and shrivelled - a piece of parchment|oot o' their sma' wits. O man, but he's or vellum, tough and yellow as leather, a lousy apostle. Aff goes the queen, and - his legs in his tight-fitting gaiters, when I'll mak' you a present o' the castle. But, he mounted his grey mare, being the as I was sayin', Davie whiles gaed wrang, merest spindle-shanks. He was a famous aboot Mary Stewart, and miracles, and chess-player, a famous whist-player, a particular providences, and the standard fine scholar, a man who had spent many o'taste. What could he ken aboot mirayears on the Continent, and could speak cles mair than the rest o' us, and to say French and Italian like a native, a bon that nae weight o evidence could pervivant, a gallant among ladies, especially suade him that Lazarus rose from the the great ladies at Pitfour and Slain's dead was maist unphilosophical. Deed, (Jean, Duchess of Gordon, loved him my lord, you're getting into deep water dearly he played a rubber with her that king o' yours is close pressed as Saul every night when she was drinking the at Mount Gilboa, or poor King Jamie on waters); but among his people he affected the field o' Flodden. Not that I wud say the bluff and homespun farmer, and was a word against David Hume, with whom indeed a hard hand at a bargain. He I had much pleasant converse at Paris would as soon have parted with a tooth when I took the grand tour wi' my Lord without value as with a shilling, and he Tillywhilly in the saxty-five — before I never sold the oats or "sma' corn” off was transported to this blessed Bæotia. the glebe, except during the famine years To think o' that body Warburton settin' when wheat was at 1oos. the quarter. He himsel up to refute him as he pretendit: took bis snuff with the grace of a cour he micht as well hae refuted the Bass tier. He rapped out his clear, sharp, sen- Rock. Ye wudna daur say check to the tentious retorts like pistol-shots. He king? Faith, provost, I hae you noo. handled his rapier with the dexterity of a What's your next move? As sure as practised dialectician, as became the gospel that's a groat into my pocket friend of David Hume and Voltaire. He we're playing for groats, mind. Fritz was as wiry and vigorous at seventy as himsel could not have pued his men thehe bad been at seven-and-twenty, there gither after sic an unspeakable and 'unacwas nothing about that spare body of coontable blunder. There are mair things which death or disease could lay hold. in heaven and earth in the way o' perfec' Brigbt, alert, and rapid in the intercourse unreasonableness than the unassisted inof society, he was dull and tedious in the tellect is capable o conceiving: Never pulpit, and a deadly bore in the General lose your temper, laird; it's neither dulce Assembly - to which, however, he was nor decorum to fa' into a fit. Put on the sent regularly once a year by his less pieces, and I'll gie you a knight. A active brethren.

knight, and we'll mak it saxpence this This was the man who was now indulg. time. But you maun look sharper aster ing in a sort of monologue while he your queen — you had a keen eye ance moved his pieces or watched his adver. for the queans, provost, if a' tales be sary's moves. The doctor's tongue was true Gratiæ solutis zonis, as the poet "aye waggin',” even the solemnity of says. O the little ogues ! — there were whist could not silence his vivacious com- some remarkably fine women at Paris in mentary, and of course chess with a the saxty-five! And to think how many moch inferior foe was mere child's play. o my auld acquaintance are dead!

" Ha! ha! provost, what say you to Whist! whist! my lord. We have nae that? Queen in check, and impossible confession in the Kirk o' Knox, at least to relieve her. Mary Stewart or Marie between auld haverels like you and ine, Antoinette ? What precious scamps and a minister of the gospel is bound to these French fellows are to be sure — as walk warily. Surely that's Corbie and the bad as Geordie Buchanan when he de- captain in the street. Lord, how it blows ! famed his mistress, or Murray when he there's mair than the east wind lowse sold his sister. You pit the pawn forrit this nicht! Bring up the baddies, Maillie, - what's the gude o' a pawn? My led- and I'll look oot the Glendronoch — Disdy's page wi' his bit pasteboard sword sipat Euius curas edaces -- it's a fine against Cour de Lion. But, provost, I speerit, Glendronoch (tho? it needs mixnever could understand how Davie Hume ing), and as the auld abbé used to say to cared to row in the same boat wi' Geordie me when uphauding purgatory, ‘Ye may Buchanan. I would as soon lie heads gang farer and fair waur. and thraws wi' that hairy John the Bap- “And here's the buiks,” says the prolist, wbo is deevin' the Whinnyfold lads vost, bringing out a well-thumbed pack of


