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The birds against the April wind

WHITTIER The breaking waves dashed high .

MRS HEMANS The bush that has most briars and bitter fruit

JONES VERY The clouds are flying, the woods are sigling

(Trans.) The convent-bells are ringing

BYRON The curfew tolls the knell of parting day

GRAY The danghter of a king, how should I know?.

H.H. The despot's heel is on thy shore

J. R. RANDALL The destiny, minister general

CHAUCER. The earth goes on, the earth glittering in gold ANONYMOUS. The færy beam upon you

BEN JONSON The feathered songster Chanticleer

T. CHATTERTON The slighty purpose never is o'ertook

SIAKSPEARE. The garlands wither on your brow

JAMES SIHIRLEY The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices

SIIAKSPEARE The gods be your terror .


INGHAM The harp that once through Tara's halls

MOORE The house of Chivalry decayed

BEN JONSON The king called his best archers

ANONYMOL'S The king is full of grace and fair regard

SHAKSPEARE The king is kind; and well we know

SHAKSPEARE The king sits in Dunfermline town

ANONYMOUS The king was on his throne

BYRON The Lord descended from above

STERXHOLD. The melancholy days have come

BRYANT The merry world did on a day

HERBERT The minstrels paved their Christmas tune

WORDS WORTH The moon is up, and yet it is not night

BYROX The Moorislı king rid is np and down

BYROX The muse doth tell me where to borrow

GEORGE WITHER The minise, mae poet ever fand her

BURSS The night is come like to the day .

SIR T. BROWNE The night is made for cooling sliade.

J. T. TROWBRIDGE The night is passed and shines the sun

BYROS. The old man said, " Take thou this shield, my son S. G. W The old mayor climbed the befry tower

JEAS INGELOW The owl is abroad, the bat, and the toad

BEN JONSON The pines were dark on Ramoth lill

There are points from which we can command our life P. BAILEY
There came to Cameliad

The recluse heruit ofttimes more doti know. DONNE
There in the fue a beauteous creature stands PROF. Wilsos (Trans.)
There is a history mi all men's lives

There is a mystery in the soul of state

SHAKSPEARE There is an island on a river lying

DERBY There is a pleasure in the pathless woods

BYRON There is a stream, I am not its name

A. H. CLOUGH. There is a tiile in the affairs of men

SHAKSPEARE There is a Yew-tree, pride of Lorton Vale

WORDSWORTH There like a noh and golden pyramid

BEN JONSON There is no God," the wickeri saith

CLOUGH There's a tlag hangs over my threshold

MRS. HOWE. There where leathi's brief pang was quickest.

BYRON There was a boy; ye know him well, ye cliffs

WORDSWORTH There was a king that much might

GOWER There was a langhing devil in his sneer

BYRON There was a sound of revelry by night

BYROX There was a time when meailow, grove,

and streain. WORDSWORTH Ther is right at the West side of Italy

CHAUCER The sea rolls vaguely, and the stars are dumbo ALLINGHAM The shadow on the dial's face

J. MONTGOMERY The sky is changed; and such a change

BYRON The show arise; and foul and fierce

THOMSON The spacious tirmament on high

ADDISON The Spirits I have raisel abandon me

BYRON The splendor falls on castle walls.

TENNYSON The stiu's above will make thee known

COWLEY The lent-lights glimmer on the land

WHITTIER The marthly voices ceased

SCOTT The wanton troopers riding by

MARVELL The weather leech of the topsail shivers .

W. MITCHELL The Wildgrave winds his bugle-horn

SCOTT The wind it blew, and the ship it flew


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The wintry west extends his blast

BURXS The woods decay

TENNYSON They inade her å grave too cold and damp

T. MOORE They told me I wis heir: I turned in haste

H. H. They that never had the use

EDMUND Wallei. Think we King Harry strong .

SHAKSPEARE This ae night, this ae night

SOUTHWELL This army leci by a delicate and tender prince' SHAKSPEARE This bright wood-fire

E. S. H. This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air

SHAKSPEARE This knight a doughter hadde by his wif.

CHALCER. This morning, timely rapt with loly tire

BEX JONSON Thou art not gone, being gone

DONNE Thou Wossoni bright with autumn dew

BRYANT Though the day of my (lestiny's over

BYROX Thou hast learned the woes of all the world

C.S. T. Thou hast sworn by thy God, my Jeannie

A. CUNNINGHAM Thou hidden love of God! whose heiglit

WESLEY (Trans.). Thou that art our queen again

LEIGII IUXT Thou that hast a daughter

W. ALLISGILAM Thou thirt hast given so much to me.

HERBERT. Thou wast not born for death, immortal bird !

KEATS, Thou whose sweet youth and early hopes enhance. HERBERT Three days though sapphire seas we sailed

Three poets in three distant ages bom

Three score o' nobles rude up the king's lia' Suri's Scottish NINSTREL
Three years she grew in sun and shower.

Thy braes were bonny, yarrow stream.

T. LOGAN Thy voice is heard through rolling drums

TESSYSOX Tiger! Tiger! burning bright

W. BLAKE Time latli, my lord, a wallet at his back.

SHAKSPEARE Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep..

