Keats And His Poetry

Kessinger Publishing, 1 déc. 2004 - 96 pages
One of the volumes from the Poetry and Life series. From the Preface: A glance through the pages of this little book will suffice to disclose the general plan of the series of which it forms a part. Only a few words of explanation, therefore, will be necessary...In this, biography and production will be considered together and in intimate association. In other words, an endeavor will be made to interest the reader in the lives and personalities of the poets dealt with, and at the same time to use biography as an introduction and key to their writings.

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À propos de l'auteur (2004)

William Henry Hudson, born in South America of American parents, was both a naturalist and a novelist. He chose to serve each of two masters and reached distinction under both. His book The Purple Land (1885) is a story of Uruguay, "the land that England lost." A Crystal Age (1906) is a utopia, a picture of a paragon world. Green Mansions (1904), perhaps his best-known work, is an idyllic allegorical romance of South America. His autobiography, Far Away and Long Ago (1918), has a matchless charm. W. H. Hudson's Diary, 1874: Voyages from Buenos Aires to Southampton contains descriptions of great force and beauty. Hudson is a stylist whose books are rich in beautiful lyric prose. In all his works, he combined a gift for storytelling with a deep feeling for nature.

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