A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World

Princeton University Press, 2015 - 256 pagina's

Sharks are some of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. We still have a lot to learn about these fascinating creatures, which are more seriously threatened with extinction and in greater need of conservation and management than any other major group of vertebrates.

A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World is the first field guide to identify, illustrate, and describe the world's 501 shark species. Its compact format makes it handy for many situations, including recognizing living species, fishery catches, or parts sold at markets. The book also contains useful sections on identifying shark teeth and the shark fins most commonly encountered in the fin trade. A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World is an essential resource for fisheries management, international trade regulation, and shark conservation.

  • The first pocket guide to all 501 shark species
  • Each species is illustrated and described
  • Handy, compact format with concise text
  • A six-page guide to the identification of shark teeth
  • An eight-page guide to the identification of shark fins

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A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World

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In this condensed version of the authors' Sharks of the World, every known shark species is described by key identification features and shown in a color illustration. The guide lists the regions in ... Volledige review lezen

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Over de auteur (2015)

David A. Ebert is the program director for the Pacific Shark Research Center and a research faculty member at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Sarah Fowler cofounded the UK Shark Trust and the European Elasmobranch Association. She has been a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group since 1992 and is currently vice-chair of international treaties. Marc Dando is a freelance artist specializing in marine ecology and wildlife.

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