P. 144, 1. penult. for modes, read mode.

2c9, 1. 8, for ftill the unforced, read the fill unforced, &c. 221, par. 2, 1. 13, 14; for than the freenr; read iban the time

prefent. 238, Art, 36, 1. 1. for remonftranee sead remontrance. 352, par 4, 1. 2. for contrivance of deconomy or the animal creation;

read contrivance or economy of the animai creation. 377. par. 2, 1. 11, for bäi too sildom,: read but seldom. 393, Art. 24, l. 3, for recites in a plaintiz'e yet handyan kind of drollery, read in a plaintive Ryle, yet in a fhandyan kind of

drollery. 479, In the account of Gordon's arithmetic, l. ult. for with us

they usually set to learn, read with us they are usually set to learn,


Ducis, M, 1 oration in honour ifh religion, 102. Curious ac-
of Voltaire, :20.

count of his preaching, 103.
DUKE, his poetry briefly charac- FARMING, See AGRICULTURE.
terised, 189.

FAULKNER, George, his ac-
Dumont's inquiry into the admi- count of Sacheverel, 358.

nistration of lands among the Female conduct, rules and obser-
Romans, 219.

vations relative to, 45.
EARTH, new theory of the for. Fenton, Elijah, his fanciful idea
mation of,

550 of the periods of intelleciual
EDWARD (William) extraordi- growth and decay, 9.

nary bridge built by him, 11. FEUTRY, M, his Opuscula, 56.
ELECTRICITY, . experiments to FLINT-GLASS, inquiry into the

few the advantage of pointed . compolition of, and the means
conductors, 401.

The con-

of giving it an higher degree of
trary opinion maintained, 402. perfection, 496.
Decision in favour of the Frank- FOUCHER, Abbé, his Supplement
linian construction, 406. Va- to his treatise on the Religion of
rious experiments on the Ley.. the ancient Persians, 529.
den phial, &c. 407.

FRIENDSHIP, the temple of, de-
ELECTRICAL Conductors, the su-

fcribed, 109.
periority of thole that are ele- GALLOWAY.. Mr. account of
vated and pointed, proved by him, and his evidence respecte
experim. made

in France, ing American affairs, 71.

GARRAULT's account of the filver
ELEPHANTS, bones. •of; and of miae at Chitty in Nivernois, le-

olher huge Sowherr animals, published, 221.

found in Siberia..586 551. GENEALOGIES of Matthew and
Eloge de Milord Marechal. Seq,, Luke's Gospels harmonized, 263.

GENERAL of an army, qualifica-
EPOCHAS of Nature, Buffon's ac• tions of a complete one, 202,
count of, 531.

GENEVA, catalogue of the library
Erste Grundlehren des ietzigen
Europäischen Voelker rechts, Genius distinguished from bright

parts, 202,
Essai sur l'Histoire de la Maison GEORGICAL Society, plan for a
d'Autriche, 52

new one, 137,
Jur la Jurisprudence Univer- Gobet's ancient mineralogists of
Salle. See Iacob.

France, 221.
sur l'Histoire des tribunaux, Gospels, Harmonies of, their uti?
&c. See Des ESSARIS.

liy, 19
ESTABLISHMENTS, religious, de- Gout, successfully treated by blif-

tering, 206.
Evangelists, cri:ical account of Greeks, arcient, their poetry

the latitude with which they use philofophically investigated, 510,
certain forms of expression, 264.

Farther accounts of, 523.
EVENINO, sonnet or, 71,

GRIFFITH, John, his ridiculous
EURIPIDES, bis dramatic compo

fanatic:im, 372.
fitinos characterized, 511.

GUTHRIE, Dr. his account of the
EXPERIMENTING in agriculture, means by which the Russians are

secommended, 128. Forms for preserved from the scurvy, 279,
recording the farmer's experi- 410,
ments, 246.

HAIRDRESSERS, their hurtful
Ezour Vedam translated, 500. practices with regard to the
EZBA, his reformation of the Jew- Lady's heads, 63.

O 02


there, 543:

&c. 57

fended, 324•

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Town, 449.

