command of monsieur Duderneg, ter-masters Philley and R. Maand two battalions of the same de- goughy. scription, which had escaped from Ist regiment nat. cav. cornct Delhi. I therefore have the satis. Coxwell, faction of congratulating your ex- His majesty's 76th regiment of cellency upon the annihilation of foot, lieutenant and adjutant the whole of the regular force in Meuth, and lieutenant Hurd. Scindiah's service, commanded by 1st battalion 15th regiment nat. French officers.

inf. lieutenant Lambeth. (Signed)

G. L.

List of officers wounded in the acReturn of officers and men killed

tion of the 1st of Nov. 1803. and wounded in the action of Nov. 1, 1803.

General staff.--Lieutenant-colo. Total.—1 major-general, 1 colo- nel Gerard, adjutant-general; major nel, 2 majors, 1 captain, 4 lieute. G. A. F. Like, secretary to the nants, 2 quarter-masters, 2 cornets, commander in chief; captain J. 11 serjeants, 4 matrosses, 67 rank Campbell, grain agent, attached and file, I subadar, 7 havildars, 6

to head-quarters ; lieutenant Ashnaicks, 60 privates, and 3 lascars, hurst, commanding the escort with killed; I colonel, 2 lieutenant-co- his excellency the commander in lonels, 2 majors, 7 captains, 12 lieu- chief. tenants, 3 quarter-masters, I cor- His majesty's 8th regiment of net, 1 ensign, 27 serjeants, 6 ma- light dragoons, lieutenants Lyndon trosses

, 243 rank and file, drum- (since dead) and Wellard. mer, 4 subadars, 7 janadars, 26 havildars, 19 naicks, 279 privates, 5' White, Myine, and Sandys; lieu

His majesty's 27th ditto, captains lascars, and I beasty, wounded.

tenant Gore, major of brigade. Grand total.-172 killed, and 652 wounded.

His majesty's 29th ditto, captain

Sloane; lieutenants Holstead (since Return of horses killed, wounded dead) and Thorne ; quarter-master

and missing, in the action of Tallen. Nov. 1, 1803.

Ist regiment nat. cav. lieutenant Total.-277 killed, 15+ wounded, Cornish. and 122 missing *

4th ditto, lieutenant Reid. List of officers killed in the action 6th ditto, cornet Dickson. of the 1st Nov, 1803.

His majesty's 76th regiment of Major-general Charles Ware. foot, captain Robertson ; lieutenants

General staff.—Major William Marston, Wimber and Sinclair. Campbell, deputy quarter-master- 1st battalion 12th regiment nat. general; lieutenant Duval, aid-de. inf. ensign Dalton. camp to the commander in chief. 2d baitalion 12th ditto, major

His majesty's 8th regiment light Gregory ; captain Fletcher ; lieudragoons, colonel T. P. Vandeleur; lenant Ryan. captain Story.

Ist battalion 15th ditto, colonel His majesty's 29th ditto, major Macdonald. Griffith; cornet Fitzgerald; quar- 2d battalion 16th ditto, lieute. • The totals correspond with the original.



nant-colonel White; ensign G. cinity, on the 17th; taken the petDeane Heathcote.

tah on the 18th, opened a battery (Signed) J. GERARD,

against the fort on the 20th, and Adj.-general. obtained possession of it on the

morning of the 21st. General Ordance captured.-71 pieces of Wellesley's dispatch, of the 6th incannon of different calibre, 64 stant, contains a detail of these opetumbrils complete, laden with am. rations, and of circumstances conmunition, and 41 stand of colours. nected with them. Fifty-seven carts or hackries, laden with matchlocks, muskets and

(ENCLOSURE, NO. 1.) stores; also twelve artificers' carts. Letter from major-general Welles

The whole of the above-men- ley to his excellency the govertioned ordnance appears service- nor-general, dated camp at Ferable, with the exception of those dapoor, 24th of October, 1803, mentioned in the remarks.

of which the following is an exThe iron guns are of European tract: manufacture. The brass guns, mortars, and howitzers have been cast

I have the pleasure to inform in India, one Dutch six-pounder your excellency that colonel Steexcepted. The dimensions are in venson took possession of the city general those of the French. The of Berhampore, without opposition, mortars and howitzers are furnished on the 25th instant; he marched to with elevated screws, made, by a

Asseer Ghur on the 17th ; took simple and ingenious adjustment, possession of the pettah on the to give either of them the double 18th; opened a battery against the capacity of mortar and howitzer. fort on the 20th, and obtained posThe ammunition is made up in the session of it on the morning of the same manner as that taken at Delhi. 21st. I have not yet received a · Fifty-seven carts or hackries, laden detailed account of the manner in with matchlocks, muskets, and which colonel Stevenson obtained stores; also twelve artificers' carts. possession of this important for. (Signed)

tress, or whether he sustained any J. ROBINSON,

loss in the attack of the pettah on
Captain commanding the artillery. the 18th, or of the fort.

