To Her Mosti

Sacred and Excellent MAJESTY


May it please Your Majesty,

AVING found that my former Volume of Philosophical Meditations has

met with a more general Acceptance amongst Your Sacred Majesty's Subjects by the Honour I received from the Patronage of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire; I


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humbly offer my Second Volume 10 Your Moft Excellent Majesty's Approbation; assuring myself, that Your Majesty's gracious Accep:ance of it will give it that Force and Influence which thro’ the Meanness of my Circumstances it must necessarily havę been deprived of; because in the general Esteem of the World, the Author's outward Condition commonly adds to, or diminishes from, the Value of his Works; which Inconvenience of an Author's Meanness can only be remov’d by the Patronage of such upon whom depends the Expectation of the Nation's Tranquillity, and who have a Goodness equal to their Greatness, and look upon Truth and Reason impartially from whomfoever they come: Which being most conspicuous in Your Majesty's Royal Person, by whom, under God, in Concert with His Most Excellent Majesty King George the Second, we of these Kingdoms enjoy the greatest Blessings of any Nation upon Earth,

(I speak

(I speak it feelingly) therefore cannot doubt but a Work design’d for the Encouragement of Religion and Virtue will meet with Your Gracious Majesty's kind Reception and Approbation; by which it will receive that reflecting Luftre from Your Majesty's illuminating Rays, that my Performances will shine, with a borrowed Light, thro’ Your Most Sacred Majesty's Dominions: So shall they much betier answer my End and Design, who desire to be as useful a Member of this Communi'y as my Attainments will admit me; who am,

Most Gracious Sovereign,

Your Majemy's

Most Obedient,

Most Dutiful, and

Loyal Subject,

Benjamin Parker

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r last Volume of Philosophical Meditations having met with a general Acceptance in the World, and I hope in fome measure an

fwer'd my Deßgn and Dehre in promoting Religion and Virtue; I am hereby encouraged to present the World with some further useful Curiosities both entertaining and profitable, being Meditations deriv'd from a se date Contemplation and Improvement of fuch useful Works, as I have formerly had the Hap? piness of reading and perußng.

I have carefully avoided forming any Philoso phical Hypotheses that will not bear a Scriptural Sense, or interpreting any obscure Places in the Scriptures to clash or interfere with those that are plain and easy to be understood; being well assur'd, that that Divine Spirit which directed their Compofures cannot be inconsistent with itself, whatever the Interpreters of them have been; who fome of them, thro' Partiality, or Views of private Interest, or Affectation to false Opinions, or out of Compliment to their own

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