Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Critical Introduction

Routledge, 2004 - 347 pagina's

Sport and exercise psychology is a rapidly expanding field both academically and professionally. Aidan Moran, former psychologist to the Irish Olympic squad, provides the first textbook to combine an explanation of the theoretical foundations of sport and exercise psychology with critical reviews of contemporary research, and practical suggestions for relevant independent research projects.

Arranged in four complementary parts, the book moves from a general discussion of the nature and role of sport psychology to explorations of individual, group and health factors affecting performance. Key themes explored in this text include:

  • motivation and goal-setting in sport
  • using imagination in sport
  • coping with injury.

Designed to encourage students to apply their psychological knowledge and critical thinking abilities, each chapter features a summary and boxed highlights containing questions to help students gain maximum understanding of the material.

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Over de auteur (2004)

Aidan Moran is Professor of Psychology at University College, Dublin, Ireland. Published extensively in books and journals, he has gained an international reputation for his research on concentration, mental imaging and expertise in athletics.

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