5. English ; - and which is the worst, is only

adapted to mercantile uses, so as to have no 5. words in it expressive of science or of religious is

things; that in order to remove this great imfas

pediment, a very troublesome preparatory task is absolutely necessary, viz. to teach them first

the language in which they can receive in“struction, that as God has been pleased to “ bless his endeavours in learning the language, “ he has for about two months past began to “ enter into a conversation with the natives, and " has been visited by several of them, Heathens “ and Mahometans, some being inhabitants of “ Cuddalore, and others out of the country : “ that their discourses have been hitherto only “ about general points, and it would require time “ to bring any of them to a sincere desire and " love of truth, because these people are not

only timorous and slavish, but likewise exceedingly deceitful, so that great circumspection is necessary to discover their true designs,

so many and so great indeed are the impedi“ ments to be surmounted by the natives of that

country, before they can resolve sincerely to “ embrace Christianity, that had he no other “ strength to depend on but his own, he should

despair of success : but as he knows that God's

grace is sufficient for those that rely upon it, “ he resigns himself, and trusts the success of « his labors in the mission to the blessing of his

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« Providence, and the conduct of the Holy “ Spirit.”

The Danish Missionaries at Tranquebar,besides several short letters, refer to their larger one, acknowledging, with great thankfulness, the Society's liberality in furnishing them with books, and write word " that it has pleased God to take " to himself their dear colleague, Mr. Christian « Frederic Pressier, after twelve years labour in " a faithful discharge of his functions, whose “ death, however, had been happily repaired by “ the arrival of three new Missionaries, Messieurs “ Obuch, Kolhoff, and Wedebroeck. They fur“ ther inform the Society that the Church there “ was augmented last year

with 609 persons, viz. At Tranquebar

135 In the country adjacent



" an encrease that they had never had before " in any one year: that the Portuguese con

gregations consist at present of 285 persons,

including 36 adult persons, and children bap" tized last year. That to the Malabaric con" gregation at Tranquebar, there are added TÄ, • 29 children, and 65 adult Heathen, who to"gether with the former members, make up € 1003 souls. That in the country their encrease " has been by 474 persons, viz.

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... 84 baptized children “ 358 Pagans, and

32 Papists coming over to our Church. So that the whole congregation amounts to 1892, and there have been christened from the beginning of the Mission 4610 souls.

“ That their fellow-labourers of the Malaba

rians, are at present three senior, and three “S junior catechists, with two deaconnesses, who

have their respective employments at Tran

quebar. That the schools are a more especial 9 part of their care, and besides those children that frequent them from abroad, they have

1" 64 boys, and
C42 girls in the Malabarian school, and

19 boys, and
“ 15 girls in the Portuguese schools,

making in all 140, who are lodged, dieted, “ and clothed by the goodness of their bene

factors, taught by eight masters and two mistresses, and because their lodgings are too straight, they have begun to erect another spacious building, which they hope to finish

That in the printing press the « historical books of the Old Testament, in the

Portuguese language, are entirely finished, “ three copies whereof they have sent over for the “ Society's acceptance; that the founder of print

ing letters, an European, died on the 6th of

“ next year.


September, 1738, after having served the “ Mission many years in that quality; they add

that the political affairs of the kingdom of Tanjore have had some influence on those of religion, which they hope, by insensible steps,

may providentially make way for the destroying " the Heathen idolatry, and establishing Christi • anity; that they continue to cultivate their “ correspondence with the Dutch settlements, s who confer many favors on the Mission. That " Baron Van Linholf, governor of Ceylon, has " set up a printing press at Columbo, where " the New Testament is translated into the Sin

galean language, and is now in the press ; “ that the author of this praiseworthy under

taking has published two small books in that

language, copies of which they have presented to the Society, one containing the Lord's “ Prayer, the Creed, and the ten Command"ments, the other the abridgement of the Pro“ testant Confession and Creed, designed for “ such as are about to learn Christianity, and

go to the Communion. That they have sent to the Governor a large quantity of the books " of Moses, and other historical books of the « Old Testament, printed there in the Portuguese

language, and also to Batavia 150 copies of “the same books for the use of the Portuguese

congregation there, which is numerous: that “ they Jabor much, and pray for nothing more

" than that every tongue may confess that Jesus “ Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father, “ and that all the undertakings of the Society to “ that end may be attended with success.

“ To all these letters, particular answers have “ been sent in the name of the Society, by the “ Colchester, Capt. Micklefield, and the Cæsar, “ Capt. Cumings, in the former of which em“ barked in the year 1739, Mr. John Zachariah • Kiernander to succeed Mr. Sartorius in the “ Mission at Cuddalore, being recommended by “ the learned Mr. Professor Frank, at Halle, in

Saxony, where he had been for some time pre

ceptor, and afterwards inspector of the Orphan « House.

“ Mr. John Philip Fabricius, and

“ Mr. Dan. Zegler, “ Missionaries from the college at Denmark, for


“ The Society have also sent the salaries to “ their Missionaries at Madras and Cuddalore,

together with the books, the printing and

writing paper, and all other things that were " desired by them or their brethren at Tran

quebar, over and above their usual presents :

these goods, including the article of foreign « silver for the service of the whole Protestant “ Mission in the East Indies, were packed up " in 13 chests or parcels, and shipped on boad

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