other; she is founded upon a rock, but planted in the sea. O preserve her safe from schism, heresy, and sacrilege. Unite all her members with the bands of faith, hope, and charity, , and an external communion, when it shall seem good in thine eyes. Let the daily sacrifice of prayer and sacramental thanksgiving never cease, but be for ever presented to thee, and for ever united to the intercession of her dearest Lord, and for ever prevail for the obtaining for every of its members grace and blessing, pardon and salvation. Amen.

3. For all Christian Kings, Princes, and Governors. '

O King of kings, and Prince of all the rulers of the earth, give thy grace and Spirit to all Christian princes, the spirit of wisdom and counsel, the spirit of government and godly fear. Grant unto them to live in peace and honour, that their people may love and fear them, and they may love and fear God. Speak good unto their hearts concerning the church, that they may be nursing fathers to it, fathers to the fatherless, judges and avengers of the cause of widows; that they may be compassionate to the wants of the poor, and the groans of the oppressed; that they may not vex or kill the Lord's people with unjust or ambitious wars, but may feed the flock of God, and may inquire after and do all things, which may promote peace, public honesty, and holy religion; so administering things present, that they may not fail of the everlasting glories of the world to come, where all thy faithful people shall reign kings for ever. Amen. 4. For all the orders of them, that minister about holy things.

O thou great shepherd and bishop of our souls, holy and eternal Jesus, give unto thy servants the ministers of the mysteries of Christian religion, the spirit of prudence and sanc-: tity, faith and charity, confidence and zeal, diligence and watchfulness, that they may declare thy will unto the people faithfully, and dispense thy sacraments rightly, and intercede with thee graciously and acceptably for thy servants. Grant, O Lord, that by a holy life and a true belief, by well doing and patient suffering (when thou shalt call them to it), they may glorify thee the great lover of souls, and after a plentiful. conversion of sinners from the error of their ways, they may shine like the stars in glory. Amen.

Give unto thy servants, the bishops, a discerning spirit, that they may lay hands suddenly on no man, but may depute such persons to the ministries of religion, who may adorn the gospel of God, and whose lips may preserve knowledge, and such, who by their good preaching and holy living may advance the service of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

5. For our nearest relatives, as Husband, Wife, Children,

Family, &c. 0. God of infinite mercy, let thy loving mercy and compassion descend upon the head of thy servants (my wife, or husband, children and family]: be pleased to give them health of body and of spirit, a competent portion of temporals, so as may with comfort support them in their journey to heaven: preserve them from all evil and sad accidents, defend them in all assaults of their enemies, direct their persons and their actions, sanctify their hearts and words and purposes ; that we all may, by the bands of obedience and charity, be united to our Lord Jesus, and always feeling thee our merciful and gracious father, may become a holy family, discharging our whole duty in all our relations; that we in this life being thy children by adoption and grace, may be admitted into thy holy family hereafter, for ever to sing praises to thee in the church of the first-born, in the family of thy redeemed



6. For our Parents, our Kindred in the flesh, our Friends

and Benefactors. O God, merciful and gracious, who hast made (my parents,] my friends and my benefactors ministers of thy mercy and instruments of Providence, to thy servant, I humbly beg a blessing to descend upon the heads of [name the persons, or the relations.] Depute thy holy angels to guard their persons, thy Holy Spirit to guide their souls, thy providence to minister to their necessities; and let thy grace and mercy preserve them from the bitter pains of eternal death, and bring them to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

7. For all that lie under the rod of War, Famine, Pestilence :

to be said in the time of Plague, or war, &c. O Lord God Almighty, thou art our father, we are thy children: thou art our Redeemer, we thy people purchased with the price of thy most precious blood : be pleased to moderate thy anger towards thy servants; let not thy whole displeasure arise, lest we be consumed and brought to nothing. Let health and peace be within our dwellings; let righteousness and holiness dwell for ever in our hearts, and be expressed in all our actions, and the light of thy countenance be upon us in all our sufferings, that we may delight in the service and in the mercies of God for ever. Amen.

O gracious Father and merciful God, if it be thy will, say unto the destroying angel, “ It is enough:” and though we are not better than our brethren, who are smitten with the rod of God, but much worse, yet may it please thee, even because thou art good, and because we are timorous and sinful, not yet fitted for our appearance, to set thy mark upon our foreheads, that thy angel, the minister of thy justice, may pass over us and hurt us not: let thy hand cover thy servants and hide us in the clefts of the rock, in the wounds of the holy Jesus, from the present anger, that is gone out against us; that though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we may fear no evil, and suffer none: and those, whom thou hast smitten with thy rod, support with thy staff, and visit them with thy mercies and salvation, through Jesus Christ.