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cards, as Corbie and the captain enter the in your ear. I'm an auld man and ye're a

young ane. Dinna lippen to that little “I say with Jack Cade,” the doctor quean, Eppie Holdfast there's mair exclaims cheerily, as he clears the table, maidens than mawkins in this country, “the first thing we do let's kill all the and mony a strappin' lass is thinkin' lang lawyers.”

for a stoot lad. Hoot awa', man, dinna “We'll finish the rubber first, if you glower; that hizzie is no to be trusted. please,” says the provost, with a chuckle, She'll beguile you if she can. Her brithas they cut for partners.

er's on boord the lugger, and it's my So they sat down; and for two or three opinion Harry Hacket kens mair o' baith hours the game proceeded with varying the cutties than he wud care to tell at the luck amid comparative silence.

town-cross." The wind had risen during the evening, So Alister went out into the darkness, and now it was blowing a gale. There and the captain returned to his cronies, was no sound in the streets, except the who were gathered cosily round the fire. rattling of the windows and the distant The captain was a well-known figure in roll of the surf- the town's people, for Peelboro -a short, stout man, with a the most part, were safe abed. Early to face like a harvest moon - a face beambed and early to rise made us healthy, ing with whisky and fun - but without wealthy, and wise in the year one. The

any neck to speak of; so that when he second rubber had newly begun, when became hilarious towards the end of the there was a modest rap at the street door, evening he would go off every now and and Maillie entering, announced - again into a sort of apoplectic fit, from

“It's Watty Troup." Watty was the which he would emerge out of breath, burgh idiot "speerin' for sneeshin'." and with the tears running out of his

But that was hours ago, and they were honest eyes — testifying to the violence preparing to lay aside the cards and of the process of recovery. His friends gather round the blazing peats for the were used to these paroxysms of choking, final tumbler and the penultimate “eke,” and allowed him to také his own time in when a louder and more peremptory coming to. What between spitting, and knock arrested the players.

sputtering, and stuttering, he was not “ Here's Alister Róss,” said Maillie, what is called a ready speaker; but, on opening the door, “wants to see the cap- the other hand, he had a vast command tain."

of “nautical” language, and a very vivid “Bring him ben,” quoth the provost. and prolific fancy-in short, he swore A remarkably handsome young fellow in like a trooper and lied like Munchausen. the uniform of the coastguard, carrying a But he was a general favorite, and he was cutlass of the old-fashioned pattern, and specially popular with his men; for he with a pistol in his belt, entered the room. had a kind heart (that universal solvent),

“What's up, Alister?” said the captain an open hand, and an unquenchable thirst huskily to his subordinate. “What's up? for "news.” What an infernal din the wind is making! “Ha! ha! captain, this breeze will Speak oot, man.”

bring the woodcock across the water; we "I don't think it will last, sir; it is tak- must have a day on the Ardlaw. That's ing round to the land, and the fog is ris- the cover for a cock.” ing. But I've just heard that the • Crookit " The cover for a cock!” sputtered the Meg? was seen aff Rattray Head this captain, attempting to relight his pipe, morning."

which had a chronic habit of going out. “D-n the ‘Crookit Meg. She's the “There's not a decent cover on this side curse o' the coast,” sputtered the captain. o' Benachie. Give me the Loch o’Skene “But they can't land a keg to-night, for cocks, ay! and for jacks too. Why, Skipper Dick himself couldn't make the doctor, when I used to shoot there wi' Bloody Hole in this fog, and the wind auld Pitfoddels, we could have walked blowing dead in shore. There'll be a across the loch on their backs!” heavy sea aff Dunbuy: he'll not risk it." “Noo, captain, that's a lee,” said Cor

“That's true, sir; but they might run bie, who as the night advanced was apt round to the Ward, and if I'm not wrong, to grow pugnacious and opinionative. it will be clear before daylight. I'd better The captain began to spit and stutter, warn our men at Whinnyfold.”

but before he could bring his guns into • Ay, ay, my lad, aff wi' you the position to open fire on the enemy, the *Crookit Meg and them on boord o'her agile doctor interposed. are kittle cattle. And — Alister - a word Hoots, captain, dinna mind him. We

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my man?”

