A General History of Music from the Infancy of the Greek Drama to the Present Period

S. Low, Marston & Company, limited, 1886 - 535 pagina's

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Pagina 174 - Humphreys, lately returned from France, and is an absolute Monsieur, as full of form, and confidence, and vanity, and disparages everything, and everybody's skill but his own.
Pagina 169 - One of his Majesty's chaplains preached; after which, instead of the ancient, grave, and solemn wind music accompanying the organ, was introduced a concert of twenty-four violins between every pause, after the French fantastical light way, better suiting a tavern, or playhouse, than a church. This was the first time of change, and now we no more heard the cornet which gave life to the organ ; that instrument quite left off in which the English were so skilful.
Pagina 185 - Here lies HENRY PURCELL, Esq., who left this life, and is gone to that blessed place where only his harmony can be exceeded.
Pagina 173 - The anthem was good after sermon, being the fifty-first psalme, made for five voices by one of Captain Cooke's boys, a pretty boy. And they say there are four or five of them that can do as much.
Pagina 233 - NB There will be no acting on the stage, but the house will be fitted up in a decent manner, for the audience.
Pagina 355 - I begged that the Prince would first play me something, so that, as I said, I might boast about it in Germany ; and he played a Chorale, by heart, with the pedals, so charmingly, and clearly, and correctly, that it would have done credit to any professional ; and the Queen, having finished her work, came and sat by him, and listened and looked pleased.
Pagina 179 - The Address of the Children of the Chapel Royal to the King and their Master, Captain Cooke, on His Majestie's Birthday, AD 1670, composed by Master Purcell, one of the Children of the said Chapel.
Pagina 254 - I endeavored to reduce music to its proper function, that of seconding poetry by enforcing the expression of the sentiment, and the interest of the situations, without interrupting the action, or weakening it by superfluous ornament.
Pagina 168 - To White Hall chapel, where sermon almost done, and I heard Captain Cooke's new musique. This the first day of having vialls and other instruments to play a symphony between every verse of the anthems; but the musique more full than it was the last Sunday, and very fine it is.
Pagina 48 - For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone ; the flowers appear on the earth ; and the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

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