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ALTHOUGH we now close the First Volume of a New Series, we cannot forget that this is, in fact, the Forty-eighth Volume :—the first Number appeared in September, 1805. For forty-eight years its course has been honoured and useful; and its history is associated with the earliest and pleasantest recollections of those families where its visits were always so anxiously anticipated, and so eagerly welcomed. Multitudes of young persons have learned lessons of piety from its pages ; some of them, we rejoice to know, trace to its perusal, their early consecration to the Redeemer's service.

As we desire to place permanently before our readers our own object and spirit as Editor, it seems to us that

we cannot do better than make some extracts from the

Prospectus which recently appeared :

“In its especial sphere of labour, the 'Youths' MAGAZINE' has stood alone ; and may now be asserted, as a Magazine of unsectarian religious principles, to occupy a position which is taken by no other periodical. The Young People of respectable families, who are between the periods of childhood and quite grown up age,' would, but for this Magazine, be without a periodical directly purposed for their advantage. The pens of clever writers are constantly at work for its pages. An interesting and spirited tone is given to its Articles, and every exertion made by its Contributors, to write up to the demands of the age. It is a fundamental rule, to admit no feeble, pointless, nor uninviting papers.


But, while carefully seeking to secure the Attractiveness of this Magazine, not for a moment will it be permitted to depart from its high standard of Christian truth. It shall speak lovingly, with eloquence, with the lips of science, philosophy and poesy; but, it shall never speak any other Gospel than that of “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.” And, at the present time, when semi-popery and false philosophic theories conceal their dangerous and insidious tenets under forms designed especially to ensnare and delude the Young, it is solemnly imperative upon the friends of an 'Evangelical Miscellany,' to render all its teaching clear and discriminating.

And, therefore, to prove to youthful inquirers after truth that, without the Cross of Christ, Life is an enigma, History a

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