“ And, for MYSELF, in ninety-seven, “ ERSKINE, first Counsel under Heaven, Told you that, for my good behaviour, " I, as my Shipwreck'd Country's Saviour, “ Was mark’d, by Providence divine : * “ (I never heard a speech so fine ! Nor do I think such beauties lurk " In his inestimable Work.) + “Nay, what is more, CHARLES Grey, esquire, “ Whose splendid talents Whigs admire, « For fear it should escape unheard, “ Retail'd his flummery word for word. I

* “ He had endeavoured to shew (in his pamphlet) that it was not yet too late to save us from shipwreck, He alluded to the miserable calumnies which had lately come forth against the exalted person (Mr. Fox) who was endowed and marked out by Providence as the Saviour of his Country.”

Mr. Erskine's Speech. Whig Club, Feb. 1797. p"The Peace must be laid, as Mr. Erskine, in his inestimable: work, has said, in principles that were pacific, &c.”

Mr. Fox's Speech. Whig Club, Feb. 1797. I Mr. Grey, in return to the 'warm and cordial manner in which the company manifested their regard for his splendid talents, made a very elegant address, in which he adopted the sentiments of Mr. Erskine, that Providence had marked out their exalted Chairman as the SAVIOUR OF THE COUNTRY.

Morn. Chron. Feb. 15, 1797.

“ Your eleemosynary pence “ Have giv'n me easE AND AFFLUENCE, * “ And, fatt’ning on your kind subscription, Though Government in base Egyptian “ Bondage should make you all bow down, “ Against the grain, to George's Crown;

* Mr. Fox proposed the Health of Mr. Grattan. “We have both received marks of peculiar and unprecedented kindness from our Countries, though in different ways.—He received, by a grant of the Parliament of his country, a mark of their attention and kindness.--I have also received from my COUNTRY, though not in the same way, but in a way equally peculiar and unprecedented, a mark of kindness equally flattering.-In both instances the public perhaps thought, that persons who had exerted themselves in their service, should be placed in ease and affluence.---From THE PUBLIC we have received EASE AND AFFLUENCE."

Courier, December 5, 1798, Mr. F. having already termed the Duke of

B D and George T--Y, Esq. One Half of his Country, (see Note, p. 157.) with equal justice and modesty here slurs the Whig Club upon us, under the imposing denomination of His Country. And indeed no man, who hath arithmetical knowledge enough to account the two worthy gentlemen above-mentioned One Half of Great Britain, can possibly scruple to admit that the Whig Club constitutes the Whole of it. Nor, vice versâ, will he, who maintains the truth of the latter proposition, deny that, in the “ par Nobile Fratrum,” the illustrious Peer and Commoner are concentrated the valuable Moiety, viz. Half the Talents (golden and brazen) of that Reservoir of pure Revolutionary Doctrine, and Grand Conservatory of potted Principle, The WestMINSTER WHIG CLUB.

“ Tho' Pitt your purses squeeze and shrink 'em “ With this confounded Tax on Income, “ Account me still your doughty knight, “ Ready, whether you're wrong or right, “ (With Wine and Rhetoric charg'd like Falstaff,) “ To rant, and brandish at your call staff, “ And fight your battles o'er again “ 'Gainst Ministerial Buckram Men. “ Mok-MAJESTY, still at his levee, “ Shall see me and my hopeful Nephew. “ I'll in his Sov'Reign Cause enlist all “ My knaves: Nym-F**st, and E*****E-Pistol, “ Poins-R****l too, and SH***y-Bardolph: “ We'll from your sides State-cudgel ward off. “ Dauntless MYSELF shall trace before ye “ The road of Democratic glory; “ Ne'er shall you be by me forsook, “ Or dropp'd at Hounslow as by Tooke, “ Who, 'though my friend, 's a scurvy shepherd, “ That led his lambkins to be pepper'd ; * " Just staid his dang’rous theme to broach, “ Then stepp'd out of Sedition's Coach :

*“ I have led my Ragamuffins where they are pepperd, and that soundly.”

Falstaff. Shaksp. Hen. IV.

“ Still, staunch and loyal to the gang,
“ With You I'll drink, for you harangue,
« "Till safe I land you, from the Alehouse,
At INSURRECTION's Goal-The Gallows.

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