and wretchedness, the raptures of faith, and the joys of salvation. Let us pray that these sister institutions may forme one potent current, which shall be resistless in its progress, and which an evangelized world shall ere long recognize as a branch of that river by which the city of God is made glad."

With the view of exciting the charity of the wealthy, the Preacher, in the close of his discourse, exclaims—“Come, ye rich, whom the Lord hath prospered in your temporal concerns, make friends in heaven and on earth of a mammon of unrighteousness. Cast in-cast in of your abundance to the treasury of the Lord, and thus rob corruption of its food, the moth of its repast, and the canker of its corroding employ. Catch the mantle, and glow with the spirit of the earth-resigning and heaven-mounting Boudinot, that you may swell the river which fills Jerusalem with joy."

NEW BIBLE SOCIETIES. African Bible Society at Newark, (N. J.) While Ethiopia is widely stretching out her hands to receive the Missionaries of the Cross, and the poor and nitherto despised Hottentots are not only flocking in multitudes to the standards of the Redeemer, but also contributing largely to the support of missions, it is truly gratifying to hear, that the Christian sons of Africa in this country are beginning to feel something of that noble and generous ardour which warms the hearts of their countrymen across the water, who have been made partakers of the like precious faith with themselves.

It is one of the extraordinary signs of the times, that God is making instrumental to the dissemination of his word, not only all denominations of Christians, but even in some instances Mahomedans and Heathen. It is also a subject of praise to an all wise Providence, that the various descriptions of the human family, old and young, rich and poor, persons of both sexes, white and coloured, are becoming engaged in the blessed employment of spreading the light of Divine Truth among the benighted children of men.

We have in a former Number mentioned the establishment of the African Bible Society at Philadelphia. We rejoice now to have it in our power to announce the formation of a similar institution at Newark, New-Jersey, on the 6th of Au

We cordially bid them God speed ; and would say to the people of colour in every part of this country,

go and do likewise.' Who knows but the disposition thus given to you to honour your Creator and Redeemer, may be the prelude of general blessings to be drawn clown upon

gust last.



yourselves and your fellow-men of the same colour in other places, many of whom now live in a condition highly unfa. vourable to the culture of religion and morals !

We are indebted to an obliging friend for a communication of the following Constitution of the last mentioned Society: It may serve for a model to others in this large city and elsewhere to act upon.

We only suggest the propriety, (agreeably to the example of Christians in the old world of every denomination, and with very few exceptions of those in this country) of adding to the second article, “that the Bibles to be distributed by the Society shall be without note or comment :" recollecting that it is the pure, unadulterated word of God, and not the word of man, that all Christians can cordially concur in recommending to the general use of men of every sect and description.

Should they likewise think it adviseable to become auxiliary to the American Bible Society, by giving their surplus funds to that national institution, whose object embraces the supply of thứ wants of every class of men, in all places where their aid is most needed, their charity will be most likely to be dispensed to the greatest advantage. And that Society will doubtless cordially hail them as Christian brethren and co-workers in the same exalted employment, whose end is to glorify the same Lord over all, without respect of persons, and to promote the well being of the whole human family.

CONSTITUTION. I. The name of this Society shall be “ The Bible Society of coloured People in Newark and its vicinity.

II. The object of this Society is to supply the poor and destitute with Bibles either at home or abroad.

III. Every member, on admission, shall pay the sum of two shillings, and the further sum of two shillings half yearly.

IV. The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and ten Directors, whose duty it shall be to purchase and distribute Bibles whenever they are needed, and generally to transact the business of the Society.

V. The annual meeting of the Society shall be on the last Thursday in August, at which time the Board of Directors shall report to the Society their proceedings during the past year.

VI. The officers shall be chosen at the annual meeting, and no alteration shall be made in this constitution, except at the annual meeting, and by a majority of three fourths of the members present.

Upwards of 70 members have already subscribed this constitution.

The officers for the ensuing year are, Rev. Richard Scott, President; Joseph Richardson, Secretary ; Isaac Ray, Treasurer.*

66 The Union Auxiliary Bible Society in the counties of Luzerne, Susquehannah, and Bradford,” (Penn.) recently formed.

“ The Concord Bible Society," instituted in May last in the western part of the state of North Carolina.

All coloured people of unfoigoed piety, add exemplary walk and conversation.



"The Salem Juvenile Bible Society," (Massachusetts) instituted December, 1815, under the superintendence of Miss Trumbull.

66 The Children's Reading and Bible Society" at the same place, recently formed under the superintendence of Mrs. Andrews.

“ The Cortland Auxiliary Bible Society," in the state of New-York, institated 27th of August last. It is auxiliary to the American Bible Society. The subscription of one dollar a year constitutes membership, and the payment of 15 dollars a member for life. Officers elected for the present year.

Rev. Elnathan Walker, President ; Elder Alfred Bennet, Vice-President ; William Scars, Corresponding Secretary ; Jesse Pearl, Recording Secretary ; John Keep, Esq. Treasurer.

The Beaufort Bible Society, (South-Carolina) has likewise become auxiliaty to the National Institution..

