used to suppress them. Constant restraint, un- commit it to others, who, happily, for the benefit wearied patience, and unceasing assiduity, are of society, are found to relieve them from the necessary to control the disorderly elements of task. Day after day will pass over their heads, human nature ; and when these do not form a pro- and no word of religious instruction will ever pass minent part in the character of every early guar- their lips; nay, thousands descend down to the dian of youth, symptoms of degeneracy, examples grave with a lie in their mouths, and without ever of vicious excess, and unprovoked rudeness, will having redeemed the pledge they gave at the bapmake frequent appearance, and acquire uncontrol- tism of their children. Is it thus that thoughtled predominance.

less men tamper with the Almighty, and madly Now, if this be a correct view of human na- expose themselves to his vengeful arm ? Now, ture, and that it is, experience, aided by the power- when parents make the world their chief concern, ful support of Bible authority, most unequivocally and when they have no other acquaintance with maintains, there is an awful responsibility laid on religion than that which they have acquired in parents, from which nothing can exempt them. our schools or our churches, they would consider Early, unremitting, and vigorous superintendence it taken out of its place were it permitted to act is required of them, for if indolence, with its influentially in the family circle. They think and numberless and pernicious train of evils, be per- talk of every thing but God; and even on his own mitted to paralyse their exertions, the golden op- holy day they will teach their children,—not to portunities they have lost will never return. Now, make them wise unto salvation,—but to render when in walking through our villages or towns, them accomplished in the ways of the world. or on entering, in the ordinary course of social Now, witness the effects of this conduct, not in intercourse, or the discharge of duty, the houses exaggerated statement, but in strict conformity to of our neighbourhood, we meet with roughness the experience of many an unprejudiced observer. of character, the petulance of childhood, the The very elementary principles of piety are not scream of passion, the language of railing, the taught in such a family, because the service of God sullenness of suppressed rage, the look of dis- has not acquired a due prominence in their estisatisfaction, or the thousand effects of overween- mation ; or if the salutary requirements of society ing indulgence, we are warranted in tracing all call upon them not to neglect the spiritual interests these glaring and unhallowed deficiencies of cha- of their children, they look abroad for what they racter to the want of discipline that prevails, and do not relish at home, and if they understand the indifference that reigns, under the roof of a that the matter is attended to, they do not conparent, and the fostering care of the mother that sider it any part of their business to discover in gave them birth. Let proof support the assertion what manner it is performed. Of course, when now made. When a father is incapable, from religion is so lightly esteemed, that book on which iznorance, to communicate religious instruction, it is founded must be neglected, the family circle he can have no conception of that orderly and is never assembled to hear it read with reverence clecent deportment that piety, brought to early by its head, the language of prayer proceeds not maturity, invariably inspires ; not brought himself from the lips, and day after day succeeds without under the influence of the Gospel, he must, as ever witnessing a Creator honoured, or a Saviour there is no alternative, be the slave of sin and loved. In the higher ranks of society, such conSatan. Now, wherever the spirit of evil reigns, duct may be followed without producing such efdisorder must take up its abode; and when a fa- fects as we deplore, because there is a polish, a ther is the willing servant of innate corruption, smoothness of manner, that may to a certain degree be must either join with his children in their wild keep within bounds the antipathy that must be extravagances, or, if the mere want of animal spi- felt to religion. But at other times, when this rit prevent him, he can calmly contemplate them, artificial restraint does not exist, or is occasionally even on the Lord's own day, enjoying themselves removed, you will soon see piety branded with in sinful gambols, and preparing themselves, even every opprobrious epithet, and behold the follower in his own presence, by banishing the fear of God of Jesus classed with hypocrites, or treated with from their minds, to become the undoubted sub- coldness and disrespect. When we witness the jects of the kingdom of darkness. In this state conduct of those in other ranks of society, who of things, what can be expected but disorder, the are not indebted to artificial rules for the regulaloud laugh of indifference, the romping of insen- tion of their manners, the genuine sentiments of sibility, and a damping of the excited spirits, if the heart will be expressed, when piety is ridiany ill-omened guest should venture to talk of the culed, and when the bitter and sarcastic sneer is soul and its immortal interests? But perhaps the seen playing on the countenance, whenever the irregularity that prevails in many families, with servants of religion make their

