Mr. }

The above sum of 6. 248 2 10, is equal to f. 1907

9 8 sterling, which was remitted in a sterling f. 304 15 6

bill, and produced in Pennsylvania money, To Rev. Dr. Smith, for the consideration paid)

to him by Mr. John Dunlap, for the privilege of printing the poems of the Rev. Nath- 20 00 aniel Evans, A. M. deceased, late missionary

for Gloucester county, in New Jersey, To Henry Zachary Smith, Esq. of Barbadoes, 7 12 To a lady unknown, by Daniel Coxe, Esq.

3 0 0 To Thomas Coombe, Esq. by the Rev. Mr.

1 14 0 Coombe, To Mr. Joseph Wharton, by the same,

1 14 0 To Edward Biddle, Esq. by Mr. Hopkinson,

3 0 0 To Nir. Thomas Asheton, by the same,

1 о е To sundry persons unknown, by the Rev. Mr.?

11 2 0 Duche, To Dr. Benjamin Rush, by the Rev. Mr.?

Mr. 1 14 0 Coombe, To Isaac Hunt, Esq. by the same,

1 14 0 To the congregation of Christ Church Philadelphia, for their generous contribution, made at

120 3 4 the annual meeting of the corporation, Octo

ber 8th, 1772, To the society for the propagation of the guspel, their annual contribution of sixty pounds

94 100 sterling, exchange at fifty-seven and a half

per cent. Interest received be Mr. Hopkinson, on a bond

for one hundred pounds put out in Pennsyl- 6 0 0

vania, Interest received by Mr. Le Roy, on sundry ?

sums put out New York To Thomas Bartow, Esq. by the Rev. Dr.

18 14 1

in , , }


3 0 0 Chandler, To a person unknown, by the same,

0 8 5 To William Pigeon, Esq. by the Rev. Mr.

To Joshua Lawrence, Esq. by the same,
Interest received by the Rev. Dr. Chandler, on

one hundred and twenty-one pounds, seven

teen and six pence, put out in New-Jersey, Contributions of the clergy of Pennsylvania,

1772, Tines paid by ditto,



6 0 0

3 0 0

8 10 6

57 0 0

1 12 4

6. 676 40

Brought forward, 6. 676
Contributions of the clergy of New York 1772,
Ditto of the clergy of New-Jersey.



[ocr errors][merged small]

Sum total for 1772,

f. 751

4 9


, , -, }

BENEFACTIONS, SUBSCRIPTIONS, &c. FOR 1773. To John Dickinson, Esq. of Pennsylvania, by the

13 10 0 Rev. Dr. Smith, To Alexander Ross, Esq. of Jamaica, by the

6 0 0 same, To Thomas Lynch, Esq. of South-Carolina, by

8 10 0 the saine, To a lady unknown, by the Rev. Dr. Ogilvie, 4 13 9 To a gentleman, by the same,

3 O 11 To another gentleman, by the same,

1 5 3 To the congregation of Trinity Church, NewYork, for their generous contribution made

92 16 8 at the annual meeting of the corporation,

October 5th, 1773. To the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, for their annual Contribution of Sixty Pounds 101 5 0

To an officer, by Dr. Ogilvie,

4 13 9 To Jacob Le Roy, Esq. for Ten Guineas to

17 0 0 purchase a Seal for the Corporation, Interest Money received by Jacob Le Roy, Esq.

18 5 2 on sundry Sums put out in New York, To the Rev. Mr. Sayre's Congregation for their



8 10 7 Benefaction, Interest Money received by Francis Hopkinson, Esq. on sundry Sums put out in Pennsyl.

48 12

0 vania, To Richard Hockley, Esq. for his annual Donation, 5 о о Interest on sundry Bonds, received by Samuel ?

36 2 4 Powel, Esq. Treasurer for Pennsylvania, Subscriptions of the Clergy of New York, 1773, 110 12 6 Ditto of the Clergy of New Jersey,

33 0 0 Ditto of the Clergy of Pennsylvania,

58 10 o A Fine for Default,

0 4 o

Carried forward,

f. 571 11 11

Brought forward, £. 571 11 11 To the hon. James Hamilton, Esq. for his Bene

20 0 0 faction, by the Hands of Rev. Dr. Peters,

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Whereof Jacob Le Roy, Esq. Treasurer for?

