original Creation, as well as we, would therefore stand in need of Redemption, and might have their particular Redemptions effected by created Beings : And if their Redemptions could be effečted by the most perfect created Bea ings, then, as they would infer, why not ours? This Notion, as I apprehend, seem to be the Reason of Mr. Whiston's falling away from that Faith be fo ftrenuously profesi’d to believe of the Blessed Trinity in bis Theory of the Earth. But that none bave Reason to make this a Rock of Offence in their Belief of the fundamental Article of our holy Religion, I Jhall endeavour to evince to those that have fallen in with the Opinion of the aforesaid. New System.

Let us then imagine never so many Suns and habitable Globes revolving about them, and that many of the rational

Inhabitants of them may have fallen from their first pure Estate; and not only so, but be likewise capable of Recovery from their Fall, and that God'in Mercy would take fome Method to restore such of them as would be obedient to a fecond Covenant, as he has done with respect to us; tis very reasonable to believe, that no created Being could do any more than perform its own Duty to its Creator, and therefore is incapable to make Satisfaction for the Offences of any other Beings : But this being allow'd, as in reason it ought to be, it may be ask’d, by schat ineans then could any of the rational Inhabitants of other Globes receive Redemption? I answer, that it is very plain from the Scriptures, that our Blessed Redeemer is co-equal, co-effential

babitants * John i. 3.

, and co-eternal with the Father; and particularly in that he was the Creator of all things, and without him was not any thing made that was made *: And is it not then highly reasonable to believe that be, who is infinite in Power, can infinitely display his Mercies to all the Works of his Creation, and that his perfect Obedience perform’d upon this Globe, and his suffering for Sin, that knew none himself, bas made an infinite. Satisfaction to Divine Justice for the Offences of all the rational, reclaimable Part of his Creations? But indeed, which way this Knowledge may be reveald to the Inhabitants of other Globes, we must leave to the Counsel of Divine Wif dom : 'Tis sufficient to us, that he," being jupremely infinite in all Perfections, could by one Oblation of himself for all the Works of bis Creation, ransom the Whole, and become the Mediator of a new Covenant to all, whowere not guilty of total Apostacy.

But here, it may be, another Query will arife, That, allowing that by suffering upon one Globe he could ransom all others not irreclaimably fallen, how came it to pass that he should chuse this Globe rather than


other to make bis Appearance in, and to undergo theje Sufferings upon? I answer, That if the


Redemption of the reclaimable Part of bis fallen Creatures required such Satisfaction to be perform’d by their Creator, the Place he would make his Appearance in for the Performance of it was alone in the Counsel of his infinite Wisdom ; as was also his Descent, which was promised to the Seed of Abraham; which could be but in one Family at last, no more than his Appearance in this way could be but upon one Globe : Yet as by his Inçarnation in one Family all the Families of the Earth might be blessed, so by his Appearance

, upon one Globe, by his perfect Obedience and infinite Satisfaction, he might become the Mediator of a New Covenant to all the fallen, rational, reclaimable Inhabitants of the whole Creation. Besides,

It may be question’d, whether any of his Creatures, upon any other Globe whatsoever, would have treated him in the Way and Manner he was treated here; and whether there could be found any created, rational Beings so hard to be convinced of the Truth of Reveald Religion : And when we consider the Stubbornness and Obstinacy of the Human Race, and the great Difficulty of persuading many to believe and comply with the Means of Salvation; when we consider also the Probability, that the rational, reclaimable Inhabitants upon other Globes may with less Difficulty receive reveald Religion, and the offer'd Mercies of a Mediator ; we shall see Reason


to suppose that this Part of his Creation was the most proper for this GREAT TRANSACTION. But these things being Secrets to us, and it being sufficient to our Salvation, that we believe what the Scriptures reveal, and live suitably to their Precepts; I hould not so far have pry'd into them, but only to make the following Inference, viz. That it being posible to give a rational Account how and by what Means Christ's Merits might be convey'd to the whole universal Creation, that have not fallen into total Apostacy; so the Opinion of a Plurality of Worlds, with various Inhabitants rational and irrational, and that many of the rational Inhabitants of them may

have fallen from their first pure Estate, is no just Ground for the Maintainers of it to run into Heresy, in not acknowledging the Divinity of our Blessed Saviour, but is on the contrary a strong Confirmation of it; because 'tis thro' his Divinity only that he could make so infinite a Satisfaction, and thro? his absolute Perfection of Obedience that be' became the Mediator and Saviour of all his reclaimable rational Creatures; allowing the Suppoßtion I have gone upon, that many of the Inhabitants upon other Globes may have fallen from their first pure Estate, and be capable of Recovery from their Fall. This therefore being sufficient to our present Purpose, I shall forbear making any further Suppostions of their Uses at present, and proceed to the Work intended; in which I have endea


vour'd to rectify Men's mistaken Notions in Religion, and to lead them to the Truth: And that

Endeavour to this End


have the proposed Effect upon the Readers, and that a suitable Practice may be consequent thereupon, is the Depre and hearty Prayer of

Him that wisheth

Your future Happiness,

B. P.


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