appearance. respect to religion, and regard to solemn days, Now, suppose a parent who had hitherto nemay originate more frequently from unwillingness glected his duty, should determine to amend his rather than inability. Some are so much wrapt conduct, without feeling any real necessity for up in their own importance, or impressed so deep- doing so, but merely because it was decent to wear ly with an idea of the slavery or the drudgery the very convenient garb of the semblance of reliconnected in their minds with all instruction, that gion. Such an individual may be seen sitting in they shrink from the ungracious employment, and the chair of authority, and with an air of conscious importance, commanding his children to go oppose to its overwhelming violence; and hence is the dull round of a Sabbath evening's employ- it that a withering blast has passed over our land, ment. You may hear the threat of punishment, and we see its effects in the roar of intemperance, see the blow of passion, or the look of apparent --in the emaciated votary of dissipation, —in the dissatisfaction furrowing the brow, but with all lowering looks of him who loiters away his Sabthis outward bustle and parade, nothing has baths in forgetfulness of God, and in that crying been done, and no desirable end secured. Child-abomination which meets us at every turn,—the ren consider religion taught in this way an in- rising hopes of our Zion, roaming at large on the tolerable burden ; they are glad when the rigidly holy day, when they ought to meet here, with calculated hour of instruction is past; they rush their parents, to pay homage to the great name of from the ungracious employment without carrying God." Ask your own hearts if such conduct as with them one principle of love to God, or regard this is not known to prevail; is not an immoral for it in others. But this is not all. Inspect a spirit natural to youth, unless put under early and little farther the conduct of children so imperfect strict discipline, and can you expect that picty ly trained up in religion. Attend to them in the in others will be respected by the young, when groups they form on our streets, and you will hear they feel no respect for it themselves? The the name of God blasphemed in horrid impreca- thing is impossible. If we wish to see our childtions, language uttered that would redden the cheek ren pious and good, modest and respectful, cirof modesty, combinations formed that equal the cumspect and prudent, let it be our basiness, arrangements of the most experienced servants of II. To adopt proper remedies, through the aid Satan, truth violated without a single feeling of of divine grace, to prevent early profligacy am remorse; and when piety and age, so beautifully disregard for religion, from deforming the character united, come upon their guilty circle, have you of youth. never heard even the tongue of mere childhood Now, if a parent is in good earnest about the joining the shout of “go up, thou bald-head; go immortal interests of the children whom God has up?" The fact is too notorious to be denied. given him, he will not require to be admoWherever children are not educated under proper nished that this subject must come home to his religious impressions, a degree of rudeness, grafted mind, with all the weight of an awful responsion that inherent corruption of nature that lies at bility. Religion has been received into his fames the foundation of every unrenewed soul, invariably as a welcome guest; and as the happiest day she prevails, and there is such an antipathy between has spent were those when he walked with his virtue and vice, the love of God and disregard | God, it is natural that he should wish the fruit of for his law, that children are instinctively led to his own body to feel the pleasure he bas expehate what is not in unison with the character ofrienced, and the pure satisfaction he has enjose.. the master they serve.

In pursuance of this laudable desire, the great Mark their conduct at home: here you may ob- name of God will never be mentioned but with serve the discordant jarrings of angry passion; one reverence; and even in the cradle, when the infan: raising his hand against another, there the child lips first learn to pronounce those words so gratedisputing the anthority of the parent, or sullenly ful to a parent's ear, it will be his care to insa yielding an unwilling compliance with his wishes; the first lessons of piety; and as the first seed is in another place you may see the Book of God sown, fervent will be his prayers that the outpourlying neglected, and volumes of a trifling or im- ing of the Spirit may bring it to maturity. Her moral tendency usurping its room ; in another refreshing is it, in this age of indifference, to see quarter you may see some retiring to rest, in the a Christian father with his child on his knee, teachwild mirth of indifference, when not a single knee ing him, in simple and affectionate language, the has been bent, nor an eye raised to the Author of God is the universal parent, and that to his greu: every good and perfect gift. That such things name homage is due! Is it not a redeeming quali are, cannot be denied; the man of benevolence weeps in the character of fallen man, to see a fail: over the mournful scene, and bitterly regrets to teaching his child how to pray, and aiding him to see so many instances of juvenile depravity, and so lisp the praises of that compassionate Saviour whe many immortal beings growing up to increase the died that man might live; and is it not a no alrearly overgrown kingdom of Satan. Hence is beautiful instance of the effects of divine grace 13 it that the most crowded page in the calendar of the heart of a Christian parent, when he can shes crimes is that which records the delinquencies and how successfully, and with what propriety, the the punishments of those who were not early idea of God may be associated with all the enje: taught to remember their Creator, who profaned his ments and innocent amusements of children? Sabbaths, mocked the sincerity of unostentatious parents wish their children to be happy in tie piety, and looked with contempt upon the man and eternity, such will be the conduct they : that whispered in their ear that such conduct leads be anxious to pursue. They will, in an espec... down to the chambers of death. It is owing manner, take good heed to themselves, and to this cause that a stream of moral pollution careful that no part of their conduct give the lis threatens to inundate our land, and to bury in its to the precepts they inculcate. Children an waves the feeble barriers which a youth, not properly sharp-sighted to the defects of their instructor initiated in the great doctrines of Christianity, can and their minds, though tender, are alive to eat