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a'ken Corbie. His bark's waur than his | were not to be considered as the mere bite. And Pitfoddels was that rara avis,” fruit o' the soil, or classified wi' calves he went on, trying to create a diversion and watermelons — enim absurdum vide

" that rara avis, an honest lawyer. batur, hominem in fructu esse ; cum Ha! ha!, Corbie, what say you to that, omnes fructus rerum natura gratia homi

nis comparaverit; whilk “ There's mair honest lawyers than 6. Much good it did them ! said the honest ministers, doctor. That's what I doctor. say. The canon law compared with the " Whilk," Corbie continued, disregardceevil is superficial, unphilosophical, and ing the interruption, “was an implied sophistical.

acknowledgment of the natural leeberty The civil law !” the doctor retorted. o' the subject, whereof your Maryland "Why, the men who made it — if my democraw is not capable.' Ye may ca' it friend Gibbon is right — were some of a fictio juris if it pleases you; but whar the greatest scoundrels unhung.”

will you find a fiction like that which The lawyer was fairly roused. “ Ye exempted the father o' the son wha died ken little of the Roman law, my freen, of in battle from the burden o' tutelage which whilk in its main features the Scots is a attached to him wha had na bairns? He verra reasonable imitation. The Romans was not childless, for his bairn still lived. were a great people, and their law is a Hi enim, qui pro republica ceciderunt, in maist remarkable system o' jurisprudence. perpetuam per gloriam vivere intelliThey had a perfec' respect for fac's – ay, guntur !” captain, a perfec' respect for fac'. For By this time Corbie had talked himself what says the. Corpus Juris ’? Nam into high good humor and comparative plus valet quod in veritate est, quam quod sobriety, and when shortly afterwards the in opinione. That's the main distinction, party broke up, he took the commodore doctor, between the lawyer and the min- under his wing, and saw him safely ister, the lawyer seeks diligently for housed. facts which he can verify, the minister ** The maut's aboon the meal wi Corbie," blethers aboot a hash o' doctrines which the doctor said to himself, as he strolled are incapable of identification. Nor did towards the manse ; “ but what a lawyer's Justinian — if ye like to cal the haill body lost because he canna drink in moderao'laws after the ruler in whose reign they tion!” were codified haud wi' your Whig freens on this side, or your French freens on the tither side o' the water. Dootless The streets were wet with mist when we have made changes in oor laws, says the young coastguardsman opened the he, but why? - quod non innovationem provost's door. An occasional oil-lamp induximus, sed quoniam æquius erat." shone with a sort of nebulous radiance

“He had mighty peculiar views about into the thick fog; but a good deal of the liberty of the subject, one has heard,” circumspection was needed to avoid the the doctor (who was suspected of occa- pitfalls on either side of the narrow footsionally drinking Fox's health in the re- way. He met no one except one solitary tirement of his back parlor) remarked as woman with a child in her arms, who he emptied his glass; "and he was always came towards him as he quitted the town. braggin' about the morality of his time- The wind had driven her long hair into Dice morality indeed!

her eyes, and she looked, as far as he “It's impossible to dispute,” the law- could judge in the uncertain light, povfer went on gravely," that the institution erty-stricken and dishevelled. of slavery, to which I presume you allude, a nicht for the likes o' you to be oot, my was an institution of the Roman State lass,” he said to her kindly, as a fierce recognized and protected by the ceevil blast nearly tore the rags from her back, Law. The slave, nae doobt, and ilka arti- and the infant out of her arms. "The die he possessed, belanged to his owner. likes o' me !" she replied, with a hoarse, Ipse enim servus, qui in potestate alterius hysterical sob, as she disappeared into est, nihil suum habere potest. Perfectly the darkness. true, doctor, and in the revolted colonies Alister had now left all the streets o' the king, ca’ing themselves a republic behind him; but a single light still burned – which may the Lord confound !- the ahead. The house from which it prosame inequality, as ye ken weel, obtains. ceeded stood on the very margin of the But then it was verra notably provided by sea - - between the sea and the roadway: the ceeveeliaas that the children of slaves | The outer door was partially open, and


