Excellence in Worship: Should Church Musicians Be Paid?

Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 276 pagina's
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Church musicians' compensation obfuscates many religious people. One commentator of a nationally syndicated religious radio program stated that from all the religious questions, none is as controversial as Should church musicians should be paid? Darrell Alexander resolves the answer through fundamental Bible texts.

If you are a church musician, minister of music, soloist, instrumentalist, choir member, church member, trustee, finance committee member, music workshop organizer, teacher, music workshop presenter, praise team member, interested in becoming a church musician, choir president, organist, pianist, choir director, chorister, church board member, deaconess, pastor, asst. pastor, deacon, professors, a bishop, a priest, a member of the leadership system for your congregation, denomination, and/or any religious organization, students of Theology, Music, Worship and Praise, Sacred Music, or just have a curiosity about whether church musicians should be compensated, then this book is a MUST READ for you!

Darrell Alexander, the author, discusses the foundations of the creation of the world, Lucifer and the war in Heaven, the Levites, tithes and offerings, and ways to bridge the gap between ministers, musicians, choir members, administrations, and leadership systems of churches, and religious denominations. How do we differentiate between who is compensated in the church or not compensated? The author prays that Excellence in Worship: Should Church Musicians Be Paid?, helps to transform any assumptions of ideations, paradigms, and traditions, within churches and denominations and their leaders and members concerning the subject, so that we all may continue to strive for excellence in worship to God. Every church and its members and officials should have a copy in their library Excellence in Worship: Should Church Musicians Be Paid? is "straight talk" concerning, music, excellence in worship, tithes, offerings, and the church.

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Over de auteur (2005)

Darrell Alexander is an accomplished pianist, organist and minister of music, endowed by God with unique Spirit-filled, versatile, multi-genre's, natural and skillful musical talents.

Mr. Alexander has worked with such great talents as: Richard Penninman (Little Richard), and Clifton Davis. Darrell has held position as organist and pianist for "The Nashville Gospel Show" and musician for "The Bobby Jones Gospel Hour", Darrell has worked with additional Christian artists as: Shirley Caesar, Bebe & Cece Winans, The Clark Sisters, Bobby Jones, Vickie Winans, Billy & Sarah Gaines, and hosts of others Christian artists. His extensive CV in working with churches across the south and northeastern parts of the country includes, but not limited to : Berean S.D.A. and Ebenezer Baptist both of Atlanta, GA. Oakwood College S.D.A. of Huntsville, AL., Pleasant Green Baptist, Christ Church, Hillcrest S.D.A., Riverside S.D.A., Cleveland Street Baptist, Foster Chapel M.B. all located in Nashville, TN., Miller Memorial Baptist, True Gospel Tabernacle, North Philadelphia S.D.A., Enon Tabernacle Baptist, Germantown S.D.A., and Ebenezer S.D.A., all located in Philadelphia, PA., Salem Baptist-Jenkintown, PA., and The Abyssinian Baptist Church of New York City, Dr. Rev. Calvin O. Butts, III, pastor, and Antioch Baptist Church of Brooklyn, NY., pastor, Rev. D. Darrell Griffin. Darrell worked as either musician, minister of music, director of music, organist, and pianist at the previous churches.

In 2002, Dr. Charles F. Reese, Academic Dean of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, founded by the renown, Rev. Dr. James Cleveland, invited Darrell to teach the class, "Recommended Salary for Church Musicians". It was from this class, and the help of the students, and Darrell's present and past experiences as a church musician practitioner on how this book originated. Although "mega churches" are on the rise, many churches are dying because of "traditional" paradigm's concerning church music and structure of worship.

Darrell affirms, "Satan is very angry about this book, but God is in control". It has been confirmed throughout my life since taking on this assignment by God. When I finished the book, one Friday evening, I took extremely ill with chills, and shaking uncontrollably. The next day, I called my doctor and was diagnosed with cellulitus in my left leg. Nevertheless, I was commissioned by God to complete my assignment and with His help it is completed. "Thank you Jesus~!" Darrell encourages everyone with an assignment given to them by God to complete it! God rewards obedience.The workbook and audio-book for Excellence in Worship: Should Church Musicians Be Paid? will be available at: werocm.com

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