Acknowledge, ye Whig-parsons all,
Among the prophets Brentford's Saul!
Hear him denounce extermination
To each rank, party, and persuasion,
Anticipate the doom funereal
Of dignity and state imperial,
When subjects shall not know subjection,
Nor touch prelatic shed infection, *
When prebendary vicar, sexton,
When all who gloss the sacred text on,
All self-intitled Babes of Grace,
Their spiritual descent who trace,
And Apostolic pedigree,
From fishermen of Galilee,
And, to demonstrate the relation,
Catch gudgeons by vociferation; †
"Trap flat fish with Sectarian tackle
To store pond of the Tabernacle ;

* A spirited allusion of the Rev. John H**ne T**ke's, to the venerable rite of Episcopal Ordination.

t Of the captivating effects of Sectarian Stentorism, we are furnished with an instance in point from the Journals of Mr. J. Wesley, as cited by a late learned Prelate, in his Doctrine of Grace, page 99. &c.

The next and more powerful operation was on his female friends; and these, he as fairly struck dumb." The whole

Aud anathématize and ban
Souls to the Devil's fryingpan.-
When commissaries, clerks, inspectors,
East India nabobs and directors,
When all our noble Peers and Peers' kin,
All barristers but Thomas Erskine;
When Pittite, ay and Anti-pittite,
Like Hivite, Girgashite, and Hittite

multitude were silent, while I was speaking. * Not a whisper was heard. But the moment I had done, the chain fell off their tongues. I was really surprised. Sure never was such a cackling made on the banks of Cayster, or the Common of Sedgemoor! And to chain up the tongues of five hundred cackling gossips, he held, and with great reason, an exploit worth recording. Indeed he appears to have taken the most effectual method with them, that is, to out clamour them : for thus he measures out his own Stentoronic voice.- Observing that several sat on the side of the opposite hill, I afterwards desired one to measure the ground; and we found it was seven score yards from the place where I had stood. Yet the people there heard perfectly well. I did not think any human voice could have reached so far.”

Warlurton on Grace. Had the late ingenious Sir John Hill been acquainted with the powers of our arch-methodist's full-mouth'd diapason, he might have spared himself the trouble of exploring the mouldy archives of the Royal Society for a recipe" How to wake a “ Norwich Weaver.”

Turba tacet, verborum tanta cadat vis.-Juv. Sat. vi.

Driv'n, without surplice, quoif, or bannian,
From Revolutionary Canaan,
Promiscuous ruin shall o'erthrow,
The work of Horne Tooke, Stone, and Co.*

This you'll acknowledge, one and all,
Is Reformation Radical.
This Reformation in the gross is;
Beards, eye-brows, whiskers, warts, and noses

* “ And now, my Patriotic friend, let me offer you my warmest and heart-felt congratulations on the immeNSE PROSPECT OF PUBLIC HAPPINESS which is opening before us : You are among the small number of those, who, in the worst of times, have never despaired of the cause of Liberty : and you are the ONLY ONE who, when the name was but a barbarism amongst us, taught the great Principles of Sacred EQUALITY which we have so completely reduced to practise. I look forward, with transport and joy, to the moment when the DOCTRINES WHICH YOU HAVE PREACHED shall receive their due accomplishment; when the various parties of MinisteRIALISTS and OPPOSITIONists, Dissenters and CHURCHMEN, NOBLES, PRIESTS, and Kings, shall sink into one UNDISTINGUISHED Mass of Ruins; and nothing shall be seen or acknowledged but the People, the sacred Voice of the People.”

Extract of a letter from J. H. Stone, dated “ Paris, 25 Nivose, Second Year of the Republic, One and Indivisible,forwarded to John Horne Tooke, London, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson, convicted of High Treason, Dublin,

Its patent razor from your sconce—Sir,
Sweeps, at one stroke, like slashing Tonsor,
Beneath whose weapon hapless curate
Bleeds (ah, what Rector could endure it!)
And oft as Saturday recurs
And sees subaltern rev'rend Sirs,
Met by hebdomadary charter,
Bristles retrench, and sermons barter,
Read Anti-jacobin newspaper,
Whiff mild tobacco's friendly vapour,
And, hopeless of Vicarial port,
To Cerevisian draught resort,
To lubricate and wet their whistles
For reading Gospels and Epistles.

Bid Semi-Reformationists Declare wherein Reform consists, And, laymen, cleric, whig, and tory, They tell us, each, a different story. Hear one to amputation spur us Of that state-gangrene, rotten BoroughsList to another's dismal croak: The Constitution 's craz'd and broke,

And there's no hope it will be mended
While Habeas Corpus is suspended.-
Dissenters cry:

66 We for the best
Advise you Sirs :-Repeal the Test !
Give Us preferment, wealth, and place,
We'll gladly undertake

your case : And, though we say't that should not say, The whole Materia Medica Has nothing in it, we'll assure you, That like our altrative can cure you.”— The recreant crew, Sedition's panders, With gross scurrilities and slanders, Who bait their country's friends, and worry her Through Morning Chronicle and Courier, Those muddy channels of detraction, Mishapen forgery, and faction, Cry: “ Give

us, in this Age of Reason, “ Carte blanche to vend and publish treason; “ Free scope afford our green-goose quills; Rescind


d-d Sedition BILLS; " Deliver us from mortal fear " Of Pitt, the nation's charioteer:

Precipitate him from his box, “ And to our Coryphæus, Fox,

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