It's no

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” pausing for a moment before be entered, wing for Eppie. It's a sin to kill the pui Alister gazed into the room from which birds, but she's a wilfu' lass, and win the light came. It was an ordinary cot- her way wi' maist ous. Look round b tage interior -a but and a ben; in what Pothead as you are passing the morn': appeared to be the kitchen a bed was let morn, and you'll maybe find me at Cha: into the wall, and at the bedside there lie's Howff. Gude nicht, my lad - Go was a shelf for books, on which some bless you." half-dozen volumes were deposited. A “Gude nicht, daddy, gude nicht.” very old man sat on a three-legged stool There is something always strangel before the fire - an old, spare, and impressive in passing out of the noise an wizened man, in a homespun suit of cor- bustle of a crowded city into the darknes duroys, with a square leather apron -in exchanging the light and warmth fastened close up to his chin, and a pair human life for the vast spaces of th of horn spectacles upon his nose. The night, and the solemn company of th spectacles appeared to be more for stars. You become at once a citizen i ornament than use, -the wearer looked an altogether different world, and inver over them, not through them. Shrewd, sa- at a step your relationships. The ir gacious eyes planted in a face which must terests of the streets out of which yo always have been strongly marked, and have passed cease to be engrossing; thes which was now deeply lined by ruts which are the self-same stars under which th time and care had worn. Shrewd grey ships of Ulysses sailed; that is th eyes, yet with that dreamy light in them Greater Bear, that the Lesser, and tha that denotes the passion of the student or the belt of Orion. And if, as, on thi the abstraction of the mystic. The lamp evening, a thick, wet mist hides the stars was hung on the wall, and the light fell full and disturbs in a portentous way, th upon the volume which lay on his knee proportions of the objects on the roadwa -a folio volume printed in picturesque or by the roadside, the effect is hardl old-fashioned type, and held together less striking. As Alister with the o by quaintly-worked clasps of brass or casional aid of his dark lantern felt hi tarnished silver — the sort of book which way through the darkness, he could hea used to lie about many an English farm- the roll of the surf at his feet muffled b house, and now at Christie's or Sotheby's the mist, and the occasional plaint of is worth its weight in gold.

plover as it rose from the beach and wer This was the cottage which Adam past him on the wind to the inland mosse Meldrum had occupied for many years. From Bowness, where the fisher-peop?

Alister paused a moment, and then stay - Bowness itself being blotted or pushing back the door entered the room. by the mist — the old road leaves th A pleasant, cordial warmth came into the shore and mounts the hillside, thus cu old man's face, as he laid aside his book. ting off that extremest angle of the lan

“Dinna move, Uncle Ned, I canna from whence the lighthouse flashes i bide. I'm awa’ to the Ward, where it's welcomes and its warnings across

th like enough the 'Crookit Meg' will be deep. At the summit of the Saddle H afore me.

But it's a wild nicht, - I won there is the Alehouse tavern - a hostel der you

left the door aff the sneck." well known in the old posting days whe “ I forgot it,” said the old man simply: this was the sole road to the sout There was a wonderful gentleness and Alister did not meet a living creatur sweetness in the voice.

only when near the summit, looking in "I see how it is – you have been at break of the fog across the peat-hags, } the auld plays again. I wish I could saw that lights were flitting about tl stay, Uncle Ned, for a screed of ‘Hamlet' mansion-house of Yokieshill whe or · Henry V.;' but I just lookit in to say " auld Laird Hacket" lived. that you might bar the door, for I canna On reaching the hostelry he found ti be back before morning. Only I had house still open, and men and women best tak’ the lantern wi' me — - the mist's the move. A horse, steaming in the mi: verra thick, and the road across the Sad stood saddled at the door. dle Hill is no' fit for a Christian

“What's up, my man ?” he said to t in daylicht.”

ostler ; "you're late to-night." Alister lighted his dark lantern, and “It's young Hacket,” Jock the ost the old man went with him to the door. replied, pointing with his thumb acro

“The mist's rising," he said, looking his shoulder. " He's speakin' a word round the sky; "and the moon will be up the mistress. They say the auld laird's by one. I promised to get a tarrock's the dead thraws. "God save us