any inconsistency in conduct, or error in judgment countenance of the family where it resides ; a hapTake care then, as you value the immortal souls piness is experienced to wbich the men of the of those dear pledges of affection, that no impure world are strangers, and a delightful foretaste exword ever circulate in your dwelling, or pollute perienced of that pure joy that awaits the rightethe chamber where innocence reposes. Repress, ous at God's right hand. Order and regularity with the look of authority, and the frown of dis- prevail in every department of the family circle ; approval, the graceless jest or the corrupting idea, and those hours are the sweetest, when the father, that the man of guilt would bring forth to gra- collecting his children around him, tells them why tify his own depraved taste, and to infect all within God is to be loved, the Saviour admired, the Holy his pestilential reach. Too easily are the inflam- Spirit to be trusted to, and an entire reliance mable materials of which human nature is com- placed on the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, posed brought into action, and if once the fire be the only Mediator between God and man. Now, kindled, grace alone can extinguish it. In your when you meet with children who have had the dwelling God is reverenced, and you cannot per- happiness of being reared under such godly pamit Satan to establish his footing. The Bible, rents, you run no risk of witnessing those melanthat was the support of your fathers, will be hand- choly exhibitions of early depravity that assailed led with pious reverence, and with laudable satis- the prophet as he journeyed to Beth-el. If you meet faction ; you will look to it as the brightest gem them by the way, the smile of graceful modesty in the inheritance he has left you, and with pious will be observed playing on their cheek ; if they are delight you will read again and again in the hear- addressed, innocent ingenuousness will mark their ing of your children, those pages which he, who has reply, truth will flow from their lips with unvarynow entered into his master's joy, taught you to ad- ing regularity, and such an attractive charm will mire. When religion is thus made a daily guest, appear thrown around their characters, that you and when you feel deeply interested in the im- must mark them down as the children of God. portant work, your children, like young vines, will Piety, in their hands, will meet with unvaried regrow up around you, and become, through the spect: it will be loved for its own sake, and the blessed influences of the Spirit, those little child- man will be honoured in whom it resides. The ren of whom consisteth the kingdom of heaven. weakness of age will be commiserated, its wants

But, again, if parents are really anxious to pre- relieved with kindness, and no harsh word will rent early depravity in their children, they must ever visit the failings it exhibits. The children look around them with the glance of unwearied vi- who have been trained with the greatest care in gilance. In no circumstances is this quality more the fear of the Lord, will ever form the best memrequisite; when evil passions are inflamed, there is bers of society, and act with the greatest propriety a cunning that would bafile the keenest inspection, in every relation in life. They are the peculiar and an art that points out the teaching of the care of the Most High: they are followers of Jefather of mischief. A father, therefore, who is sus; they endeavour to copy his blessed example, desirous to do his duty, will look into the souls of and because they have the fear of God before their his children, and when he discovers there the cor

eyes, you run no danger of finding them rude in rupting principle in full activity, alive to the dread their manners, unguarded in their language, or sul consequences of its entire ascendency, he will contemptuous in their conduct. Anxiety should earnestly intercede with God to arrest the progress be felt by every pious mind, in honouring children of the fatal contagion, and to pluck those he loves who love their Redeemer in early life. Active efas brands from the burning. "Unwearied activity forts should be made in aiding them in the acquiwill characterise such a parent; he will give no sition of higher degrees of spiritual knowledge. slumber to his eyelids; he will court mental and Society has its best interests promoted in the relibodily exertion, and while hope, with cheering gious education of youth. No man can be a sinprospects, animates, it will be satisfaction, only to cere Christian, who is indifferent to the rising gebe felt to be appreciated, to find, that, through the neration. Public corruption commences from small instrumentality of divine grace, he is adding an- beginnings, and youth are frequently exposed to other member to that spiritual kingdom which the vengeance of an angry God. Christ has ransomed with his own precious blood.

