Clarissa, ed. by E.S. Dallas, Volume 2;Volume 265


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Pagina 16 - The wise and active conquer difficulties, By daring to attempt them. Sloth and folly Shiver and shrink at sight of toil and hazard, And make th
Pagina 329 - A horrid hole of a house, in an alley they call a court ; stairs wretchedly narrow, even to the first-floor rooms : And into a den they led me, with broken walls, which had been papered, as I saw by a multitude of tacks, and some torn bits held on by the rusty heads. The floor indeed was clean, but the ceiling was smoked with...
Pagina 157 - ... longer from her, any more than (from the violent impulses of my passion) to forbear manifesting myself. I unbuttoned therefore my cape, I pulled off my flapt slouched hat ; I threw open my great coat, and, like the devil in Milton (an odd comparison though !) I started up in my own form divine, Touch' a by the beam of her celestial eye, More potent than Ithuriel's spear...
Pagina 166 - O the poor Clarissa Harlowe! She tore off her head-clothes; inquired where I was: and in she came, her shining tresses flowing about her neck; her ruffles torn, and hanging in tatters about her snowy hands; with her arms spread out; her eyes wildly turned, as if starting from their orbits. Down sunk she at my feet, as soon as she approached me; her charming bosom heaving to her uplifted face; and clasping her arms about my knees, Dear Lovelace...
Pagina 167 - ... besought her reliance on my faith and honour — and revowed all my old vows, and poured forth new ones. At last, with a heart-breaking sob, I see, I see, Mr. Lovelace, in broken sentences she spoke — I see, I see — that at last — at last — I am ruined ! — Ruined, if your pity — let me implore your pity! — and down on her bosom, like a half-broken stalked lily top heavy with the over-charging dews of the morning, sunk her head, with a sigh that went to my heart.

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