- it's

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wild nicht for flittin'. Yokieshill is sair | away to the south. Tim went down to to pairt wi' his gear; he wunna dee, he Collieston to see the captain ; it's no posswears, till he sees his liar, and Harry's sible they can land this side o' Newburgh. awa to the Broch to fetch Corbie. There was a bleeze on the Hill o' Gask There's been some queer splores up the after dark, but it might have been the lads glen if a' the folk says is true

at Achnagatt firin' the whins." “Stand out of the way, you lout,” said A bright peat fire was blazing within. a deep, voice at his elbow, and throwing Alister threw himself upon the bimself on his horse, young Hacket gal pied bed in the guard-room, telling Colin loped off into the mist.

to waken him if the wind went down. Jock shook his fist at the vanishing But there was no word of the “Crookit figure. “If he disna keep a ceevil tongue Meg” that night. in bis ugly head, the unhangt thief," he muttered, as he retreated to his den in the loft among the straw.

DR. CALDCAIL was an early riser, and Alister resumed his march. He had by when he looked out next morning from this time passed the crest of the hill, and his bedroom window, the wind had fallen, had begun the descent to the low-lying the sparrows were chirping cheerily lands of the Ward. On this side the fog among the boor-tree bushes, and the had lifted. The vast expanse of a bound- October sea was sparkling in the October less ocean was dimly visible in the star- sunshine. The manse was built just outlight. He passed Fontainbleau lying side the burgh - the Peel-burn separating high and cold among its rocks; and his it from the Kirkton on a pleasant emiheart beat more rapidly as he noticed that|nence above the beach. Adam Meldrum's a light was still burning in an upper room cottage stood on the other side of the of the lofty farmhouse." It's Eppie's high road, closer to the sea, and thus the room,” he whispered softly to himself

. minister and the old boat-builder and The surf was thundering up the beach at bird-stuffer were next-door neighbors. Longhaven; the spray that came from the The alliance between these curiously asBloody Hole wetted his face. At this sorted friends was very close and cordial. moment a shrill whistle roused him from “Uncle Ned” never went to church; but his dreams. He paused abruptly, laying the doctor, with a twinkle in his eye, his hand on the pistol in his belt. The good-humoredly accepted the situation. whistle was thrice repeated, a whistle that * I make no man's creed but my own,” he to a less attentive ear might have passed said with Swift; and to him the Dean of for the cry of a startled whaup. Then a St. Patrick's, after David Hume, was the đim figure cautiously approached, and a first of men. Neither Adam nor the low voice said: “Is that you, Harry doctor was an unbeliever; but both were Hacket? They're waitin' for you at old men who had seen much of life; and Hell's Lum." Then the speaker paused while most of the doctor's convictions had for a second, and then with a startled by wear and tear grown thin and tentative oath, “By the Lord, it's the gauger,” and provisional, Adam had drifted away disappeared as swiftly and noiselessly as into a theology of his own — a theology he had come.

extracted mainly from the Old Testament, Alister hurried on. “It's impossible the plays of Shakespeare, the “ Religio they can land to-night,” he muttered as he Medici," and Edwards's “Ornithology." heard the surf boiling among the fissures Uncle Ned bad as much contempt for the along the coast. But he hurried on until doctor's sermons as the doctor himself he had reached the Hawklaw, a vast could possibly have had; preaching was mound of sand that rises among the bents the process by which his friend“ gat that of the Ward. From thence he could see trash aff his stamach," the absence of the whole Bay of Slains. The bay was which made him a honester and wholevbite with foam. The waves were rolling somer companion. up whitely upon the sand. Then he went Adam, as I have said, was partly boatgo to the station, where he found one of builder and partly bird-stuffer; this mornthe men standing at the door with his ing, seated on a three-legged stool, he was pipe in his mouth.

hammering away at an old boat. It was · Well, Colin, anything up?” he asked. placed on a slip which he had constructed "Tim noticed a smart craft in the close to his cottage, so that in either cong just before sundown. It had the capacity he had his tools at hand. The raking masts of the Crookit Meg,' but doctor, strolling down to the beach in his they must have changed the rig. It bore slippers after his early breakfast, grected

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