YOUNG. 'Tis madness to resist or blame

MARVELL 'Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no more . BEATTIE 'Tis not every day that I

HERRICK "Tis not in battles that from youth we train

WORDS WORTH "Tis truth, although this trutli's a star

PATMORE. To be furions

SHAKSPEARE To beguile the time

SHAKSPEARE To be no more sad cure

MILTON To be or not to be, that is the question

SIAKSPEARE To fair Fidele's grassy tomb

COLLINS To heroism and holiness

PATMORE. Toiling in the naked tields

JOHX CLARE To keep the lamp alive

COWPER To me inen are for:what they are .

Toll for the brave.

To the belfry one by one, went the ringers from the sun MRS. Browxtsg
To the Lord's of Convention

True bard and simple, -ils the race

MOORE Triumphal arelı, that lill'st the sky

CAMPBELL "Twas All-Souls ere, iulid Suurey's heart beat higli . Scott 'Twas at the royal feast for Persia won

DRYTES Two went to pray - oh! rather say

RICHARD CRASIA W Two voices are there; one is of tlie sea

WORDSWORTH Underneath this sable hearse

BEX JOSSOS Underneath this stone ilotlı lye.

BES JONSON Under the greenwood tree

SHAKSPEARE Upon a rock yet increate

ANONYMOUS Uvedale, the piece of the first times

BEX JOSSON Vane. young in years, but in sage counsel old

MILTON Vex not thou the poet's mind

TENNYSON Wail for Dædalus, all that is fairest.

Walking thus towards it pleasant grove

Warriors and cliefs! slone the shaft or sword BYRON
Wee, modest, crimson, tippeil tlower

Wee, sleekit, cow'ring, timorous beastie .

BURNS Well, honor is the subject of my story.

SILAKSPEARE We must not stint

SILAKSPEARE Westward the course of empire takes its way BERKELEY What is good for a bootless bene

WORDSWORTH What needs my Shakspeare for his honored bones MILTOX.

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When biting Boreas, fell and doure


24 Whence is it that the air so sudden clears


9 When Chapman billies leave the street

BCRSS When coliness wraps this suutering clay


112 When daisies pied and violets blue

SUAKSPEARE Whene'er a noble deel is wrought


0 When tirst thou didst entire to thee my heart

HERBERT When Flora with her fragrant flowers.


312 When Gor at tirnt made man


111 When I a verse shall make

HERRICK When I consider how my light is spent


271 When I do count the clock that tells the time

SHAKSPEARE When I love as some have told .


NB When Love with contine wings


415 When Music, heavenly maiil, was young


139 When spring to woods and wastes around

BRYANT When the British warrior queen


212 When the moon is on the wave


512 When ihe radiant morn of creation broke


4+ When we in our viciousness grow land


510 When whispering strains with creeping wind. WILLIAM STRODE

1:7 When wise Minerva still was young

LOWELL When with the virgin morning thou dost rise. HERRICK.

185 Where dost thou careless lie.

BEN JONSON Where have ye been, ye ill woman? .

Hogg Where is Timarchus gone?

FROM SINONIDES Where like a pillow on a bed


70 Where the bee sucks, there suck I


40 Where the remote Bermudas ride

MARVELL Which I wish to remark.

BRET HARTE While from the purpoling east departs


9 While malice, Pope, cienies thy page


272 Wither iniilst falling lew.

BRYANT Who counts limself as nobly born

E. S. H..

518 Who can divine what impulses from God

WORDSWORTH Who is the happy warrior

WORDS WORTH Who is the honest man


135 Whose are the gilled ients that crowd the way. MOORE. Whoso him bethoft


16 Why fearest thou the ontwäre fue


134 Willie stands in his stable loor.

BICIAN'S BALLADS Wilt thou be yone? it is not yet near day


5 Winstanley's deed, you kindly folk



GOETHE: TRANS, BY FROTHWithin my ears resounds that ancient song

ISGILAM Within the mind strong fancies work

WORDS WORTII With jovs unknown, with sadness unconfessed


39 With naked foot and sickcloth vext.

SCOTT With wacritice before the rising morn

WORDSWORTII Woof of the fen, ethereal gauze

THOREAU Would wisdom for herself be wooed

PATMORE Ye banks and braes of bonnie Doon

BURNS Ye distant spires, se antique towers

GRAY Ye mariners of England

CAMPBELL Ye scattereil birds that faintly sing

BURNS Yes, I answerell you last night

MRS. Browsing

67 Ye sigh not when the sum his course


167 Yet it few days, and thee


168 Yet do I fear thy nature.


512 Yet once more, () ye laurels, and once more


467 Youlay it wreath on murdered Lincoln's bier

TO TAYLOR Youneaner beauties of the night

WoTTox. Young Jamie lo ed me weel, and he sought me for his brice

Yomg Neuka plunged into the deep


207 You that can look through learen, and tell the stars BEACMOST AND FLETCHER . 15 Zekle crep' up quite unbeknown







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