The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh: Kt. Political, Commercial, and Philosophical; Together with His Letters and Poems. The Whole Never Before Collected Together, and Some Never Yet Printed. To which is Prefix'd, a New Account of His Life by Tho. Birch, Volume 1

R. Dodsley, 1751 - 400 pagina's

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Pagina 272 - Countries) are far under the fame : and if the late queen would have believed her men of war, as she did her scribes, we had in her time beaten that great empire in pieces, and made their kings kings of figs and oranges, as in old times.
Pagina 40 - Having had the " manuscript of this Treatise, written by Sir Walter Raleigh, " many years in my hands, and finding it lately by chance " among other books and papers, upon reading thereof I " thought it a kind of injury to withhold longer the work of " so eminent an author from the public...
Pagina 193 - Flanders, pretended the grievances of the people. But in the end, the king having pardoned them, and confirmed the great charter, he had the ninth penny of all goods from the lords and commons ; of the clergy in the south he had the tenth penny, and in the north the fifth penny. In the two and thirtieth year he had a subsidy freely granted ; in the three and thirtieth year he confirmed the great charter of his own royal disposition ; and the states, to...
Pagina xcii - I speak now, what have I to do with kings ? I have nothing to do with them, neither do I fear them...
Pagina 204 - The lords in former times were far stronger, more warlike, better followed, living in their countries, than now they are. Your lordship may remember in your reading, that there were many earls could bring into the field a thousand barbed horses, many a baron five or six hundred barbed horses, whereas now very few of them can furnish twenty fit to serve the king.
Pagina lxviii - Sir, the knee-timber of your Voyage is Money ; spare your purse in this particular, for upon my life you have a sufficient Pardon for all that is passed already, the King having under his Broad- Seal made you Admiral of your Fleet, and given you power of the Martial Law over your Officers and Soldiers.
Pagina 226 - My lord, learn of me, that there is none of you all that can pierce the king. It is an essential property of a man truly wise, not to open all the boxes of his bosom, even to those that are nearest and dearest unto him ; for when a man is discovered to the very bottom, he is after the less esteemed. I dare undertake, that when your lordship hath served the king twice twelve years more...
Pagina lxxxv - Then being asked which way he would lay himself on the block, he answered, " So the heart be right, it is no matter which way the head lies.
Pagina lxxxv - As he stooped to lay himself along, and reclined his head, his face being towards the east, the headsman spread his own cloak under him. After a little pause, he gave the sign that he was ready for the stroke by lifting up his hand, and his head was struck off at two blows, his body never shrinking or moving.
Pagina xciv - There was a report that I meant not to go to Guiana at all; and that I knew not of any mine, nor intended any such matter, but only to get my liberty, which I had not the wit to keep. But it was...

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