One Shilling and Sixpence. Tales from Bentley, Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Two Shillings and Sixpence. What to do with the Cold Mutton. Everybody's Pudding Book; or, Puddings, Tarts, &c. for all the year

found. The Lady's Dessert Book. By the Author of “ Everybody's Pudding

Nelly Armstrong. A Story of Elinburgh Life.
Rita : an Autobiography.
The Semi-Detached House. Edited by Lady Theresa Lewis.
The Semi-Attached Couple. By the same Author.
The Ladies of Bever Hollow. By the Author of “Mary Powell.”
Village Belles. By the same Author.
Easton. By Hon. Lena Eden.
The Season Ticket.
Notes on Noses. By Eden Warwick.
Saland for the Social. Books, Medicine, Lawyers, the Pulpit, &c.
Say and Seal. By the Author of “Wide, Wide World.”

Three Shillings and Sixpence.
Quits. By the Author of “The Initials.”
Anthony Trollope's The Three Clerks.

Four Shillings.
Dr. M'Cangland's Sermons in Stones; or, Scripture Confirmed by

Lady Chatterton's Translations from Plato.
Julia Kavanagh's Madeline, a Tale of Auvergne. Gilt edges.


Five Shillings. The Ingoldsby Legends; or, Mirth and Marvels. 57th Thousand. Francatelli's Cook's Guide. 100 Recipes and 40 Woodcuts. 15th

Thousand. Bentley Ballads. The best Ballads and Songs from Bentley's Miscel

lany. 5th Thousand. Lord Dundonald's Autobiography, with Portrait. 6th Thousand. Anecdotes of Animals. A Boy's Book, with eight spirited Illustra

tions by Wolff. Handsomely bound, with gilt edges. Ellet's Lives of Women Artists of all Ages and Countries. A Girl's

Book. Handsomely bound, with gilt edges. Mrs. Ellis' Mothers of Great Men. Hayes' Arctic Boat Voyage. Beautifully bound. Lamartine's Celebrated Characters. Nelson, Cromwell, Tell, Bossuet,

Milton, &c. Smith's Anecdotes of the Streets of London, and of their more Cele

brated Residents. Andersen's Stories from the Sandhills of Jutland. Colonel Graham's History of the Art of War. Dr. Maginn's Shakspearo Characters, Polonius, Falstaff, Bottom the

Weaver, Macbeth, Hamlet, &c.

Six Shillings.
Quits! With two Illustrations.
Ned Locksley. With two Illustrations.
The Last of the Cavaliers. With two Illustrations.
The Initials. With two Illustrations.
Mrs. Wood's East Lynne.

The Channings

Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles.
Buckland's Curiosities of Natural History. First Series.

Second Series.
Wilkie Collins' Notes taken afoot in Cornwall ; or, Rambles beyond

Mignet's Life of Mary Queen of Scots. Two Portraits.
Guizot's Life of Oliver Cromwell. Portrait.
James' Naval History of Great Britain. 6 vols. 6s. each.
Timbs' Anecdote Lives. With Illustrations. First Series,

Second Series, Painters.
Third Series, Wits and Humorists.

Fourth Series, Wits and Humorists.
Rev. Herman Douglas' Jerusalem the Golden, and the Way to it.
Thiers' History of the Great French Revolution. 5 vols. 6s. each,

with 41 exquisite Engravings. Dr. Stebbing's Lives of the Principal Italian Poets.

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