A meeting was held at Boston in the Exchange Coffee-House, on the 3d instant, for the purpose of ascertaining the opinions of gentlemen in that vicinity, respecting the degree of patronage which the American Bible Society might probably obtain in that quarter, and for the purpose of consulting on the most suitable measures to be taken to call the attention of the public to that object. Several gentlemen expressed their sentiments on the subject, which were all in favour of encouraging and supporting the National Society. The only difference of opinion which appeared on the occasion, was whether this business ought to be conducted through the medium of the local societies now existing, or by the public at large. It was finally determined unanimously, to appoint a committee to consider the best means of promoting the object in contemplation, and report at a meeting of the citizens to be convened the 23d inst.

The Hartford Auxiliary Bible Society, (Con.) formed 21st Aug. 1816. The officers to be between the ages of 20 and 35. Any person paying annually one dollar is a member, or paying ten dollars at one time, is a member for life. Officers elected 21st ult.—Rev. Thos. H. Gallaudet, President ; Wm. W. Ellsworth, Esq. Vice-President ; Barzilai Hudson, jr. Treasurer ; George Spencer, Secretary.

Sept. 9, 1816.-An Association was formed in the Church, at Bergen, NewJersey, to be called, " The Bergen Township Auxiliary Bible Society:"The meeting was opened with prayer and an appropriate address delivered by the Rev. John Cornelison ; after which Judge H. Van Dolsom was called to the Chair, and Cornelius Van Winkle, Esq. was appointed Clerk. Then the form of a Constitution was reported, discussed and adopted, and the following persons were appointed to be officers of this society for the ensuing year, viz. Rev. John Cornelison, President ; Henry Van Dolsom, Esq. Vice-President ; Mr. Peter Sip, Treasurer ; Cornelius Van Winkle, Esq. Secretary.

Directors.-Casparus Prior, Cornelius Garrabrants, George Demott, Hartman Van Wagenen, Peter Sickles, Christopher Van Ryper, Richard Codmus, Henry Traphagen, Daniel Van Winkle, Jr. Michael Terhune, James Gardiner, Cornelius Doremus.--The subscription paper being handed round, was with great cheerfulnes subscribed, and the money paid in advance. The meeting was concluded with prayer. This institution is Auxiliary to the American Bible Society.

The number of Auxiliaries to the American Bible Society, now known, is -Thirty-seven.


We have been informed of the establishment of an Auxiliary Missionary Society at Harlaem, near this city, whose object is to aid the Junior NewYork Missionary Society with the means of supplying with Gospel Ministrations the destitute places on our Frontiers. We rejoice to find that this subject is beginning to awaken the sympathies and enkindle the zeal of Christians, in relation to that hitherto much neg cted tion of our fellow-men,

A Sunday School has also been recently instituted at the same place,



The present Namber completes the first volume of the Christian Herald. In conducting this undertaking, we have endeavoured to fulfil the designs ex® pressed in our Prospectus. To promote the main object of the publication, we hare exhibited, as far as practicable within the compass of the work, some of the events, by which, in our day, the Lord has been pleased to manifest his gracious purposes towards our fallen race, and have given an account of some of the leading plans and operations by which Christians have laboured to advance the cause of truth and righteousness. If the hearts of our readers have been filled with gladness and rejoicing in the Lord, at the recital of the wondrous works of his hands towards the children of men, and if believers have thereby had their faith confirmed, and their love and zeal increased ; or, if the news of what others, eyen Mahomedans and Pagans, have been made instrumental in doing to further the cause of the true Religion, has prompted any to go and do likewise, the publication will, we trust, have answered an end in some good degree worthy of the support of Christians. We are aware that a difference of opinion exists among some of our readers, respecting the portion of the paper which each kind of intelligence ought to occupy ; which difference arises from the different views which they may respectively entertain concerning the relative importance of the subjects of information in themselves considered, or from the partiality which may be felt for a particular object, in the promotion of which they may be more immediately engaged. It would afford us pleasure to be enabled to gratify the taste and wishes of every individual subscriber, if it could be done in conformity with what we consider the chief design of the work ; but that is not to be expected. It has boterer been, and shall continue to be our study, by diversifying the topics exhibited in the publication, to endeavour to give general satisfaction.

We think it proper further to observe under this head, that on some occa. sions it is necessary

devote a greater portion of our pages to certain subjects, than they might under ordinary circumstances seem to be entitled to. For instance, the expediency of forming a National Bihle Society occupied, at the commencement, an unusual share of the publication ; because we deemed it of the first importance to profit by the leadings of Divine Providence at that auspicious period, to contribute all in our power to disseminate information pn a question which appeared to us to have a material bearing on the relie gious character, and the best interests of our beloved country. We feel no cause to regret that so great a part of these pages has been devoted to the promotion of that noble Institution, which does honour to our land, and which has so far been attended, in an eminent degree, with the smiles of a Gracious Providence.

Similar remarks might be made with respect to the portion of our paper which has been occupied by the subject of Sunday Schools, and some other topics. If we have at any time been mistaken in our views, we claim that candid indulgence of the patrons of the publication which all frail and erring mortals feel themselves entitled to when conscious of good intentions, and we shall esteem it a favour to have our mistakes corrected by the wise and good of our fellow-men.




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