8. For all women with child, and for unborn Children.

O Lord God, who art the father of them that trust in thee, and shewest mercy to a thousand generations of them, that fear thee; have mercy upon all women great with child, be pleased to give them a joyful and a safe deliverance: and let thy grace preserve the fruit of their wombs, and conduct them to the holy sacrament of baptism: that they, being regenerated by thy Spirit, and adopted into thy family, and the portion and duty of sons, may live to the glory of God, to the comfort of their parents and friends, to the edification of the Christian commonwealth, and the salvation of their own souls, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

[blocks in formation]

9. For all estates of Men and Women, in the Christian church.

O holy God, king eternal, out of the infinite store-houses of thy grace and mercy, give unto all virgins chastity, and a religious spirit: to all persons dedicated to thee and to religion, continence and meekness, an active zeal and an unwearied spirit; to all married pairs, faith and holiness; to widows and fatherless, and all that are oppressed, thy patronage, comfort, and defence; to all Christian women, simplicity and modesty, humility and chastity, patience and charity: give unto the poor, to all that are robbed and spoiled of their goods, a competent support, and a contented spirit, and a treasure in heaven hereafter: give unto prisoners and captives, to them that toil in the mines, and row in the gallies, strength of body and of spirit, liberty and redemption, comfort and restitution: to all that travel by land, thy angel for their guide, and a holy and prosperous return: to all that travel by sea, freedom from pirates and shipwreck, and bring them to the haven, where they would be; to distressed and scrupulous consciences, to melancholy and disconsolate persons, to all that are afflicted with evil and unclean spirits, give a light from heaven, great grace and proportionable comforts, and timely deliverance ; give them patience and resignation; let their sorrows be changed into grace and comfort, and let the storm waft them certainly to the regions of rest and glory.

Lord God of mercy, give to thy martyrs, confessors, and all thy persecuted, constancy and prudence, boldness and hope, a full faith and a never-failing charity. To all who are condemned to death, do thou minister comfort, a strong, a quiet, and a resigned spirit: take from them the fear of death, and all remaining affections to sin, and all imperfections of duty, and cause them to die full of grace, full of hope. And give to all faithful, and particularly to them, who have recommended themselves to the prayers of thy unworthy servant, a supply of all their needs temporal and spiritual, and according to their several states and necessities, rest and peace, pardon and refreshment: and shew us all a mercy in the day of judgment. Amen.

Give, O Lord, to the magistrates equity, sincerity, courage, and prudence, that they may protect the good, defend


religion, and punish the wrong doers. Give to the nobility wisdom, valour, and loyalty: to merchants, justice and faithfulness: to all artificers and labourers, truth and honesty : to our enemies, forgiveness and brotherly kindness.

Preserve to us the heavens and the air in healthful influence and disposition, the earth in plenty, the kingdom in peace and good government, our marriages in peace and sweetness and innocence of society, thy people from famine and pestilence, our houses from burning and robbery, our persons from being burnt alive: from banishment and prison, from widowhood and destitution, from violence of pains and passions, from tempests and earthquakes, from inundation of waters, from rebellion or invasion, from impatience and inordinate cares, from tediousness of spirit and despair, from murder, and all violent, accursed, and unusual deaths, from the surprise of sudden and violent accidents, from passionate and unreasonable fears, from all thy wrath, and from all our sins, good Lord, deliver and preserve thy servants for ever. Amen.

Repress the violence of all implacable, warring, and tyrant nations : bring home unto thy fold all that are gone astray: call into the church all strangers : increase the number and holiness of thine own people; bring infants to ripeness of age and reason : confirm all baptized people with thy grace and with thy Spirit: instruct the novices and new Christians : let a great grace and merciful providence bring youthful persons safely and holily through the indiscretions and passions and temptations of their younger years: and to those whom thou hast or shalt permit to live to the age of a man, give competent strength and wisdom; take from them covetousness and churlishness, pride and impatience; fill them full of devotion and charity, repentance and sobriety, holy thoughts and longing desires after heaven and heavenly things ; give them a holy and a blessed death, and to us all a joyful resurrection through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Ad Sect. 10.) The manner of using these Devotions by way

of preparation to the receiving the blessed sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

The just preparation to this holy feast consisting principally in a holy life, and consequently in the repetition of

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