There are, who love upon their knees

To linger when their prayers are said, And lengthen out their Litanies,

In duteous care for quick and dead. Thou, of all Love the Source and Guide!

O may some hovering thought of theirs, Where I am kneeling, gently glide,

And higher waft these earth-bound prayers.

There are, who gazing on the stars

Love-tokens read from worlds of light, Not as dim-seen through prison-bars,

But as with Angels' welcome bright.


O had we kept entire the vow

And covenant of our infant eyes, We too might trace untrembling now

Glad lessons in the moonlight skies.

There are, to whom the gay green earth

Might seem a mournful penance cave ; For they have marr'd their holy birth,

Have rent the bowers that o'er them wave. Where underneath Thy Cross they lie,

Mark me a place : Thy Mercy's ray Is healing, even to such as I,

Else wherefore bid us hope and pray ?

What if there were, who laid one hand

Upon the Lyre of Innocence, While the other over sea and land

Beckoned foul shapes, in dream intense Of earthly Passion ?

Whoso reads,
In pity kncel for him, and pour
A deep heart-prayer (O! much it needs)

That lies may be his hope no more.


Pray that the mist, by sin and shame

Left on his soul, may feel ; that he A true and timely word may frame

For weary hearts, that ask to see Their way in our din twilight hour ;

His lips so purged with, That he may guide them, in Christ's power,

Aling the path of their desire ;

And wilh no fuint nor erring voice

May to the wanderer whisper, Stay : God chooses for thee : seal His choice,

Nor from thy Mother's shadow stray : For sure thine holy Mother's shade

Rests yet upon thine ancient home :
No voice from Heaven hath clearly said,

Let us depart ;' then fear to roam.

Pray that the Prayer of Innocents

On Earth, of Saints in Heaven above, Guard, as of old, our lonely tents :

Till, as one Faith is ours, in Love


We own all Churches, and are owned.

Pray Him to save, by chastenings keen, The harps that hail His Bride enthroned

From wayward touch of hands unclean.

Feb. 8, 1846.

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