infantry was most likely to be ef. from many of the guns from which fectual. Accordingly I marched the enemy had been first driven, round to their left Aank, covering by individuals who had been passed the march of the column of infantry by the line, under the supposition by the British cavalry in the rear, that they were dead. and by the Mahratta and Mysore Lieutenant-colonel Maxwell, with cavalry on the right flank.

the British cavalry, charged a large We passed the river Kistna, at a body of infantry which had retired, ford beyond the enemy's left fank, and was formed again, in which and I formed the infantry immedi- operation he was killed ; and some ately in two lines, with the British time elapsed before we could put cavalry as a reserve in a third, in an end to the straggling fire which an open space between that river was kept up hy some individualsfrom and a nullah running parallel to it. the guns from which the enemy were The Mahratta and Mysore cavalry driven. The enemy's cavalry also, occupied the ground beyond the which had been hovering round us Kistna on our left flank, and kept in throughout the action, was still near check a large body of the ene. us. At length, when the last formed my's cavalry, which had followed body of infantry gave way, the whole our march from the right of their went off, and left in our hands 90 own position.

pieces of cannon. This victory, The enemy had altered the posi- which was certainly complete, has, tion of their infantry previous to however, cost us dear. Your exour attack; it was no longer as at cellency will perceive by the infirst, along the Kistna, but extend- closed return, that our loss in ostied from that river across to the cers and men has been very great, village of Assye upon the nullah and in that of lieutenant-colonel which was upon our right. We Maxwell, and other officers, whose attacked them immediately, and names are therein included, greatly the troops advanced under a very to be regretted. hot fire from cannon, the execution I cannot write in too strong terms of which was terrible.

of the conduct of the troops ; they The picquets of the infantry and advanced in the best order, and the 74th regiment, which were on with the greatest_steadiness, under the right of the first and second a most destructive fire, against a lines, suffered particularly from the body of infantry far superior in fire of the guns on the left of the numbers, who appeared determined enemy's position, near Assye. The to contend with them to the last, eremy's cavalry also made an at- and who were driven from their tempt to charge the 74th regiment guns only by the bayonet, and, notat the moment when they were witlistanding the numbers of the most exposed to this fire, but they enemy's cavalry, and the repeated were cut up by the British cavalry, demonstrations they made of an inwhich moved on at that moment. tention to charge, they were kept At length the enemy's line gave at a distance by this infantry. , way in all directions, and the Bri. I am particularly indebted to tish cavalry cut in among their lieutenant-colonel Harness, and broken infantry; but some of their lieutenant-colonel Wallace, for the corps went off in good order, and manner in which they conducted a fire was kept up on our troops their brigades, and to all the offi



cers of the staff, for the assistance nants Shawe, Main, Macmurdo; I received from them. The oil. and Langlands, ensign Keer: cers commanding brigades, nearly all those of the staff, and the 78th regiment -captain M.Kenzie, mounted officers of the infantry, lieutenants Larkens, Kinloch,ena had their horses shot under them.

sign Bethune. I have also to draw your excel. Ist battalion 2d regiment nat. inf. lency's notice to the conduct of the - lieutenant Walker. cavalry, commanded by lieutenant. Ist battalion 8th regiment nat. inf.colonel Maxwell, particularly that lieutenants Fair, Davie, Fenwick, of the 19th dragoons. The enemy and Hunter. are gone off towards the adjuntee 1st battalion 12th regiment nat. inf. Ghaut, and I, propose to follow -lieutenant-colonel Macleod, mathem as soon as I can place my jor Macally, lieutenants Hervey, captured guns and the wounded Smith, Decruz, and Boadler. in security. I have, &c.

1st battalion 10th regiment nat. inf. (Signed) A. A. WELLESLEY,M.G. - lieutenant Patery. Camp at Assye, Sept. 24, 1803. N.B. Europeans killed and wound. (ENCLOSURE, NO. 11.)

ed, including artillery and offi.

cers, is upwards of 600. Of the List of killed and wounded in the ac

natives no account has yet been tion of the 23d of September, 1803.

received, but supposed about KILLED.

900. 19th light dragoons-lieutenant

Killed. Wounded. colonel Maxwell, captain Boyle.

124 74th regiment

270 4th regiment nat. cav.captain Mackay.

78th regiment


76 5th ditto-lieutenants Bonami and

Total 153 Macleod.

346 74th regiment-captains Macleod,

(A true Copy.) Ayton, Dyce, and Maxwell; lieu- (Signed) JAMES GRANT, tenants J. Campbell, Camp

Sec. to government. bell, — Campbell, Thomas Grant, Morris, and Nelson ;. volunteer Moore.