After I had arrived at Poolmur-

ry, about sixteen miles north from

Aurungabad, I found that the eneExtract of a letter from the gover• my did not advance to the southnor in council at Bombay, to ward, as I had been informed they the secret committee of the court first intended ; and on the night of of directors of the Esst-India the 15th I received a particular company, dated Nov. 4, 1803.

account of the disposition of their The official advices here en- troops, baggage, &c. which conclosed, convey the important intel. vinced me that they intended to enligence of colonel Stevenson's ha- deavour to interrupt colonel Steving taken possession of the city of venson's operations at Asseer Ghur. Berhampore, on the 15th of Octo- I therefore marched on the 16th ber; of his having marched to As- to the northward, and descended seer Ghur, a strong fort in that vic the ghaut of Adjuntee on the 19th;


Scindiah had moved to the north

My lord, ward, but he halted as soon as he found that I had returned, and he

I now proceed to give your exwas yesterday at Ahoonah on the cellency a detailed account of coloTap:ee. The raja of Berar has nel Stevenson's operations against separated from him, and, it is said, Asseer Ghur. gone towards Chandore. I suspect

On the 17th of October he adthat report has been circulated with vanced to Asseer Ghur, and ena view to draw me to the southe camped three miles south of the ward again ; but as colonel Steven. fort; the remains of the enemy's son has got possession of Asseer infantry had fled towards the Chur, and is fully equal to any in the state in which I reported

Kerbuddah, on the preceding day, thing that can be brought against him, it is my intention to re-ascend them to be in my letter of the 24th the ghaut immediately.

of October, and colonel StevenSixteen officers and serjeants be. son, therefore, determined to atlonging to the Campoos have join. tack Asseer

Ghur. ed colonel Stevenson, under your

On the 18th he reconnoitred the excellency's proclamation of the fort, attended by a squadron of 29th August. I will hereafter send cavalry, and the Julien pickets of a list of their names, and an ac

the infantry; and, having seen a count of the pay which each is to

favourable opportunity, attacked receive. The 'infantry returned the pettah, and carried it, and towards the Nerbudda, 'when colo- made a lodgment within one hunnel Stevenson approached Bur. dred-and-fifty yards of the lower hampoor, and by all accounts, it is wall of the fort. In the evening completely detroyed and disorgan

he reinforced the troops in the ised; it is impossible to form it in- pettah by a battalion. to corps again, and it is not pro

On the 19th all the preparations bable that itever will be of any ser

were made for carrying on the vice to Dowlut Rao Scindiah.

siege, and two batteries were ready I have directed colonel Steven. to open at two o'clock in the afterson to place a garrison in Asseer

noon of the 20th ; one to break the Ghur, and to deliver the districts upper wall, and another, of four depending upon that fortress to the brass twelve-pounders, to destroy charge of the servants of the sou

the defences of the lower wall. bah of the Deckan. Your excel

On the 18th colonel Stevenson lency will observe, that this is the had sent a flag of truce to the last of the possessions of Dowlut

killedar, to summon bim to surRao Scindiah in the Deckan; and render the fort ; to which message the operations of the troups will he did not receive a decided now be directed against ihose of the answer. rajah of Berar.

The communication was conti

nued; but colonel Stevenson did (ENCLOSURE, NO. 11.)

not relax his operation against the

fort, as there was reason to believe Letter from major-general Welles- that the negotiation was carried on

ley to his excellency the gover- only to give time to Dowlut Rao nor-general, dated camp, Nov.6, Scindiah to come to its relief. Be1803.

fore opening his batteries, colonel


Stevenson apprised the killedar of himself up at Poonah, in the end the terms on which he should sur- of the last month. I have called render the fort ; which were, that for accounts of the regulated pay the garrison should march out with and allowances which those persons their private property, and be received, in the service of Dowlut allowed to go where they might Rao Scindiah, which I shall herethink proper, and that their arrears after have the honour of transshould be paid to the amount of mitting to your excellency. twenty thousand rupees.

