some denial, some rejected prayer, some cross- | Even your unanswered prayers for the conversion providence, has He not, at the communion table, of friends yield a large harvest. or in a text of Scripture, or while you prayed | But, when speaking of unanswered prayer for and waited on Him, given a lifting up of his others, let us make no mistake. The prayer of face, or some earnest of glory, that filled you faith, and the prayer of a man of faith, are not with joy unspeakable ?

necessarily the same. The man of faith has 4. But more: He filled his hands with present unbounded confidence in the Lord's resources of duty, that there might be no time for morbid | love, grace, good-will, power ; but the thing he reflection and regret: Charge Joshua, and en- | is asking may not be a matter of faith-that is, courage him, and strengthen him : for he shall not a thing directly promised in the word. And go over before this people, and he shall cause so it may turn out that this thing which the man them to inherit the land which thou shalt see' of faith prayed for is denied to him ; there being (ver. 28). "Spend your time in instructing and reasons, hid from our view, why God should so do. training him.' You have felt this too? Duty | We must carefully distinguish between a man of was waiting on you—forced almost on you—all, faith expecting a blessing on the ground of a by his kind arrangement, to divert your mind, direct promise, and a man of faith expecting the and give you much to occupy and engross you, blessing on the ground of a deep-wrought pertill the end should arrive.

suasion in his own mind, or because of a strong 5. Yet more—to complete all. About 1500 | hope and desire, as in the case of Moses. If I years after this time, Moses was actually on pray for particular sins, that they may not have

that goodly mountain, Lebanon,' if not in the dominion over me,' or for victory over Satan land.* On that memorable Transfiguration- and the world, or for God's presence with me night, when Israel's Saviour was come, and in trouble, and in conflict with enemies, I have when he might see Him, not only as “Man of a warrant for saying it shall be done ; and so I sorrows' toiling up the hill, but as the king pray the prayer of faith. In James v. 15, the in his beauty,'-Moses was there. He saw the person who prayed had got some intimation goodly mountain to best advantage; saw it at (such as was common in apostolic days) that its best time, lighted up with glory, as it is yet God wished to heal the sick man. If, however, to be when again its King returns. On that I have no statement in the word to ground my memorable night, when Moses returned with request upon, and no intimation from God, my Elijah in the bright cloud, with what rapture prayer is not the prayer of faith. But, on the would he say, “ Elijah, Elijah, let us praise Him! | other hand, the Lord often goes beyond his My cup runneth over. He once denied my prayer, promise, when we are exercising faith in his and thereby blessed me with manifold blessings Godhead-power and grace. He does not bind on earth; and now, lo! He has added at last himself to go beyond the terms of his promise ; the very wish of my heart!' And so when you but when, on the ground of encouraging statewhose friend was snatched from you, or whosements as to his good-will, in all matters that friend's distress was not removed, in spite of all concern his people, as well as on the ground of your prayers—when you at length stand in glory his infinite love, we ask such a thing as the conwith Him, at his appearing and kingdom, you version of a particular person, the Lord may shall look back and see how He blest you fully give what we ask. Still, the answer, in this case,

-ever sending you back to the Justifying One, is not the result of a special promise, and so is and ever carrying on your sanctification. And not properly the answer to a prayer of faith. then, you shall add to all, “He has made my | It is, however, like the Lord's reply to the cup run over! My friend is here in resurrection - Syrophenician woman: "Be it unto thee even as beauty. No more separation now! my every wish thou wilt ;' and as when He said to the centurion: is full !' For assuredly the sample given on the 'As thou hast believed, so be it unto thee.' He Transfiguration-hill shall be fulfilled in the king- referred to the centurion's faith in his unlimited dom in ten thousand instances.

Godhead-power, not to his faith in any parNow, to sum up all

| ticular promise regarding that special case. The 1. Believers, see what blessing prayer brings ! | Holy Ghost often stirs up such prayers as the What a cluster of blessings ! and all this at- Syrophenician's and the centurion's in the heart tending even prayer unanswered, as it seemed! of God's people. There are also hundreds of Blessing now, and hereafter too, when the golden cases, in which it pleases Him to answer us, vials are held up, full of incense' (Rev. v. 8). while praying for our friends, though our re

quest is not grounded on any plain promise ; for * If the Transfiguration-hill were Tabor, he was in

He can say, if it please Him : ‘Be it unto thee the land; but it was possibly llermon, a spur of | as thou wilt, and according to thine appeal to Lebanon, and beyond Jordan.

