A Companion to Second-Century Christian 'Heretics'

Antti Marjanen, Petri Luomanen
BRILL, 2008 - 385 pagina's
The book illuminates "the other side" of early Christianity by examining thinkers and movements that were embraced by many second-century religious seekers as legitimate forms of Christianity, but which are now largely forgotten, or are known only from the characteristics attributed to them in the writings of their main adversaries. The collection deals with the following teachers and movements: Basilides, Sethianism, Valentinus' school, Marcion, Tatian, Bardaisan, Montanists, Cerinthus, Ebionites, Nazarenes, Jewish-Christianity of the "Pseudo-Clementines," and Elchasites. Where appropriate, the authors have included an overview of the life and significant publications of the "heretics," along with a description of their theologies and movements. Therefore, this volume can serve as a handbook of the second-century "heretics" and their "heresies." Since all the chapters have been written by specialists who wrestle daily with their research themes, the contributions also offer new perspectives and insights stimulating further discussion on this fascinating-but often neglected-side of early Christianity.

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Basilides the Gnostic Birger A Pearson
Sethianism Michael A Williams
The School of Valentinus Ismo Dunderberg
Marcion Heikki Räisänen
Tatian the Assyrian William L Petersen
Bardaisan of Edessa Nicola Denzey
Egalitarian Ecstatic New Prophecy Antti Marjanen
Cerinthus Matti Myllykoski
Ebionites Sakari Häkkinen
Nazarenes Petri Luomanen
Jewish Christianity of the PseudoClementines F Stanley Jones
Elchasaites and Their Book Gerard P Luttikhuizen
Notes on Contributors
Index of Modern Authors
General Index

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Over de auteur (2008)

Antti Marjanen, Th.D. (University of Helsinki 1996), Docent of New Testament Studies, is presently working as a Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland. He is the author of The Woman Jesus Loved (Brill, 1996) and a translator and co-editor of a collection of Finnish translations of the Coptic Nag Hammadi Library (2001). His current research projects deal with influential women in Early Christianity and social-historical issues among second- and third-century Christians, traditionally called gnostics.
Petri Luomanen, Th.D. (University of Helsinki 1996), Docent of New Testament Studies, is presently working as a Research Fellow of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. He is the author of Entering the Kingdom of Heaven: A Study on the Structure of Matthew's View of Salvation (Mohr Siebeck, 1998). His current research focuses on the textual sources of early Jewish Christianity, Jewish-Christian gospels and the socio-cognitive basis of hatred towards early Jewish Christians.

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