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THE entire Works attributed to sir Walter Ralegh being now printed for the first time in an uniform edition, it may be expected that some statement should be given of the plan adopted in collecting materials for the present volumes.

The edition of the History of the World, as published by Mr. William Oldys in 1736, having always been considered to be the most correct in text and typography, it was, at first, intended to follow that edition exclusively; but upon a comparison of some doubtful readings with the earlier copies, it appeared that not only Oldys had made several arbitrary and unnecessary alterations, but that the printer had executed his task with considerable carelessness and inaccuracy ; in some chapters having left out entire passages, and in others disfigured them by partial omissions or alterations, which either weakened or destroyed the sense a. Under these

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Ed. 1614. has been stated above. Their ib.


26. I. 22. only it may be number might be easily aug- said, that originally there is no mented.

other difference between heat Vol. I. p. 17. 1. 11. incorpo- and fire. Ed. Oldys.-only it ral it cannot be, because it may be said, that originally there sometime affecteth the sight of is no other difference between the eye with offence. Ed. Didys. matter and form than between -incorporal it cannot be, be- heat and fire. Ed. 1614. cause it is sensible : sensible it ib. p. 36. I. 54. amor Dei est

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