of Affyria, or of any of the ancient empires against their cruel and ambitious invaders, it would not at all affect the question. As in their cases it was for the accumulated guilt of fuccessive ages, and for the general-depravity of their character, and not for the blame of that particular quarrel in which they fell, that God made these invaders' his instruments for their chastisement and overthrow, and which destination Inspiration had foretold-so, for the accumulated guilty and general depravity, of modern nations, chaltisement is to be expected, and Inspiration has put it beyond a doubt that it will one day come, when the beast with ten horns will be flain, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame. (Dán. vii. 11.) From comparing the signs of the times with the declarations and indications of prophecy there is great reason to apprehend that the time is at hand. Whatever, then, our provocations might be, the danger is much the same, and there is no hope of escape or alleviation but by instant REPENTANCE and REFORMÀTION:Never, therefore, was that exhortation more in time, REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT

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March 11, 1794.


of the Events predicted in the fifth, fixth, fea

venth, eighth, and ninth Chapters of Revea lation.


FORE we enter upon our inquiries, permit me to put a plain question; not whether thou art interested in the continuance and triumph of corruption in this country, or in the fupport of defpotism and popery in France; questions proper enough in them. selves, for interest has a mighty influence in corrupting the heart and perverting the judgment; but, art thou a Christian ? Does the reader believe that the prophets in old time spoke and wrote under the inspiration of the Spirit of God, and that the things which they foretold will have their accomplishment ? If not, he may be assured that the following pages will not be to his taste.In a Christian country, when questions of the last importance are in agitation, and the fate of nations is at stake, there is a peculiar propriety in referring to those sacred records which we all believe to be from God, to see whether they contain any information which may aslift us in forming a right judgment, and thus prevent our pursuing a criminal and ruinous conduct. He cannot be a Christian who despises this appeal, and especially as it is allowed, almost by general consent, that we have here delineated the cir. cumstances and fate of nations, to the end of time.

The apostle Paul (Rom. xv. 4.) declares, respecting the writings of the prophets, that “Whatfoever things were written aforetime



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