90 Miles South

Lulu.com, 1 aug. 2005 - 380 pagina's
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90 MILES SOUTH is a story of adventure, culture shock, and ill-advised romance. A young American risks prison and fines by illegally smuggling himself into Cuba. He grows obsessed with the crumbling streets of Havana--the history, the politics, and most of all, the people. But at the same time, he feels a searing pain every time he opens his eyes to the ubiquitous poverty and prostitution. And, of course, there is a girl Our somewhat befuddled hero grows infatuated with a beautiful girl of dubious profession, but he does not seem to be psychologically capable of taking that step from his suburban universe to a relationship with a Magdalene of the third world. But he comes back this time as a reporter covering the pope's historic visit to Cuba in 1998. As he follows both the pope and the lovely Susanna around Havana, he attempts to solve the puzzle of politics, religion, and love on that mysterious island--and he finds himself entrenched in an exhausting wrestling match of values.

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