The School for Scandal: A Comedy in Five Acts

Mr. Daly, 1874 - 92 pagina's

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Pagina 27 - That's very true, indeed, Sir Peter ! and, after having married you, I should never pretend to taste again, I allow.
Pagina 31 - I know there are a set of malicious, prating, prudent gossips, both male and female, who murder characters to kill time, and will rob a young fellow of his good name before he has years to know the value of it.
Pagina 19 - Nay, now, Lady Sneerwell, you are severe upon the widow. Come, come, 'tis not that she paints so ill — but, when she has finished her face, she joins it on so badly to her neck, that she looks like a mended statue, in which the connoisseur may see at once that the head is modern, though the trunk's antique.
Pagina 44 - Here's to the maid with a bosom of snow; Now to her that's as brown as a berry; Here's to the wife with a face full of woe, And now to the damsel that's merry.
Pagina 35 - I'll accompany you as soon as you please, Moses — But hold ! I have forgot one thing — how the plague shall I be able to pass for a Jew ? Moses.
Pagina 32 - Wild ! Ah ! my old friend, I grieve for your disappointment there ; he's a lost young man, indeed. However, his brother will make you amends. Joseph is, indeed, what a youth should be. Everybody in the world speaks well of him.
Pagina 25 - I ought to have my own way in everything; and what's more, I will too. What ! though I was educated in the country, I know very well that women of fashion in London are accountable to nobody after they are married. Sir P. Very well, ma'am, very well; — so a husband is to have no influence, no authority ? Lady T. Authority ! No, to be sure : — if you wanted authority over me, you should have adopted me, and not married me : I am sure you were old enough.
Pagina 15 - Nay, egad it's true: I back him at a rebus or a charade against the best rhymer in the kingdom. Has your ladyship heard the epigram he wrote last week on Lady Frizzle's feather catching fire? — Do, Benjamin, repeat it, or the charade you made last night extempore at Mrs. Drowzie's conversazione. Come now; your first is the name of a fish, your second a great naval commander, and Sir Ben. Uncle, now — pr'ythee Crab. I'faith, ma'am, 'twould surprise you to hear how ready he is at all these sort...
Pagina 40 - Terrier, who everybody said would have been a better match? for his estate is just as good as yours, and he has broke his neck since we have been married.
Pagina 58 - Upon my word, you ought to pity me. Do you know Sir Peter is grown so ill-natured to me of late, and so jealous of Charles too — that's the best of the story, isn't it?

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