T. IVilliam Romsay, esq. secretary at 78th regiment-lieutenant Doug, the India House, London. las

Sir, Ist battalion 2d regiment of nat. I am directed by the honourable inf. lieutenant Brown.

the governor in council, to transArtillery-captains Fowler and mit to you the enclosed copy of a Steel ; lieutenants Lindsay and

letter of the 10th ult. as just reGriffiths,

ceived from the chief secretary at

the supreme government, with the 19th light dragoons--captainsCath. Gazettes Extraordinary, published

cart, Sale, and lieutenant Wilson. by his excellency's command, 4th regiment nat. cav.--lieutenant on the Sth and 9th of September, Paley, cornet Meredith.

as therein referred to. According 5th ditto, captain Colebrooke. to the Shroff's letters from Janag7th ditto, captain Magregor. hur, general Perron is said to have 74th regiment ---major Swinton,

since surrendered and come in, and captain-lieutenant Moore, lieute. the British forces to have obtained



possession of Agra and Delhi, early to change my original plan of atin the last month.

tack, and detour considerably to the I have the honour to be, &c. right to turn their lett fank, which (Signed) J. A. GRANT, I completely effected, dislodging

Sec. to government. a body of troops, which were postBombay Castle, Oct. 5, 1803. ed in a village in the enemy's

front. On moving forward with (ENCLOSURE, NO. 1.) the cavalry in two lines, supported To J. A. Grani, esq. secretary to by the line of infantry and guns, the the government ut Bombay.

enemy immediately retired, after Sir,

a very few shot from the cavalry : I am directed by his excellency guns, which did some execution. the most noble the


Sever) attempts were made to ral, and council, to desire that the charge some considerable bodies of enclosed gazettes extraordinary, cavalry, who made an appearance published by his excellency's com

of standing; but the rapidity of mand on the 8th and 9th inst., may

their retreat prevented the possibibe laid before the governor in lity of effecting it so completely as council of Bombay. I have the ho. I could have wished: but I have nour to be, sir, your most obedient

reason to believe, that in consehumble servant,

quence of the operations of this (Signed) J. LUMSDEN, day, many of his confederates have Chief sec. to government.

lefi him.

My loss in men and horses is A true copy

very inconsiderable, and no officer. (Signed) JAMES GRANT,

I have the pleasure to assure Sec. to government. your loretship, that the zeal, activiFort William, Sept. 10, 1803.

ty, and steadiness displayed by both

officers and men, afforded me en(ENCLOSURE, NO. 11.)

tire satisfaction, and deserve my Calcutta Gazette Extraordinary. warmest praise. Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1803. My stafi afforded me every as.

Fort William, Sept. 8, 1803. sistance, and I feel myself under A dispatch, of which the following great obligations to them.

is an extract, has been received From every information I can this day by his excellency the obtain, immediately on our advan. most noble the governor-gene. cing, Mr. Peron, with his body ral, from his excellency the come guard, retired tow:irds Ag gra,

and mander in chief.

has left colonel Pedron in charge

of the fort. To his excellency the most noble marquis Wellesley, governor-gen:ral, 8... southward of the fort, and the town

I am at present encamped to the My lord,

of Cnel is occupied by one of my I have the honour to inform your battalions. liave the honour to lordship that I attacked Mr. Peron's he, my lord, your lordship's most force this morning, which was faithful and humble servant, strongly posted with their right ex. (Signed)

G. LAKE. tending to the fort of Ally Ghur, Head-quarters, campbefore Ally and their entire front protected by Ghui, Aug. 20, 1803. a deep morass, wliich" obliged me 1801.



Chief secretary

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Published by command of his ex- the number of cavalry opposed to cellency the most noble the gover- us amounted to fifteen or twenty nor-general in council.

thousand. The country in our (Signed)

J. LUMSDEN, rear is in a state of perfect tranquil.
Chief sec. to government. lity, nor has it been molested by a
A true copy.

single horseman. I have sent into
(Signed) A. GRANT, the fort a summons, in English and

Sec. to government. French, which will, I trust, have the (ENCLOSURE, NO. 111.)

desired effect. I have the honour Calcutta Gazette Extraordinary,

to be, my lord, your lordship's
Friday, Sept. 9, 1803,

most faithful and humble servant,

Fort William, Sept. 9, 1803. Head-quarters, camp before Ally
A dispatch, of which the following Ghur, Aug. 30, 1803.

is an extract, has been received
this day by his excellency the cellency the most noble the gover-

Published by command of his ex-
most noble the governor-ge- nor-general in council.
neral, from his excellency the

(Signed) J. LUMSDEN, commander in chief.

