whole dinner of one hundred and eight youth of sixteen (son of Fcodor Romanov, pounds of beef and butter. Those who a noble of Russian extraction and metroeat so enormously are in a state of stupor politan of Kostif), was crowned czar of for three or four days, neither eating nor Russia, July 10, 1613. After him reigned drinking, and rolled about with a view to Alexis Romanoff, under the title of Alexis promoting digestion. Barrow says the 1. Then followed the short reign of Ivan Hottentots eat enormously sometimes : I., who was succeeded by Peter the Great, "Ten of our Hottentots ate a middling- who ascended the throne in 1689, at the sized OX, all but the two hind-legs, in three age of eighteen. Intrigues and insurrecdays.” And again : “ Three Bosjesmans tions had troubled the young czar's minorhad a sheep given to them about five in ity, but he at last freed himself from the the evening, which they partook of all rule of an ambitious sister, and assumed, through the night without ceasing for in reality as well as in name, the direction sleep, and finished by noon the next of the state. He had married, when only

On the other hand, in Shetland a seventeen, a Russian lady, Eudoxia Lanumber of the paupers getting is. and puchin, from whom he was divorced three Is. 6d. a week out-door relief, manage to years later. The prince Alexis, the only live upon it year in and out, though food son of this marriage, grew up under the is just as dear as in any other part of guardianship of his weak and bigoted Scotland, sundry cups of tea and a half-mother. He was much under the influ. penny biscuit constituting a day's eating ence of the party who were in opposition on niany days, for they have fuel to buy to the czar Peter, and he was finally acout of their money in cases where they cused of conspiracy against his father. cannot fetch the peats in from the hills The czar required him either to make a themselves.

thorough reformation in his life, or to No doubt we pass over edible things retire to a monastery. At the end of six through ignorance of their properties. months' trial, Alexis left Russia under Thus, oranges are mostly regarded as pretence of joining the czar Peter at Cothings not to be despised; however, penhagen; but instead of doing so, he about thirty-five years ago a vessel was Aed to Vienna. He was forced, however, wrecked at the Shetland Isles, and to return to Moscow. The clergy, the amongst the cargo were large packages chief officers of State, and the chief noof oranges. One of these was picked up bility were convened, and Alexis, being by a peasant, who in a day or two placed brought before them as a prisoner, act his treasure at the disposal of the laird. knowledged himself unworthy of the suc“ I've browt ye some bonny baws for the cession, which he resigned, entreating bairns, laird,” said the peasant. They only that his life might be spared. A are oranges, Magnie, why don't you and declaration was then read on the part of your wife keep them for yourselves ? the czar, reciting the various offences of They are delightful eating." "Why, ye which his son had been guilty, and endsee, laird,” said the man, " I thowt they'd ing with the solemn exclusion of him from be bonny baws for the bairns to play wi', the throne, and the nomination of his 'deed, as for eatin', why we've tried 'em infant son by the empress Catherine as all ways, an' they're bad boiled, they're the future emperor. Not content with warr rostit, but they're the deeval raw.what had been done, Peter determined to

extract from Alexis the names of his ac. complices and advisers, and for nearly five months the unhappy young man was

harassed by constant interrogations. By: From The Boston Traveller. the laws of Russia a father had power of

life and death over his child. On July 5, Having escaped shotguns, daggers and 1718, the czar Peter and the assembly dynamite, the emperor of all the Russias pronounced Alexis deserving of death, is, at latest accounts, menaced with the and on the next day but one he died. poison-cup. It is a tough dynasty, the His death was a violent one, and the reRomanoffs, and Alexander appears to be morse of Peter the Great in after years is one of its toughest representatives. As well known. Between the reigns of the far back as 1613, this great dynasty was empress Catherine I. and empress Elizfounded. In that year an assembly of the abeth, there reigned Peter 11. and Ivan States met on the twenty-first of February VI. Ivan V. was dethroned and impris. to elect a czar; and after a full discussion oned at the fortress of Schlenerbury, of many claims, Michael Romanov, al where he died a lingering death. The