Halifax, his poeiry depreciated, JEFFERYS, Judge, anecdote rela. 189.

tive to, 10. HALLER, Mr, his account of an ILIAD and Odyssey ftrangely fym extraordinary pregnancy, 472.

bolized, 483. The Heroes and HA YGARTH, Dr. his judicious Deities of, said to be allegori

hint relative to the exhibition of cal beings, ib.
trong wort, as an antiseptic, INDIANS, Creek, noble speech of,

at a congress held at Charles-
Health, pious ejaculation to,

Oriental, curious ac. Heat, fanimal) curious experi- count of their sacred books, and

ments and observacions on, 378. different sects of Brahmins, &C... HELL-TORMENTS, doctrine of the

500. eternity of discussed, 120. Ex- INGENHOUSZ, Dr. his method of ploded, 122.

procuring inflammable air from HENLEY, Mr. his ele&rical expea vitriolic æther, 170. His inriments,' 41c

vention for lighting a candle by HERETIC, St. Paul's meaning ele&ricity, 407. His experiwith respect to, 123.

ments to sew how far the pheHERODOTUS, a reformer of an- nomena of the EleEtrophorus may.

cient hiftory, 523. Compared be accounted for by Dr. Frank with Homer, 524.

lin's theory of positive and neHervey, Mr. unites the flowers, gative electricity, 408.

of poetry with the thistles of INSURANCE, mercantile, plan retheology, 95.

commended for instituting, a. Higgins, Bryant, on the use of... Court of merchants, &c. for de

an amalgam of zinc, in electri-. terning facult cafes in, 423. cal excitation, 407.

JOHN, the footman, his confer. HIPPONE, city of. See L once seizb:Mr:Clement, on rex BLOND,

ligioni; 99.:... Histoire naturelle, &c. du Ton- St, his first Epifle ad Sparquin, &c. 54.

tos, meaning of, 546. critique des opinions des KÆMPFER's history of Japan, anciens, 55

new edition of, from the Au. naturelle du Tufilage, thor's original MS. 145.

Kente, Mr. account of his va, HISTORY of the German empire,

rious writings, 117: 59.

Keith, George, Lord Marshal of HOLLAR, his view of St. James's, Scotland, his eulogy, 300.

&c. from the village of Charing, LABYRINTH, the famous one at 13

Lemnos, no traces of now reHOMER, whimsical hypothesis re- maining, 48 49

lative to, 483 A fabulous La Serke, his hiltorv of the en.
being, ib. His writings fymbo- try of Mary de Medicis into
lized, ib.

England, 12.
HUME, David, his literary fame LASSONE, M. De, his new obser

ungenerously attacked by Lord vations on the analysis of cryk
Monboddo, 195. Extracts from tals of verdegris and salt of lead,
his Dialogues on natural Reli- &c. 495. On some new phe-
gion, 343.

Cenfure of that nomena produced by different work, 3;4.

saline mixtures, 496. Асоз universal jarisprua LEAR, King, and his three Daugh,

iers, an old play, on whick


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Esc. 306.

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shade, 19.

Shakespeare founded his tragedy MACQUER, M. his inquiries con.
on the same fubje&t, extract cerning the composition of flint-
from, 296.

glass, 496.
Le Beau, M, his memoirs rela- MAGNET. See Monnier.

ting to the Roman legion, 528. MAHOMET, curious Latin poem in
LE BLOND, Abbé, his account of

honour of, 547
two Imperial medals of the city MANSFIELD, Lord, his opinions
of Hippone, 528.

with respect to the power of the
LE BRUN, remarks on his man. crown over conquered countries
ner of painting, with respect to

difcuffed, 177-179.
the disposition of light and MANUSCRIPTS, general account

of those in the library of Gene.
LEIPsic, academical dissertation

va, 543•
concerning the literature of, 6o. Martano, Dr. his observations
Leith, Sir Alexander, his trial

on the scurvy, 4122
for felony, 393.

MASERES, Baron, his arguments
LEMNOS, ifle of. See VOLCANO,

in opposition to Lord Mansfield's

opinion relative to the power of
LEO X, Pope, more worthy of a the crown in Canada, 172-180.

crown chan a mitre, 522. MEASURES and Weights. Sec
Le Roy, M. his memoir on the SCOTLAND.

form of elect. conductors, 491. Medals of Hippone, 528.
LETTER, curious one fiom a Scotch Memoires Historiques et Geom
warrior, 16.

graph. sur la Valachia, &c. 304.
LETTRES d'un voyageur Anglois, Memoirs, astronomical, by feve.

ral members of the French aca-
Leslie, Sir John, his extraordi-

demy, 497–498.
Dary epiftle to Sir Thomas Rid- MERIAN, M. his dissertation on
dle, 16.

the influence of the sciences on
LIBERTY, religious, spirited re- poetry, 509.
marks on, 101.

