Critical and Clinical Cartographies: Architecture, Robotics, Medicine, Philosophy

Andrej Radman
Edinburgh University Press, 3 feb. 2017 - 328 pagina's
Critical and Clinical Cartographies rethinks medical and design pedagogies in the context of both the Affective and Digital Turns that are occurring under the umbrella of New Materialism. This collection is framed through Deleuze's symptomalogical approach which creates the ideal terrain for architecture and medical technologies of care to meet with robotics, alongside the newly emerging 'materialist landscape'.

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A Research into HumanMachine Technologies
A Matter of Access
Housing Biopolitics and Care
Amorphous Continua
Why Bots Wont Reboot Architecture
The Convivial ART of Vortical Thinking
Emotive Embodiments
Ecologies of Corporeal Space
Swimming in the Joint
Minimally Invasive Technology
Anthropodesign and the Crisis
On Affirmative Ethics
Notes on Contributors

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