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Russian succession has been marked by great rejoicing at St. Petersburg. Ima series of usurpations and murders; the mense crowds filled the streets and surtwo Alexanders having been the only two rounded the Winter Palace, and a cry of czars who succeeded their fathers. The joy arose from regenerated Russia. Of czar Peter, the grandson of Peter the late years the popularity of the czar has Great, married the daughter of Prince greatly diminished; yet he has been more Christian Frederic, of Anhalt Domberg: lenient towards his people than were the On her marriage she took the name of czars from whom he is descended. Rus. Catherine Alexiewina. Even before the sia has always been despotically govdeath of the empress Elizabeth, which erned. Some account has lately been took place in 1762, she had conspired to given of the number of Russian nobles supplant her husband on the throne; and who are imprisoned or exiled from Rushe had hardly reigned six months before sia, and those also who are in Siberia. she organized the revolution that led him This number is possibly much exag. to a prison and his grave. She appealed gerated. The plots of the Nihilists, the to the imperial regiments of the Guards, intrigues in higher quarters, have now telling them that the czar intended to kill reached their height. The Cossack and her and her son.

Tartar blood shows itself. Should the The czar, when arrested, confused and czar Alexander be some day assassinated, terrified, consulted neither his safety nor there is his son the czarowitz, who marhis honor. He surrendered himself, and ried the Princess Dagmar of Denmark, was killed by Orloff, an officer in the and his three sons. Next in succesguards. Catherine, before the end of the sion to them would come the grand duke same day, was proclaimed sovereign of all Vladimar. The grand duke Alexis, who the Russias under the title of Catherine has twice visited America, is the third II. Her son, the Emperor Paul, who suco son of the czar. The grand dukes Serge ceeded her, was murdered in 1808. Then and Paul come next in the imperial line came the reign of the czar Nicholas. He of succession. And although the Nihilwas succeeded by his son Alexander I. ists and disaffected parties in Russia may This brings us to the present czar of have their day, like other evils, yet the Russia, Alexander II., who in 1861, freed extinction of the dynasty of the Romanoffs the serfs. This act was received with I will not be easily coinpassed.

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JAPANESE LADY SEIZED BY AN OCTOPUS. sucking discs of the octopus are carved exactly By the kindness of my friend Mr. Bartlett, I as they are in nature, and the color of the body have been enabled to examine a most beautiful of the creature, together with the formidable Japanese carving in ivory, said to be a hun aspect of the eye, are wonderfully represented. dred and fifty years old, and called by the The face of this Japanese lady is most adJapanese net suke or togle. These togles are mirably done; it expresses the utmost terror handed down from one generation to the next, and alarm, and possibly may be a portrait. and they record any remarkable event that so carefully is the carving executed that the happens to any member of a family. This lady's white teeth can be seen between her carving is an inch and a half long, and about lips. The hair is a perfect gem of work; it is as big as a walnut. It represents a lady in a jet black, extended down the back, and tied at quasi-leaning attitude, and at first sight it is the end in a knot; in fact it is so well done difficult to perceive what she is doing; but that I can hardly bring myself to think that it after a while the details come out magnifi. is not real hair, fastened on in some most incently. The unfortunate lady has been seized genious manner; but by examining it under a by an octopus when bathing — for the lady powerful magnifying glass I find it is not so – wears a bathing-dress. One extended arm of it is the result of extraordinary cleverness in the octopus is in the act of coiling round the carving. The back of the little white comb lady's neck, and she is endeavoring to pull it fixed into the thick of the black hair adds to off' with her right hand; another arm of the the effect of this magnificent carving of the sea monster is entwined round the left wrist, hair. I congratulate Mr. Bartlett on the whilst the hand is fiercely tearing at the mouth acquisition of this most beautiful curiosity. of the brute. The other arms of the octopus There is an inscription in Japanese characters are twined round grasping the lady's body and on the underneath part of the carving, and Mr. waist -in fact, her position reminds oné very Bartlett and myself would of course only be much of Laocoon in the celebrated statue of too glad to get this translated. the snakes seizing him and his two sons. The

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