The prayers of such a parent will ascend with THE EARLY PROTESTANT CHURCH OF ardour to the throne of the Eternal; and no peti

FRANCE. tion will be presented with more intense interest,

No. I. than that which beseeches God to shower down

BY THE REv. John G. LORIMER, his blessings on his tender offspring. In such a Minister of St. David's Church, Glasgow. family, the service of God is a source of the purest Tue friends of religion are at present much interested pleasure: to the joys it promises, every eye turns in the symptoms of revival which are appearing in the with delight; and heaven, where a Saviour reigns, Protestant Church of France, and well may they be so. is that happy country, where all shall meet when The influence of that country, with its thirty-two milthe pilgrimage of life comes to a close. Religion, lions population, and high state of civilization, must

Few centres of instead of being considered a morose companion, Christian influence can be more extensively powerful, throws a hallowed joy over every place where it and the new life and growth of Popery in various parts takes up its residence; content beams on every of France, render the present revival of the truth the more interesting. In these circumstances, it may not | the case in similar instances, instead of bindering, acbe unseasonable to recal the public attention to the celerated the cause they were meant to destroy, and state and character of the early Protestant Church. It | in so important a degree, that in 1559, the first Geneis always pleasing to trace the steps of the Great Head ral Assembly of the Protestant Church was held at of the Church towards his people, and memorials of Paris, in the very face of a hostile Court. It is remarkpast mercy are fitted, when gratefully acknowledged, able that this was the very year before the first General to draw down the divine blessing, and to suggest plans Assembly of the Protestant Church of Scotland was of present usefulness. My authority for the following held at Edinburgh, so nearly contemporaneous was the statements shall be unexceptionable, consisting chiefly of progress of the Gospel in the two countries. In spite the public acts and decrees of the national councils of of all the persecution which had been sustained, the the Reformed Churches in France, collected by Quick, following is Quick's account of the Protestant cause at in his Synodicon, and published in two folio volumes, the time the first Assembly convened at Paris :-at London, in 1692.

• The holy word of God is duly, truly, and power. Many are imperfectly acquainted with the early his- fully preached in churches and fields, in ships and houses, tory of the Protestant Church of France. It is ima- | in vaults and cellars, in all places where the Gospel. gined that it was small and poor, and that its annals ministers can have admission and conveniency, and with contain little to interest the Christian student; but the singular success. Multitudes are convinced and contruth is, it was one of the largest and most glorious verted, established and editied. Christ rideth out upon Churches of Christendom, supplied an immense host of the white horse of the ministry, with the sword and inartyrs, and furnishes the most interesting and valu- bow of the Gospel preached, conquering and to con. able instruction to Christians in every age. I can refer quer. His enemies fall under him, and submit themonly to the more prominent facts. The doctrines of selves unto him. 0, the unparalleled success of the the Reformation were early introduced into France, and, plain and zealous sermons of the first reformers ! Mulas in other continental countries, the professors of them titudes flock in like doves into the windows of God's were not a little indebted to the countenance and support ark. As innumerable drops of dew fall from the womb of persons of rank and influence. At a period when the of the morning, so hath the Lord Christ the dew of his Church of Rome was so completely paramount, it is not youth. The Popish Churches are drained, the Proeasy to see, humanly speaking, how the Gospel, or its testant temples are filled. The priests complain tbat profession, could have made progress at all, had not their altars are neglected, their masses are now indeed ministers and people been favoured by the powerful. solitary. Dagon cannot stand before God's ark. Chil. Accordingly, so as 1520, the sister of Francis I. | dren, and persons of riper years, are catechised in the was a zealous Protestant, while her brother was a bitter rudiments and principles of Christian religion, and cau persecutor. Fifteen years later, the Scriptures were give a comfortable account of their faith, a reason of translated into the French language, by Olivitan, the that hope that is in them. By this ordinance do their uncle of the celebrated Calvin, and shortly after, the pious pastors prepare them for communion with the Psalms of David were turned into verse by one of the Lord at his holy table. Here they communicate in buth popular poets of the day, and set to melodious music. kinds, according to the primitive institution of the SaThis last undertaking was attended with remarkable crament, by Jesus Christ himself.”

