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The Homilist, though taking a fresh start, will run on the old lines, and under the same catholic skies, freighted, as for the past quarter of a century, not with heavy timber, but with seeds and saplings, not with manufactured metal, but with virgin ore.

The Homilist will only have space on its pages for condensed and suggestive thinkings. For though we are enabled to reckon on the valued help of some of the ripest Scholars and Leaders of Religious Thought of our times, we shall prize all articles just as their pith and point may serve our readers. Ever our aim, cherished earnestly if humbly, will be the storage of spiritual and intellectual force,-such a storage of force as shall, under God, contribute to the light and life and progress of souls. Redland, Bristol.



All contributions, which if in accordance with the preceding note, will be thankfully welcomed, to be forwarded to the Editor, as above.

Books received for Review, which shall have an early Notice: THE EARLY DAYS OF CHRISTIANITY ; by Rev. Canon Farrar, D.D., F.R.S., in two volumes. Cassell, Petter, Galpin, and Co., London, Paris, and New York. COLLECTED ESSAYS ON THE PREVENTION OF PAUPERISM ; by Rev. W. L. Blackley, M.A., Rector of North Waltham, Hants. London: C. Kegan Paul and Co., 1, Paternoster Square. OUR NATIONAL PAUPERISM ; A SERMON preached in Westminster Abbey, by W. L. Blackley, M.A. London : National Providence League. EXPELLED; being the Story of a Young Gentleman, by Bernard Heldmann, London : James Nisbet and Co., 21, Berners Street. THE MOTHER'S TREASURY. London : The Book Society, 28, Paternoster Row. ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING. London: Houlston and Sons, Paternoster Square. LIFE EDUCATION AND WIDER CULTURE OF THE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY, by James Stewart Wilson, M.A. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London. HANDBOOKS FOR BIBLE CLASSES—Genesis ; by Rev. Marcus Dods, D.D. Edinburgh : T. and T. Clarke. HANDBOOKS FOR BIBLE CLASSES—The Reformation by Professor Lindsay, D.D. Edinburgh : T. and T. Clarke. WHOLENESS; OR, HOLINESS AND HEALTH through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; by E. Gardiner Fishbourne (Admiral), London : Eliot Stock, Houghton, and Co., Paternoster Row. CHRISTIANITY AND THE WORLD ; the Inaugural Address delivered before the Annual Assembly of the Congregational Union of South Australia, April 3rd, 1882; by Rev. Osric Copland, Chairman. W. K. Thomas and Co., Adelaide. THE RESTORATION OF THE JEWS, AND THE REBUILDING OF KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE; by Brother C. W. Meiter. Published by the Author at 87, Gracechurch Street, London. LAND NATIONALISATION, ITS NECESSITY AND ITS AIMS ; being a comparison of the system of Landlord and Tenant with that of Occupying Ownership in their influence on the well-being of the people; by Alfred Russell Wallace. London : Trübner and Co., Ludgate Hill. MEMORIALS OF A CONSECRATED LIFE, compiled from the Autobiography, Letters, and Diaries of Anne Sutton. London : T. Woolmer, 2, Castle Street, City Road. PHILAE, OR THE THRONE OF THE PRIEST ; a Drama of Ancient Egypt. London: Chapman and Hall, Limited, Henrietta Street. OUR DARLINGS; being the New and Enlarged Series of The Children's Treasury. Edited by T. J. Barnardo, F.R.C.S.E. London : John F. Shaw and Co., 48, Paternoster Row.

The FEBRUARY number, besides continuation of Series by Revs. Dr. DAVID THOMAS; PETER RUTHERFORD; J. G. Wood, M.A; W. CLARKSON, B.A.; and A. F. FORREST, will contain Articles by Revs, Dr. SAMUEL DAVIDSON ; W. CROSBIE, M.A., LL.B.; THOMAS HAMMOND; J. BRANWHITE FRENCH;J. SELLICKS; and others.



All correspondence on ordinary business or advertisements, and all Books for review, to be addressed to the Publisher.

Advertisements or Bills for insertion in l'he Homilist should be sent, not later than the middle of the Month, to Mr. C. WILKES, Advertising Agent, 60, Old Bailey, London, E.C., or to the Publisher, Mr. W. Mack, 4, Paternoster Square, London; or 38, Park Street, Bristol,

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