War in India-- Immediate Cause of Hostilities-- System of Policy for-

merly pursued by the Marquis Cornwallis adopted by the Governor-
General-The Embarrassments of the Peishwah favollrable to the Pro-
secution of this System-- Alliance between the British Government and
the Peishwah- Proceedings of Dowlut Ruo Scindiah in consequence
of the Conclusion of this Alliance-Scindiah's views of Encroach-
ment upon the Peishwah's Authority-Proceedings and t'iews of the
Rajah of Berar-Stalement of th Foundati of the Pretensions of
Scindiah and the Rajah of Berar to the Supreme Authority in the


Marhatta Empire--Concise Historical View of the Establishment of
this Empire Examination of the Independent Right of the Peishivah io
'conclude Treaties with Foreign Powers-- Actual State of the Peishwali's
Authority-Slatement of the Combined Forces of Scindiah and the
Rajah of Berar assembled on the Frontier of the Soubahdar of the
Dekan— Discussions with Scindiah and the Rajah of Berar on the
Subject of withdrawing their Armies to their respective Stations-
Authentic Intelligence of the hostile Designs of these Chieftains-
Statement of the Extent of Monsieur Perron's Territorial Power ;-
and of the Forces of the Enemy - Amount and Distribution of the
British Forces-Plan of the Campaign-Commencement of Hosti-
lities in the DekanThe Fortress of Ahmednuggur taken by Assault
---The Fortress of Jalnapoor attacked and carried-Decisive Battle
of Assye-Surrender of Boorhan poor and the Hill-Fort of Asseerghur

- Military Operations in the Province of Guzeral Fort of Baroach

stormed and carried-Suri ender of Champoneer and the Fort of

Powainghur- Invasion of the Prorince of Sultuch-Surrender of Ma-

nickpalam, the Pagoda of Jaggernaut, Balasore and Poorong-Reduc-

tion of the Fort oj Barabully- Military Operations on the North-west

Frontier of Onde-Butlle of Coel-Ally-Ghur taken by Assault

Monsieur Perron's Resignation---- Affair al Shekoabad -- Baltle of

Dehli, and Surrender of the City and forts of Dehli-Restoralion of

the Emperor Shah Aulum--Expulsion of the Eliemy from the Province

of Bundelound-Surrender of the Town and Fort of Agra--Decisive

Battle of Laswarce---Concise Recapitulalion of the Achievements of

thc British Arms front the Commencement to the End of the Campaign

-- Statement of the beneficial Consequences likely to result from the

successful Termination of the Wor, and Treaties concluded with the

principal Marhatta Chieftains--Reflections on these Events 223


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