There had been nothing of the same kind be- The General Assembly of the French Church con. fore, and so the whole music of the people had been sisted only of eleven members, that of Scotland of twelve. perverted to superstitious and sinful purposes. Now, The French ministers met in secret, and proceeded the national genius was enlisted on the side of truth. forthwith to draw up a confession of their faith. This “ This holy ordinance," says Quick, "charmed the ears, was particularly called for, owing to the misrepresentahearts, and affections of court and city, town and coun- tions of their real sentiments and views which were try. They were sung in the Louvre, as well as in the current among their enemies. It is understood that the Pres des Clerks, by the ladies, princes, yea, and by Henry great Calvin bore a part in the preparation of this most II. himself. This one ordinance only, contributed interesting and admirable document. And two things mightily to the downfal of Popery, and the propagation are worthy of notice, first, that it was solely the wuk of the Gospel. It took so much with the genius of the of the Church; and, secondly, that, without any connation, that all ranks and degrees of men practised it, cert with other Protestant Churches, it remarkably in the temples, and in their families. No gentleman harmonizes with the confessions of all, shewing thai, professing the Reformed Religion would sit down at his under the teaching of God's Spirit, no good men, table without praising God by singing. Yea, it was wherever they may be scattered, and whatever their especial part of their morning and evening worship in circumstances of trial, seriously differ in their interpre. their several houses, to sing God's praises. Such of- tation of Scripture. It is a state of ease, and a season fence did this sacred verse and music give to the Popish of speculation, which lead men to doubt and disastee priests, and so much did they dread its power, that a as to what is truth. Persecution drives to first pris. leading man of their number had the Odes of Horace ciples, and when the heart is right, it keeps the bead translated and set to music as a counteraction. Let us clear and sound. Upon another occasion, I may give hope that the turning of the Irish Psalms into verse, an extracts from the Confession of Faith, and compare it honour which has been reserved for the present Moder- with the early confessions of the Protestant Church in ator of the General Assembly, will be as extensively this country. In the meantime, I shall allude to a fe* useful in displacing vindictive and licentious songs, and of the points of Church discipline in the Church of conveying a saving knowledge of divine truth, in the France. That discipline, as might have been expected, most interesting form, to a people not less susceptible from the strong views of doctrine, was strict and conof the charms of poetry, nor less deeply sunk in the prehensive. Ministers, on pain of deposition, were remoral degradation of Popery. About the same period quired actually to reside beside their Churches, and to in which the Scriptures were translated into French, be entirely devoted to the work of the ministry. This, the celebrated “ Institutes” of Calvin were published, at a period when there was so much distraction fra and extensively circulated. These means, together persecution, and when a pastor's temporal provision was with the labours of faithful men, were crowned with so slender and precarious, shews how high was the sens the divine blessing, and the Gospel made such decided entertained of the importance of the ministerial office, progress, that persecution was awoke in a very virulent and how great was the anxiety that the people sboud form. The king himself assisted at the burning of six reap its full advantages. martyrs at Paris. These proceedings, as has often been "No minister, together with the holy ministry, shall


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be a practitioner in law or physic; yet out of charity | care of his widow and orphans; and if the Church he may give counsel and assistance to the poor of his cannot do it, through want of ability, the province flock and of his neighbourhood : provided always, that shall maintain them.” This was kind and considerate, he be not thereby diverted from his calling, nor derive worthy of a Christian Church, which had but recently any gain from his practice, unless in times of trouble come forth from the furnace of persecution. Other and persecution, and when he cannot exercise his call- regulations were not less wise. With regard to educaing in his Church, and cannot be maintained by it. And tion, the Protestant Church of France, like all other those who shall thus employ themselves in law or phy- Presbyterian Churches, was its warm friend. She was sic, or in any other worldly distracting business, shall not afraid of knowledge. It is ordained, “ the Churches be exhorted wholly to forbear it, and totally to devote shall do their utmost endeavour to erect schools, and themselves unto the duties of their calling as ministers, take care of the instruction of their youth;" and "all and to the study of the Scriptures. And all Collo- ministers shall endeavour to catechise every one in quies and Synods are admonished to proceed according their flocks, once or twice a-year, and shall exhort theni to the canons of our discipline against the refractory, to conform themselves thereunto very carefully.” With and such as be willingly disobedient, as also against regard, again, to the poor, it was enjoined that every those who spend so much of their time in teaching Church should seek to support its own poor ; a wholeyouth, that it is an hindrance to them in the principal some practice, which, for many years, was universal duties of their ministerial office. And all Consistories, throughout the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and Colloquies, and Provincial Synods, shall have a most which still prevails to a considerable extent. especial care and regard that this canon be punctually To prevent those disorders, which daily fall out by observed, and to suspend such as do transgress it, from reason of certificates given unto the poor, every Church their exercise of the ministry.”