my general love and power.' At the same time,

there are often cases of unanswered prayer, and the accumulated heap of calls, invitations, they all belong to this class : they are cases for warnings, 'Let it suffice; speak to me no more which no positive promise or statement of the of this matter;' and you never shall see that word could be pleaded, and in which the Lord | good land!' Take up the warrant now: '() saw wise reasons for saying, “Nay; speak to me Lord, Thou hast begun to show thy servant thy no more of this matter.' Yet all the while the greatness, and thy mighty hand : for what God praying one is a gainer by his prayer.

| is there in heaven or in earth that can do ac2. Unsaved men, if Moses' one sin made it a cording to thy works, and according to thy righteous thing in God to deny his request, and might?' Plead his power and willingness in that, too, though the sin itself was forgiven; who Jesus. Use this plea now; otherwise you may are you to hope for acceptance on a deathbed, yet see “ Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the by uttering, “Lord, have mercy on me!' and prophets,' go into the kingdom, but yourself cast getting friends to do so too? The Lord may out, left to weeping and gnashing of teeth in remind you of this scene, or may say, from amid | outer darkness !

It came with soft and gentle tread,

A light was on its brow;
A wreath of mercies round its head,

Which it has left me now.

Softly it passed from winter's snow

To spring's delightful hours;
And still its voice was kind and low,

Its hands were full of flowers.

When summer came, all glowing up

With sound of nature's hymn,
The year still fill'd my ample cup
With blessings to the brim.

Through autumn's ripeness and decays,

With even step it went,
And gave to the soon short’ning days

The lustre of content.

THE TEMPTATIONS OF RICHES. Now Jehoshaphat had riches and honour in abundance, and joined affinity with Ahab.'-2 Chron. xviii. 1. JEHOSHAPHAT had in his father Asa an example and a beacon ; much to encourage, and much to warn, might be gathered from his sire's history. Jehoshaphat began well, and God blessed him. He sought first the honour of God, and the good of his people, and all things were added to him. · He had riches and honour in abundance ;' but, alas! he did not (like Paul) “know how to abound.' No circumstances in which God places us, should lead to our abandonment of first principles. To use all for God, to be separated from evil, and to make no friendship with God's enemies, are first principles in all ages, and for all characters.

But Jehoshaphat, when he became rich, joined affinity with Ahab. How very unlike, the moral character and religious habits of these two kings! Although near neighbours geographically, they were moral antipodes. Morally and spiritually they had nothing in common. Yet Ahab could appreciate Jehoshaphat's honour and riches, and because of them welcomed his proffered friendship.

But what a crop of mischief grew from this small seed! The friendship of the parents brought about a marriage between their children, and the ultimate result was, that the royal house of Judah was all but exterminated. Beware of the friendship of the world,' is written in large characters on this history.

But is there not some connection between the two things mentioned in this verse-i.e. the riches possessed, and the union formed ? Had Jehoshaphat remained poor, probably he had never joined affinity with Ahab. Poverty has many trials ; but it prevents many evils. Perhaps the secret motive in the good king of Judah was desire of display. This was the sin by which Hezekiah afterwards fel]. Let us watch against it.

'Tis well, O gentle, placid year,

Thy history to recall,
While still upon my list'ning ear

Thy parting footsteps fall!

All praise to Him who, day by day,

Commission'd thee to bring
Tokens of love, which on my way

Sent me forth carolling.

The years of sorrow gone before

I never may forget;
And oftentimes I ponder o'er

Their deeper lessons yet.

But now my Father's hand has given

The months without a tear ;
I lift a grateful song to heaven
For this my quiet year.

E. A. W.

The Treasury Hymnal.

The hymns are selected from Dr. Bonar's Hymns of Faith and Hope.The Letter-note Method of musical notation, by permission of Messrs. Colville f Bentley, is introduced as a help to young singers.


Music from BEETHOVEN. Met. 96 =.

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** The letter is placed to the right when the note is sharpened, and to the left when it is flattened.

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Waste not thy being ; back to Him,

Who freely gave it, freely give, Else is that being but a dream,

'Tis but to be, and not to live. Be wise, and use thy wisdom well ;

Who wisdom speaks must live it too; He is the wisest who can tell

How first he lived, then spoke, the true, Be what thou seemest ; live thy creed ;

Hold up to earth the torch divine;
Be what thou prayest to be made ;
Let the great Master's steps be thino.

Fill up each hour with what will last ;

Buy up the moments as they go ; The life above, when this is past,

Is the ripe fruit of life below. Sow truth if thou the truth wouldst reap ;

Who sows the false shall reap the vain ; Erect and sound thy conscience keep;

From hollow words and deeds refrain, Sow love, and taste its fruitage pure ;

Sow peace, and reap its harvest bright; Sow sunbeams on the rock and moor, And find a harvest-home of light.