I have the honour to enclose a After the batteries had opened return of the killed and wounded, of about an hour, a white flag was the troops under the command of shown from the walls of the fort, colonel Stevenson, during the opewhich was the signal which had rations against Asseer Ghur. been agreed upon, in case the Hereafter I shall have the honour terms should be accepted: hosta. of transmitting a return of the ord. ges were sent down, and an en nance stores, grain, and other argagement made, that the fort ticles, captured in the fort. should be delivered up on the fol I have the honour to be, &c. lowing morning. It was accord

ARTHUR WELLESLEY. ingly evacuated; the garrison car. Camp, Nov. 6, 1803. ried off their property in security, and received the sum agreed to be Roll of Europeans late in the ser. paid to them.

vice of Dowlut Rao Scindiah, Colonel Stevenson mentions, in who have surrendered them. high terms, the conduct of the of. selves to colonel James Stevenficers and troops under his command; and I cannot omit to take Captain John James Dupon, a this opportunity of expressing to Dutchman; captain-lieutenant your excellency my sense of the John Mercier, a Frenchman; en. merits of colonel Stevenson, and of sign Alexander Marrs, an Eng. the body of troops under his com lishman; ensigns John Berdard, mand. Upon every occasion I Jookeen Caumbza, John Pahave received the most cordial and droos, Francis Carviole, Manuel zealous assistance, and the troops Joaza, and Joaza Cartoo, Portu. under his command are in the high guese ; serjeants Antony Dal. est state of discipline and order, maid, Joseph Roman, and and fit for any service on which Joseph Antony, ditto. Matross they can be employed.

John Ammaral, a ditto. A boy, On the 16th, nine officers, four name not ascertained, ranked as serjeants, and one matross, former. serjeant. Jy in the service of Dowlut Row (Signed) J. COLEBROOKE, Scindiah, delivered themselves up Dep. adj. gen. subsid. force, to colonel Stevenson, under your Camp at Berhampore, excellency's proclamation of the Oct. 16, 1803. 29th August. I have the horour to enclose a

Extract from G, O. by colonel list of their names, and a copy of

James Stevenson, commanding the order issued by colonel Steven

the subsidiary force. son, to provide for their subsistence. The European officers and serLieutenant Stuart also delivered jeants, who have this day been re


S. (45) ceived from the service of Dowlut mentioned fortress "fell into the Rao Scindiah, and all Europeans major-general's hands on the 11th who may in future come in froni following. The achievement of the service of that chief, or any this enterprise was attended with power confederated with him, are the loss of several brave officers and to be under the charge of the de- men, as will appear by the list of puty adjutant-general, who will the former inserted in the margin; draw pay for them agreeably to but the acquisition of it is of great rates which will be hereafter deter- importance, as it is considered to mined.

be one of the strongest positions (Signed) J. COLZBROOKE, in that country : on this ground,

Dept. adj. gen. subsid. forces. therefore, general Wellesley has Camp at Berhampore,

for the present taken possession of Oct. 16, 1803.

the forts and districts dependent

thereon, and placed them under the Extract of a letter from the

governor in council at Bombay, to the of the Madras establishment, with

management of captain Graham, secret committee of the court of orders to collect the revenues, and directors of the East-India com

to render the resources of that acpany, dated 31st Dec. 1803. vices from the honourable general advising of this result

, we beg leave We have not received any at. quisition as subservient as possible

to the objects of the campaign. In Wellesley, of a later date than the to offer to your honourable court 5th instant, nor are we in possession our congratulations on the distinof intelligence of the operations of guished and rapid success which the army under his con mand, of i attended the British arms, under date subsequent to his report to the direction of the honourable us of the victory obtained on the major-general Wellesley, in the plains of Argaum, on the 29th ult, reduction of Ahmednagur: trustas per duplicate now forwarded with our address to the honoursols enabled to report an equally fil

ing also that we shall shortly be court of the 12th of December“, vourable result with respect to the nor has any private intelligence fort of Brouch, the measures for these twenty days past, at which reducing of which are now in period the siege of the Hill Fort of progress."

Killed--Captain Grant, of the Gyaul Ghur was about to be en

78th regiment, captain Humber. tered on.

ston, of ditto, lieutenant Anderson, Extract of a letter from the gover- . Ist battalion of 3d regiment, M2

of ditto, lieutenant Planderléach, nur in council at Bombay, to the dras. Wounded-Lieutenant Neil. court of directors, dated 3d Sept: son, of 74th regiment, lieutenant 1803.

Larkins, of 78th ditto. Rajor-general Wellesley, having commenced his operations against Extract of a letter from the goverthe fortress of Ahmednagur, on nor in council at Borubap to the the 8th of August, we had the sa court of directors, dated 4th of tisfaction to learn that the above September, 1803.

N. B. Neither the address of this cate, nor ebe duplicate above mentioned, has been received at the East-India House:


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