MEYER, M. his letters concern-
Light, its effects on water, evin- ing Ruffia, 58.

ced by experiments, 168, MICHAELIS, Dr. bis account of
Liver, obs. on the situation of, the angypa polyposa, 222.

jo its natural state, 491. The Milton, particulars of his life,
growth of, noc proportionable 81. His education, 82, Com-
to the other parts of the body, nences teacher of the classics,
492. Changes its fituation in &c. 83. His political charac-
different atitudes, ib.

ter, 86. His poetry, 87. His
LOBSCHRIFT auf Winkelman, 223. religion, 89. Critical remarks
LONDON (Old) views of, in cu.

on his poems, 90
rious ancient drawings, 13. Mind, Lord Monboddo's ftrange
Lowth, Bishop, poetical compli- hypothefis relating to, 192.
ment 10, 334•

Mines, accounts of those in France,
LULLIN, Amadeus, some account 221.

of that eminent divine, 545. MONBODDO, Lord, his fingular
LYCOPHRON the poet characteri- hypothesis of mind, 192. His

uohandsome attack of the lite.
MACBRIDE, Dr. remarks by, on rary

fame of David Hume, 195.
the efficacy of wort, as a re- His account of the Jumping
medy for the scurvy, 276. Ague, 1976

His extravagant
Magt, their visc to the Holy Fa- admiration of Aristotle and an
mily, critical account of, 263. cient metaphyfics, 198.


zed, 513

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Monner's System of Mineralogy, OTHMAN Lillus Anconitanus, hi

remarkable epic poem in prail
MONNIER, M. his memoir on the of Mahomet, and his great ex
variations of the magnet, 489.

ploits, 547
On horizontal refractions at lun- Orway, his poetry cenfured, 189,
setting, 497. On Saturn's Ring, paros, ille of, described, 481,
498. On the variations in the Antiquities there, ib.
obliquity of the ecliptic, ib. PASCAL, Blaise, his great charac
Moreau's moral political dir. ter for wit and learning, 505

courses on the government of Account of a complete edício
France, 214.

of his writings, 507
Moser's principles of the law of PERLIN, S:ephen, his ftrange
nations, 57

account of the English, 12.
Mosquito ihoie, country and in- Pernety, Dom. his memoir

habitants of, described, 473: concerning the influence of na-
Mountains, new theory of the tural caules in the mind of

criginal formation of, 550. man, 508.
MUSGRAVE, Dr. his argument in PERSECUTION, religious, account

favour of Mr. Willon's electrical of a late instance of, in Ireland,
experiments, and blunt conduc-

tors, 402.

PERSIANS, ancient, remarks on
NAIRNE; Mr. his electrical ex-

their religion, 529:
periments, 401.

PHILIPPA, Queen, her oratorical
NATURE, wonderful changes of, address to King Edward, in fa-

in the earliest ages of the world, vour of the burghers of Ca-

la:s. 438.
Natural causes, their influence PHILOSOPHERS, of ancient Greece,
on the mind of man, 508.

their great contempt

for poetry,
NAVIGATION, several important 512,

observations relative to, by Mesl. Philosophy, natural, experi.
De Borda, Pingre, and De Ver- ments relating to, 162.
dun, 498.

PhiloSOPHICAL investigations,
NAVIGATIONS, inland. See CA- how to be conducted, 559.

Philoxenus, Bishop, kis Syriac
Necker, M. De, his natural hir- version of the gospels, 36.

tory of the Tussilago and Peca• Pigeons, numerous catalogue of
vites, 306.

the forts, 66.
Nerler abbey, descript, of, 14. PILEUR d' Apligny, M, le, his
NICANDER, the poet characterised, treatise on colours and colour-

ing, 5
Nouvelles Obf fur l'Angleterre. PLATO's Io, an excellent French

translation of, 528.
recherches fur la science des Plants, experiments on, relative
Medailles, &c. See Sivry. to the properties of the air, 165,
Nouveau Systeme de Mineralo Poetry, sacred, why generally
gie. See MonNET.

unsuccessful, 8.
ORGANS, use of, in churches,

Of the ancient Greeks,
when first introduced in this the repository of their wisdom
country, 399, 480.

and philosophy, 509. Their
ORIENTAL legislation less desporic only means of recording hiftory,

than is generally supposed, 553. 523. Its abuse of history, ib.
ORIGINALS, literary, rare pro- Ports,, an account
ductions, 117. The Seasons of

of, 2.
Thomsor, an original, 118.



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