shall endeavour to maintain its own; and in case any The anxiety was not less for a well educated minis- one be constrained, through the urgency of his affairs, try. It would not have been wonderful, in the cir- to travel, ministers shall examine, with the greatest cumstances in which the Protestant Church stood, that care in their Consistories, the just causes of his journey, she had contented herself with pious, though illiterate and thereupon shall give him letters directed unto the men; but she knew what it was to fight with Popery- next Church, lying in the straight way by which he bow needful are good training and learning for the must go, specifying his name, age, stature, hair, and contest—and how well entitled the Great Head of the the place whither, and the cause of his travel, and the Chureh is to the best gifts and qualifications and ser- assistance which was given him; nor shall the date of vices of his people; and so she made provision for a the day and year be omitted ; which letters, the Church well educated ministry. Candidates for the holy office he is directed to, shall keep by it, and give him others were required to compose a brief confession of their unto the next; and all certificates formerly given shall faith in Latin, and to be able to defend it when as- be torn in pieces." sailed, in the same language.

With respect again to the general conduct of Church “ That our Churches may be always furnished with members, it was ordained in the following terms :a sufficient number of pastors, and of other persons fit “ Printers, booksellers, painters, and other artificers, to govern them, and to preach the Word of God unto and, in general, all the faithful, and, in particular, such them, they shall be advised to choose those scholars as bear office in the Church, shall be admonished that who be already well advanced in good learning, and be they do not in the least act any thing in their calling of the most promising hopeful parts, and to maintain that tends directly to countenance the superstitions of such in the universities, that they may be there pre- the Church of Rome; and as for secret acts, and the pared and fitted for the work of the ministry, ever pre- censure incurred by them, their judgment is left unto ferring the children of poor ministers, if ingenious, be the Consistory.". fore all others; of which the Colloquies shall take a “ Fathers and mothers shall be exhorted to be very most especial care. Kings, princes, and lords, shall be careful of their children's education, which are the seedexhorted and petitioned particularly to mind this im- plot and promising hopes of God's Church. And, portant affair, and to lay by some part and portion of therefore, such as send them to school to be taught by cheir revenues towards their maintenance, and the priests, monks, jesuits, and nuns, they shall be prosericher Churches shall do the like. Colloquies and Pro-cuted with all Church censures. Those, also, shall be vincial Synods shall, as they see meet, notify and so- censured who dispose of their children to be pages, or serlicit this affair, and take the best courses that mat- vants, unto lords and gentlemen of the contrary religion.” ters of so great necessity may be successful; and if “ Churches which have printers belonging to them, single Churches cannot do it, their neighbours shall join shall advise them not to print any books concerning with them, that one poor scholar at the least may be religion or the discipline of the Church, without having maintained in every Colloquy; and rather than this de- first communicated them unto the Consistory, because sign should miscarry, the fifth penny of all our charities of those manifold inconveniences which have formerly shall be set apart, if it may conveniently be done, to happened upon this account. And neither printers, be employed in this service.”

nor booksellers, nor hawkers, shall sell any books of The education and learning thus received were not idolatry, or that are scandalous, stuffed with ribaldry or to be allowed to remain dormant. They were to be impiety, which tend to the corrupting of good manners." used for the defence and propagation of the truth. At the same time, while thus decided, as all Protestant «They who are endowed with gifts for writing, shall Churches should be, against the errors and superstitions be chosen by the provinces; and if it happen that any of the Church of Rome, there was no spirit of bitterness books be published against the true religion, they shall or provocation towards individual Roman Catholics. It be sent unto them, that they may be answered; and is expressly enjoined, as strongly as any of the preceding there shall be a Colloquy (or committee) in each pro- canons, that "all violence and injurious words against vince, appointed unto this peculiar business, carefully the members of the Church of Rome, as also against to peruse all MSS. before they be printed, and what is priests and monks, shall not only be forborne, but also, published, and to disperse the copies.”

as much as may be, shall be totally suppressed.” While so much was required of ministers, their out- I might refer to many other wise and salutary reguward provision was not neglected. Judicious steps lations, but I have time to quote only that which alludes were taken for their “ comfortable subsistence” while to the dispensation of the Lord's Supper. At the first they lived; and an express canon secures “ that the national Synod held at Paris, it was appointed, that at Church in whose service a minister dieth, shall take the closing up of the Synod the Lord's Supper "shall

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