The Harleys of



| they rejoiced in the same hope, tried to walk in CHAPTER XVI.

the same way, and looked to the same end.

Christmas came and Christmas went, and the OM continued to persevere, not only happy holiday family which had gathered at 6,

in his studies, but in endeavouring to Chelsea Place, again returned to school and walk in the good and the right way; school duties. Mrs. Harley had proposed that and as the weeks slipped by, there Madge should be a day-pupil, like Constance, at

was a degree of solidity manifested Miss Hughes', thinking the Colonel would like in his conduct hitherto unknown. Not but he was to have ber in the same house with himself ; but the same bright, joyous youth ; for true religion | he had wisdom to refuse, saying he felt it would tends to cheerfulness, not to depression of spirits; be better for Madge to continue a weekly boarder and wberever gloom and melancholy are con- at school ; for though capable of governing a stantly evinced in a believer, we may be quite | regiment of soldiers, his past experience bad sure that there is something wrong with him, proved that he was incapable of managing an bodily or mentally. God's service is perfect only child. So Madge continued with Miss freedom; and where there is freedom there Hughes, perfectly happy at having dear papa so should be joy and peace. Doctor Cote was much near, that she could always be with him from pleased with Tom's evidently increasing steadi Saturdays to Mondays. Dora was also made ness, his impetuosity of character having caused | happy, by Signor Piozzi's lessons being disconhim much anxiety; for what are talents, if from tinued; Miss Mills having represented to Mr. the slightest cause they can be used for evil to and Mrs. Harley how useless, if not injurious, the possessor, rather than good ? and such will they were to her nervous and excitable pupil. they ever be, if the owner has no internal power At midsummer, another triumph awaited the to resist external influences. Tom's companions Harleys ; for Tom actually obtained a scholarconsidered him getting a little too straight- ship (there being two attached to Lotsirl Colbacked when he would not stoop to some of lege), which entitled him to finish his education their wild pranks; but, on the whole, voted him at Cambridge. Tom had never swerved from a first-rater and a brick.

his earliest desire of being a barrister; and now But perhaps the most marked change in Tom that he saw his way made straight before him, was seen in his behaviour to Constance, whom it his thankfulness was unbounded. It was therehad been the delight of his life to make fun of. | fore decided that Tom should enter at St. John's, For a long time he had felt that ridicule is not Cambridge, the following October, and Uncle the kindest or best way of showing persons their and Aunt Bennett came from Leighton to spend failings; but now that he had enrolled himself a few weeks at Lotsirl, to see and advise with amongst the servants of the meek and lowly him. Mr. Bennett bad been a solicitor; indeed Jesus, he knew that it was decidedly wrong, and he still was the elder partner in the firm of determined, with the Holy Spirit's aid, to take Bennett, Hipper, and Son, at Leighton, though up his cross daily and deny himself. And a he had little or nothing to do in the business cross indeed it was to Tom; for it is no light department. After the death of his children he matter for a hasty, impulsive person to set a had gradually withdrawn himself from a profeswatch over his tongue, and keep guard over his sion uncongenial to his tastes, and given himself lips, lest a slighting, if not unkind remark escape | more entirely to works of charity and love than him; and such he proved to be the case. But he he could have done had they lived and needed strove to overcome; and strong in the strength to be provided for. How Dora longed to tell of Him who is more than conqueror, he generally Uncle Bennett that Cousin Tom loved God, no prevailed.

one can have any idea, unless they know by er. At first, Constance could not understand why perience the soul's happiness in the love of Christ. Tom was so much more gentle and forbearing A few days before Tom went to Cambridge, Mis. when she was in one of her high and mighty Harley determined to have a long talk with Tom moods; and instead of addressing her as 'Your about the necessity of being decided for Christ, majesty,' or Major Magnificat,' either took no | if he would be truly happy for time and eternity. notice or called her Conny as usual; but after She had observed, with much thankfulness, how a while, she supposed that the reason he was so much more thoughtful and steady he had been changed was that he had grown older, and for the last six or eight months; but she dreaded thought it unmanly for a youth of just seventeen the influence of ungodly companions upon one to be so light and frivolous. However, she was as impetuous as he was, and could only lift very much pleased, and tried to show him she up her heart to Him who knoweth the secret was, by many little attentions which she would yearnings of his children, and pray that her not have condescended to, before the alteration | boy might be preserved from the snares of the in his manner to her. Dora saw all and noted world, the flesh, and the devil. Her heart nearly all, and though four years his junior, read his failed her when she reached Tom's room; but mind like an open book ; indeed there never had when he opened the door in answer to her gentle been any concealments between them, and they tap, she was encouraged by the bright smile were less likely than ever to occur now that which welcomed her.

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