beauty and excellence of the moral code which Christianity has revealed to mankind, and on that account I have been most anxious to comprehend its more abstruse doctrines. I am quite certain that Lord Byron was very sincere in his inquiries into the merits of Christianity. He entertained the highest respect for the character of Dr. K., and was engaged to attend to him from a complete conviction of his real goodness and sincerity,— indeed, he told me, that had he not entertained that conviction, he would not have listened to Dr. K. a second time. No man was ever better calculated to inculcate the excellent precepts of Christianity with better success, for his whole character seemed to have been imbued with its best principles: he was so gentle, so good, so patient, and so persevering to secure the happiness of others, that it was impossible not to feel pleased and grateful for his efforts; and my heart must be much more insensible than it is at present, not to recollect them with becoming gratitude. Yet the motives for inquiry are subject to the misinterpretation of illiberal and narrow-minded individuals."-1830.


London: Printed by W. CLOWES, Stamford street.




The HISTORY of the JEWS. In THREE VOLS. small 8vo, illustrated with original Maps and numerous Woodcuts, (forming Nos. V. VI. and IX. of the Family Library.)

SERMONS Preached in ENGLAND by the late Right Rev. REGINALD HEBER, D.D., Lord Bishop of Calcutta, formerly Rector of Hodnet, Salop, Prebendary of St. Asaph, and Preacher at Lincoln's Inn. 2d Edition. 8vo. 9s. 6d.

SERMONS Preached in INDIA, by Bishop HEBER. 8vo. 9s. 6d.

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POEMS and TRANSLATIONS. A New Edition. 8vo. 6s.

The BOOK of the CHURCH. By ROBERT SOUTHEY, LL.D. Third Edition. Two vols. 8vo. 248.

SERMONS Preached at the Temple, by the Rev. ANDREW IRVINE, B.D., Chaplain of the Tower, and late Assistant Preacher at the Temple. 8vo. 9s. 6d.

The VERACITY of the GOSPELS and ACTS, argued from the Undesigned Coincidences to be found in them, when compared, first, with one another, secondly, with Josephus. By the Rev. J. J. BLUNT, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Post 8vo. 5s. 6d.

"This is a new application of the principles on which Paley formed his Horæ Paulina; and the execution is in a high degree meritorious. The ingenuity of many of Mr. Blunt's sections might stand a comparison with anything in his predecessor's masterpiece; and the clearness and liveliness of his language are such that we cannot too earnestly recommend the work to those Parents who feel the want of Books calculated to interest as well as instruct young readers.”—Quar, Rev.

The VERACITY of the FIVE BOOKS of MOSES, argued from Undesigned Coincidences to be found in them, when compared in their several parts. By the Rev. J. J. BLUNT, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. One Vol. Small 8vo. 58. 6d.

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