Poems of wit and humour

Macmillan, 1897

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Pagina 226 - Thou pretty opening rose ! (Go to your mother, child, and wipe your nose !) Balmy and breathing music like the South, ( He really brings my heart into my mouth !) Fresh as the morn, and brilliant as its star, (I wish that window had an iron bar !) Bold as the hawk, yet gentle as the dove, — • (I'll tell you what, my love, I cannot write, unless he's sent above !) nr. A SERENADE.
Pagina 225 - Thou little tricksy Puck! With antic toys so funnily bestuck, Light as the singing bird that wings the air, (The door ! the door ! he'll tumble down the stair '.) Thou darling of thy sire ! (Why, Jane, he'll set his pinafore afire !) Thou imp of mirth and joy!
Pagina 80 - But when he called on Nelly Gray, She made him quite a scoff; And when she saw his wooden legs, Began to take them off! "O Nelly Gray! O Nelly Gray! Is this your love so warm? The love that loves a scarlet coat, Should be more uniform!
Pagina 79 - BEN BATTLE was a soldier bold, And used to war's alarms ; But a cannon-ball took off his legs, So he laid down his arms ! Now as they bore him off the field, Said he, " Let others shoot, For here I leave my second leg, And the Forty-second Foot...
Pagina 61 - So when they'd made their game of her, And taken off her elf, She roused, and found she only was A coming to herself. " And is he gone, and is he gone ? " She cried, and wept outright : " Then I will to the water side, And see him out of sight.
Pagina 336 - Gardens ! lock the latticed gate ! Refuse the shilling and the Fellow's ticket ! And hang a wooden notice up to state, " On Sundays no admittance at this wicket...
Pagina 258 - What d'ye think of that, my Cat ? What d'ye think of that, my Dog ? The mother brought a pretty Poll — A monkey too, — what work he made ! The sister introduced a Beau — My Susan brought a favourite maid.
Pagina 225 - With pure heart newly stamp'd from Nature's mint— (Where did he learn that squint ?) Thou young domestic dove ! (He'll have that jug off, with another shove !) Dear nursling of the hymeneal nest!
Pagina 304 - Those joyous hours are passed away; And many a heart that then was gay, Within the tomb now darkly dwells, And hears no more those evening bells. And so 'twill be when I am gone — That tuneful peal will still ring on; While...
Pagina 306 - What heads for painters' easels ! Come here and kiss the infant, dears — (And give it p'rhaps the measles !) "Your charming boys I see are home From Reverend Mr. Russell's ; 'Twos very kind to bring them both— (What boots for my new Brussels !) " What ! little Clara left at home ? Well now I call that shabby : I should have loved to kiss her so — (A flabby, dabby, babby !) "And Mr.

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