My lord, It is with infinite satisfaction I (ENCLOSURE, NO. Iv.) inform your lordship, that the in Calcutta Gazette Extraordinary, habitants of this part of the coun Saturday, Sept. 10, 1803. try are coming in fast, and mani. To captain Lionel Hook, secretary to fest a wish of being protected by

the government military department. the British government, and that, in consequence of my having caused

Sir, it to be made known to the head

I have the honour, by order of men of the villages in the neigh, the commander in chief, to forbourhood, that it is not my inten- ward to you, for the information of tion to molest either the persons or

his excellency the most noble the properties of such of the inhabi- governor-general in council, a retants as shall claim my protection, turn of the killed, wounded, and I have the pleasure to say, that missing, in the action which took the people who had deserted the place yesterday, between the Bri town of Coel, on our

tish approach yes

army and that of general Pe

I have the honour to be, sir, terday, are returning fast to their houses, and the town is nearly re

your obedient servant,

(Signed) peopled ; indeed, they have every

D. OCHTERLONY, reason to be satisfied, as the instant

Dep. adj. gen. this position was gained, a barta- Head-quarters, camp at Coel,

Aug. 30, 1803. plunder, by which means very little Return of the killed, wounded, loss was sustained by the inhabi

and missing in the 2d and 3d tants.

brigades of cavalry. I learn from all quarters that Camp at Coel, 29th August, 1803. most of the enemy's cavalry, who Killed--Men, ); horses 3. Wounded opposed us yesterday, have return. Men, 4; horses, &. Missing-Horses, 10. ed to their homes, declaring their

Published by command of his excelleninability to oppose the English. cy the most noble the governor general in


(Signed) From every account I can receive, L. HUCK, sec. to depart.



by Murat, the general in chief, goTRIAL OF THE DUKE D'ENGHIEN.

vernor of Paris, and commander of

the first military division. Special military commission, con The said president, members restituted in the first military divi- porting, captain and register, neision, in virtue of a decree of the ther being relations nor persons goveryment,- dated the 29th of connected within the degrees of af. Ventose (20th of March) in the finity prohibited by the law, met year 12 of the republic, one and according to appointment. indivisible,

By orders of the general in chief, Judgment.

governor of Paris, the commission In the name of the French people, was opened at the casựle of Vin

this 30th Ventose (March 21), in cennes, in the house of the comthe twelfth year of the republic.

mander of the place, for the purpose The military and special com: Antoine Henry de Bourbon, duke

of proceeding in the trial of Lonis mission, formed in the first military D'Enghien, born at Chantilly the division, in virtue of a decree of the 2d of August, 1772; of light hair government, dated the 29th Ven- and eye-brows, black eyes, small tose (March 20), composed, agree mouth, aquiline nose, and a handably to the law of the 19th Fructi

some figure. dor (Sept. 6), in the year 5, of

The accusations against him inseven members, consisting of cluded six charges. Citizens Hulen, general of brigade,

He was accused, first, of having commander of the foot


carried arms against the French rediers of the consular guard, pre public ; secondly, of having offered sident :

his services to the English governGuiton, colonel commander of the ment, the enemy of the French

first regiment of euirassiers : people; thirdly, of receiving and Bazancourt, colonel commander of having, with accredited agents of

the fourth regiment of light in that government, procured means fantry:


obtaining intelligence in France; Ravier, colonel commander of the and conspiring against the internal

eighteenth regiment of infantry and external security of the state. of the line:

The fourth charge was, that he Barrois, colonel commander of the was at the head of a body of French

ninety-sixth regiment of infantry and other emigrants paid by Eng. of the line :

land, formed on the frontiers of Rabbe, colonel commander of the France, in the districts of Fribourg

second regiment of the municié and Baden. Fifthly, of having at: pal guard of Paris :

tempted to foment intrigues at D'Autancourt,captain-major of the Strasburg, with the view of cre.

selected gendarmerie, now in the ating a rising in the adjacent deexercise of the functions of re. partments, for the purpose of ope. porting captain :

rating a diversion favourable to Molin, captain in the eighteenth England. regiment of infantry of the line,

The last charge was, that he was register.

one of those concerned in the con

spiracy planned by the English for The whole of these were named the assassination of the first consul, 2



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