New-York, has
Ditto Rev. Dr. Chandler, Treasurer for New-

Jersey, has
Ditto Samuel Powell, Esq. Treasurer for Penn-

sylvania, has

Total amount of Benefactions and Subscrip} 6.2451 3 10

36.788 0 5 News}




1353 13 10

Total Stock, December 30, 1773,

4.2345 17


Balance expended by the sundry Treasurers, in paying the Accounts of Printers, &c.-viz.

By the Treasurer for New-York, 6.40 10 6

67 By the Treasurer for New Jersey, 14 8 8 6.103 12 8 By the Treasurer for Pennsylvania, 48 13 6

Add to the Expenses for 1773,

6.1 13 6

Stock and Expenses,

£.2451 3 10

Additional Rule, made October 3d, 1771, respecting the Treasurers.

The several Treasurers shall correspond with each other, in order that monies may be occasionally transferred from one to another, for the putting the same more readily out to interest; and upon such transfers, the Receipt of one Treasurer shall be a sufficient discharge to another.


October 1773.

Dol. 6

. Commencing WILLIAM SMITH, D. D. 241 9 Samuel Auchmuty, D. D.

24 9 Miles Cooper, L. L. D.

241 9 John Ogilvie, D. D.

241 9 Charles Inglis, A. M.

241 9 October 1770 Jacob Duchè; A. M.

249 Leonard Cutting, A. M.

241 9 Thomas Coombe, A. M.

2419 William White, A. M.

241 9 Samuel Magaw, A. M.

2017 10 John Andrews, A. M.

2017 10 Thomas Bradbury Chandler, D.D. 166 Richard Charlton, A. M.

16 6 Jonathan Odell, A. M.


October 1770. Samuel Seabury, A. M.

16 6 Rev. William Frazer,

166 John Sayre, A. M.

16 6 Rev. William Stringer,

16 6 October 1773. Samuel Cooke, A. M.

12 4 10 Philip Reading, A. M.

8 3 William Currie, A. M.

8 3 George Craig, A. M.

83 Thomas Barton, A. M.

8! 3 Alexander Murray, A. M.

8! 3 October 1770. William Thompson, A. M.

8 3 Abraham Beach, A. M.

83 Rev. William Ayres,

83 John Beardsley, A. M.

8 3 John Preston, A. M.

8! 3 Rev. Harry Munro,

83 October 1771. Rev. Mr. Blackwell,

8 3 October 1773.


475) 178 100

From the foregoing statement, it appears, that this Charitable Institution so far flourished during the first four years, that the total stock December 30, 1773, had amounted to f. 2451 3 10. It continued proportionably increasing for three years more, while the annual meetings of the corporation could be regularly held, amidst the operations of a revolutionary war-But sundry purpose in America; in order that the said Archbishops of “ Canterbury and York and the Bishop of London, for the time “ being, or such person and persons, appointed by them as 6 aforesaid, may ratify and confirm the said accounts, or sub“ ject them to such revisal, check and confirmation, as may be " thought just and reasonable.” The charter-name, or style, was also exceptionable to many, viz. - The corporation for “ the relief of the widows and children of Clergymen in the « communion of the Church of England in America." Added to this, so many of the Clerical as well as Lay members, whose names are contained in the Charters, having, after the Declaration of Independence, taken their option to become, or as they considered it, to continue British Subjects; the business of the corporation lay dormant, or suspended until the Definitive Treaty of Peace, and the Acknowledgment of our Independence by Great-Britain, in 1783. Our Church then, as set forth in the journals of the subscquent general convention of our Bishops, Clergy, and Laity, proceeded to organize itself, under the name of “ The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America." Under that organization, it was attempted to revive the foregoing plan, for the relief of the widows and children of the Clergy, in its original extent, as comprehending the three contiguous States of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; but foreseeing difficulties in such revival, so as to answer the pious purposes of the charity in its full extent; it was unanimously agreed to divide the stock, and to leave the members in each of the three States, to organize themselves, under the original charters, into separate corporations, with the aid and sanction of

clauses of the charters, especially after the Declaration of Inde. pendence, required alteration; and particularly the following; viz.

“ We do hereby, for us, our heirs and successors, ordain, “ order, and appoint, that the accounts and transactions of the " said Corporation, legally and properly vouched and authenti6 cated, shall, from time to time, and as often as demanded, be “ laid before the Lords Archbishops, of Canterbury and York, “ and the Bishop of London for the time being, or such person “ and persons as they may, from time to time appoint for that

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