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In the year 1743 there were 62 added to “ these congregations, amongst whom were 34 “ converts from Popery; they had then also « 123 communicants, and nine catechumens, " that they maintained 10 children this last year “ entirely at the charge of the Mission. That “ they are still in great want of a Church large “ enough to hold 500,”

From the Journal of Mr. Fabricius it appears, " that he had converted and baptized several “ Heathen by his conferences with them, and " that besides preaching himself to the Heathens “ within the limits of the company's district, he « had four times this year sent a catechist and “ schoolmaster with good success into the “ country to seek for some dispersed Christians, " and to confer with the Heathen. The Rev. “ Mr. Kiernander states that he had several ca“ chumens under preparation for baptism, that “ the schoolmaster Thomas, and the catechişt “ Ambrose, go on well with business, that the “ catechist, as well as himself go out into the '« villages twice a week to visit the new Chris“ tians, and to make known to the Heathens the “ way to salvation, that the Malabarian con

"gregation had been encreased this year 37,

viz. 34 natives and three Roman Catholios; " that the congregation consisted of 59 persons " whereof 21 were communicants; that the “ number of children now entirely maintained in “ the Malabarian and Portuguese schools were ~ 24.

“ Professor Franck having engaged to look " out for two proper persons for new Mission" aries upon his own kind promise to pay the “ expence of their voyage has accordingly pro“ cured two new Missionaries, viz. the Rev.

Messrs. Breithaupt, and Klein, who are now “ gone at the Professor's own charge to supply " the places of Mr. Fabricius and Mr. Zeglier “ at Tranquebar; the Professor likewise out of .“ his affectionate regard to the Society as well as

« zeal to this branch of their Designs has remit*“ ted thither a further sum of 3001. towards the "" support of the two English Missions at Ma

“ dras and Cuddalore. · The Missionaries at Tranquebar state, “ that 's they had gone as far as the 24th chapter of * Proverbs in an impression of the Portuguese “ Bible, and had sent as a present to the Society three copies of the Gospel according to St. :~ Matthew, and three of a new Grammar in the .". Tamulic characters; and find it will be neces“ 'sary to print the Bible in that language, they baving great application made to tliem for it,

“ and that their town church was the last year “ encreased by an addition of 116 adult persons,

viz. “ To the Portuguese congregation - - 6

“ Malabarian congregation - - 105 “ Ditto of Roman Catholics - - 5


* Over and above 97 children, 15 whereof be“ longed to Portuguese parents, and 82 to Ma“ labarian, all members of their congregation; « that to the country church were added 335 • souls, viz. . « Of Adult Heathen - - - - - - 236

“ Roman Catholic converts - - 6 “ Children baptized - --- - 93


That the total number admitted from the s beginning of their Mission amounts to 6,800 " persons, of which were then living 4,480. “ That Pastor Aaron, and Diego, together with “ a catechist, employ five or six weeks at a time - in instructing those that came for baptism, " before they are baptized, in the principles of “ the Christian Religion ; that the two little « schools at Transchaur and Tirapalaturey are “ in a good good state and of particular service “ to the Mission, as places wherein to preach ” and perform other divine offices in the coun“ try; that two native ministers, had travelled for " two, three, four, nay sometimes for six weeks together at different times to instruct the dis“ persed Christians, and to administer the holy “ Sacrament among them; that Pastor Aaron " in his travels towards the South, instructed “ and baptised seven Pagans near the Maraver “ tract under many troubles and abuses both from the Roman Catholics, and the Heathens; “ that Pastor Diego in his travels to the same “ place afterwards met with a Heathen master “ who gave him an extraordinary character of a Christian servant whom he had taken for his “ herdsman, and wished he had more Chris• tian servants; that they conceived great hopes 6 from the travels of these two ministers amongst - the villages.

“ That the Ronan Catholics still continue “ their inveterate hatred of them ; that an ap

plication having been made to them by 100 “ persons in the country for two Arabic Testa~ ments they had complied with their requests, " and at the same time made a present of several “ other books, and that they had tle satisfaction " to hear from one of the Christian converts that " they had done a great deal of good, as we hope to hear the same of some Arabic Testaments, " which Mr. Gueisler has found means to dise perse by way of Mocha; that in the Portu

"guese School were 22 boygland 17 girls, bes

sides five boys and nine girls, who come out of " the country, that the Malabarian Sehool-con"sists of 110 boyssand. 84 girls - wlio are all " maintained by benefactions from Europe ; that " their church in the town being too small for " their congregation, they had after many dif:

ficulties laid the foundation for a úew one just " without the town. They request the Society

to supply them with printing paper and other necessaries for the carrying on the printing of

books in the Portuguese and other languages. [ By the account for the year. 17745 it is stated in the Journal,

" that the Christians are so 'encreased in the neighbouring villages as to “ have with the consent of the Heathen pa

gistrates a Christian warden or head man ap

pointed over them accordįng to the custom of * the country, and that Mr. Gneisler on visiting

the Malabarian Christians at Palacatti found * « there a congregation of about 150 including "" some Portuguese, and that their reader had * been brought up in the Mission of Madras, “ The Rev. Mr. Kiernander , acquaints the

Society that, the Malabarian congregation " has been encreased this year.15, so that the si number of the congregation at present 71. * The Tranquebar Missionaries state that they

continued preaching and instructing in, the "fields and private cottages, and that in their

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