Christian Jihad: Two Former Muslims Look at the Crusades and Killing in the Name of Christ

Kregel Publications, 2004 - 240 pagina's

Christian Jihad is the story of a horrific journey of slaughter and conversion by the sword. It paints the picture of warriors, fighting in the name of religion. It is a journey into the darkest hour of Christianity--the Crusades.

To most in the west, the Crusades are only a faded memory of events long past. But to the Islamic world, the Crusaders have never ended their attempt to take over the world. The authors, intent on providing more than a mere history lesson, examine the impact of the Crusades on today, question ideas like just war, and urge Christians to learn from the past.

  • Best-selling & Gold Medallion award-winning co-authors of Unveiling Islam
  • A balanced history of the Crusades that also answers contemporary questions regarding war and the interaction between Christianity and Islam
  • Written by strong evangelical scholars with solid ties to the Muslim world

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Restating the Obvious as Relevant

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This tract (it hardly meets the criteria for an in-depth discussion of the subject) is useful as a summary of the views expressed. I'm surprised the authors became "Christian," given their insights ... Volledige review lezen

Christian jihad: two former Muslims look at the Crusades and killing in the name of Christ

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This is a sobering look at the dark side of Christian history by the Caners (Unveiling Islam ), former Muslims and now evangelicals, on the faculty of Southeastern Baptist Seminary and Liberty ... Volledige review lezen


How the Slaughtered
When the Church Became
When Christ Commanded
When the Body of Christ
The Disintegration of Crusades into
When a StateRun Church
Let the Heathen Worship A Struggle
The Just War Criteria

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Over de auteur (2004)

Ergun Mehmet Caner (Th.M., Southeastern Seminary; Th.D., University of South Africa) is Dean of the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and Professor of Theology and Church History at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. During his seventeen years as a pastor and now as an educator, Dr. Caner has lectured on apologetics, world religions, and theology in eleven countries and has been interviewed on CNN, The 700 Club, and the BBC, among many others. He is the co-author of the best-selling book Unveiling Islam, along with many other books on Global Apologetics.

Emir Fethi Caner (Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington) is currently dean of The College at Southwestern (Southwestern Seminary) as well as professor of history and director of the Center for Free Church Studies. An award-winning and best-selling author, he speaks regularly on apologetics, world religions, and theology around the world and on such media outlets as NPR, PAX, and Billy Graham's Decision Today radio program. His past experience includes pastoring, overseas missions, and church planting.

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