attended by a few small negro children. Let this be an encouragement to others, to engage in this profitable business.

Practical Theology of the 17th Century-The first volume of this work, selected from the writings of Divines of the 17th Century, and edited by President Marsh, of Vermont University, has recently appeared. It is spoken of in terms of decided approbation by gentlemen who have examined it, and recommend it to the patronage of the christian public.

ANECDOTE-A young lawyer boasting of his readiness to undertake the defence of any person accused of crime, declared he would as soon undertake the cause of a man whom he knew to be guilty, as one whom he believed to be innocent. An aged quaker being present, he appealed to him for the correctness of his views Why, I say," replied the Quaker, "that if thee lived in my neighbourhood, I should keep my stable locked."


The Bible our rule of faith!-The right of private judgment our privilege.
Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders;-Gott helfe mir! Amen!--LUTHER !

VOL. V.]



[No. 7.

Mr. Editor-Knowing that you and many of your readers take a deep interest in the progress of our dear Zion, I have thought it would not be an unacceptable service to communicate the agreeable intelligence that on Lordsday the 18th inst. a new church was dedicated in Philadelphia Pa. under the appellation of "The Evange lic Lutheran Church of St. Matthew."

The religious exercises of the day were conducted by the Pastor of the congregation, the Rev. Mr. Krauth, (who performed the ceremony of dedication,) Mr. Morris of Baltimore, Mr. Keller of Germantown, and Mr. Kurtz of Hagerstown, Md. The audiences were numerous and attentive, and there is good reason to indulge the hope that the word spoken was profitable to them that heard it, and will bring forth fruit unto life eternal.

The local position of this beautiful and commodious house of God, evinces the good sence & forecast of those who selected the site. It is situated in New Street, between 3d and 4th streets ;--a most pleasant and convenient section of the city for a christian sanctuary. It was erected by an english Lutheran congregation, collected and organized within the last few years mainly through the pious and active instrumentality of our highly esteemed and beloved brother Krauth; and is designed chiefly for the benefit of those descendants of Lutherans, who do not understand the German language, and whose laudable partiality for the form of worship and doctrine peculiar to the Lutheran church, has led them to continue faithful to that church, amidst all the discouraging difficulties they had to encounter for want of a convenient place of worship and, a knowledge of the language of their fathers. But as the tenets of that church, and its usages also, when its discipline is judiciously administered, commend themselves so forcibly to the conscience of almost every one that is made acquainted with them, a considerable number of strangers have already attached themselves to it, and from the numerous applications that have at this early period been made for seats and Vol. V. No. 7.


pews, it is confidently believed that every disposible part of the church will be taken up and occupied in a very short time.

Thus we perceive that nothing is wanting to insure, a rapid and successful extension of our little Zion in this land of free inquiry, but a plain and faithful promulgation of its truly evangelic principles.

What a noble contrast does this little band of Lutheran worthies, present to those faithless individuals, who, instead of consenting to make any sacrifice and endeavouring to surmount any obstacles for the sake of the church of their fathers, have rather seized with avidity upon every trifling occasion and sought for an opportunity to desert it; and in the day of her trial, like Esau, have willingly bartered away their birthright for a contemptible mess of pottage. Numerous have been the pretexts assigned by various persons for their denial of the faith of their ancestors-for their inglorious and reprehensible flight from the mother of protestantism; and while we admit the plea of a few, whose peculiar circumstances may have justified their retreat, we are bold to say, that in most instances, pride, self-conceit and an itching desire to effect the company of "the high and the rich," and associate with those for whose intercourse neither nature nor nature's God ever designed them, lay at the foundation of their treachery.-What should induce a member of that church which is designated by the name of the immortal Reformer, to turn his back against it, or to bring up his children in a different department of Christ's visible kingdom?-an absence of talent and spirituality of zeal and faithfulness in our ministers ?-we challenge so groundless an imputation;-a want of purity in our doctrines and discipline? we fearlessly bid defiance to such a charge; a departure from the faith once delivered to the Saints or a cold heartless display of the principles of that faith? Who that understands that faith, and is acquainted with the ministers in our church, will dare to insinuate such an accusation? We hazard nothing when we declare that no class of ministers labor harder than those of the Lutheran community, and at the same time are required to put up with a more disproportionate remuneration for their unwearied exertions. Let those then, who with sinister views, for worldly purposes, or actuated by any other ignoble motive, have forsaken the church of their pious ancestors, and have fled among a strange people and living at a strange table, singing the songs of Zion as it were in a strange land, blush and be ashamed, and learn from that faithful little band in Philadelphia, to appreciate more highly that system of christian doctrine, which stands pre-eminent for its conformity to the Gospel and its efficacy in changing and renewing the hearts of those who are practically acquainted with it.

To our brethren of the faith in Philadelphia we say with all the cordiality of our soul : "God speed you;" may the Great Head of the church constantly keep his ever-watchful eye for good upon your house of prayer, and meet you and your children, and children's children, as often as you assemble there, and make you

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