Embracing the Wilderness Experience

Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2005 - 168 pagina's
Embracing the Wilderness Experience is what each and every one of us has to do at some point during the pursuit of Christian maturity. There are no exemptions and you cannot opt out because, it is the only way to get to the next level! It's like being in school: you don't get passed to the next grade until you have successfully passed the tests. These tests may come in all forms of wildernesses': financial, emotional, physical, relational and even spiritual. The author shares her journey through her wildernesses using scripture for direction and healing water to hydrate her often thirsty soul. So, if you are currently experiencing a storm, chaos, or it seems that your trials are never ending, then you have entered the wilderness and will find that you can relate to what the author is saying. Don't give up, keep moving forward in the Lord and you will have good success.

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