Daily Life in Chaucer's England

Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995 - 252 pagina's

The medieval world comes alive in this indispensable hands-on resource to life as it was actually lived--with authentic recipes, clothing patterns, songs, dances, and games. The first book on medieval England to arise out of the living history movement, it recreates the daily life of ordinary people, not just the aristocracy, by combining a hands-on approach with the best of current research. The how-to sections are all based on original sources and much of the material is made available here for the first time. The most basic facts of life are systematically covered in a readily accessible format organized for easy reference. Clearly illustrated with over 125 drawings, patterns, and diagrams, plus sheet music, it provides a treasure trove of information for classroom and library use and for those interested in recreating aspects of medieval life.

The work is organized into sections on Chaucer's World (social, religious, and economic aspects of life), The Course of Life (birth, childhood, and adolescence, education, marriage, and old age), The Cycles of Time (which concludes with a calendar of the medieval year describing the festivals and events of each month), The Living Environment (including houses, villages, towns, and travel), Clothing and Accessories (including instruction for making complete medieval male and female outfits and braiding authentic medieval lace), Arms and Armor (which describes medieval armor from the point of view of the wearer), Food and Drink (featuring a selection of recipes), and Entertainments (songs with sheet music and instructions for authentic games and dances of the period). A chronology of medieval England, a glossary, appendixes with information and ideas on organizing a medieval event, and suggestions for further reading complete the work. This is an indispensable resource for classroom and school and public libraries because it gives readers a true understanding of what it would actually be like to live in 14th-century England.


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Historical Background to Chaucers England
Chaucers World
The Course of Life
Cycles of Time
The Living Environment
Clothing and Accessories
Arms and Armor
Food and Drink
The Medieval Event

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Pagina iii - ... wars of the Roses, with the accession of Henry VII in 1485.

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Over de auteur (1995)

JEFFREY L. SINGMAN is an University of Michigan. He is a practitioner of Elizabethan living history as a founding member of the University Medieval and Renaissance Association (Tabard Inn Society) of Toronto and the Trayn'd Bandes of London, an international living history organization. He has published and lectured on games literature and game theory, medieval languages and literatures, and the Robin Hood legend.

WILL McLEAN is an author and illustrator who has been active in medieval living history for 20 years. He runs reenactments of medieval tournaments and has written several articles on the subject.

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